yi cheng the untamed
The next day, Jiang Cheng is unable to find Wei WuXian for the sect meeting. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi then goes to find the tower. He has been patient and biding his time for revenge against Guangyao who killed his half brother. Defeated, he uses the teleportation talisman, revealing his identity as the masked man from Yi City. A year later, news of Jin RuLan's birth spread to YiLing and Wei WuXian learns of it. The next day, the trio and Lan WangJi are punished. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian climb onto the roof and finds Lan XiChen among the Jin Sect disciples inside. Wei WuXian butts in to say that the decision-making should go to Jiang YanLi. However, there is no time for remembrance as puppets start to attack from their hiding spots. Suddenly, a second wave of puppets arrive and everyone fights. Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi come up with a plan to kill the beast by using GuSu's String Killing method and having Wei WuXian drive the beast out of its shell from the inside. They ask Song Lan three questions, and the last answer causes Xiao XingChen to control Song Lan and attack Wei WuXian again. All you will get are just longing stares and teasings. If you can’t get enough of them, you can also listen to the theme song, Wu Ji (无羁), which they sang as a duet. His specialties are demonic cultivation and the invention of spiritual techniques. To achieve his aim, he hunted down the Yin metal pieces one by one. I have not much to complain about regarding the rest of the cast. While the two fight, Meng Yao uses the opportunity to kill Wen RuoHan, revealing himself as Lan XiChen's inside man. That night, he practices his demonic energy and Jiang YanLi enters the room after. Xuē Yáng 薛洋. His aim was to use the powerful Yin metal, which has been broken into pieces and sealed off at different places, to rule over all the other sects. Trouble arises when the statue becomes animated and starts attacking. When Wei WuXian sends Lan WangJi off, he tells that he can never abandon this path as he wants to protect the people he wants to protect. [citation needed], The series aired every Thursday and Friday (GMT +08:00) with two episodes each, with Tencent VIP members able to access two more episodes ahead of time. However, a group of disciples come up and start insulting the two. However, Jiang Cheng finds them and starts insulting him and Lan WangJi. However, the group are unable to find the Stygian Iron that Xue Yang has hidden and hence decide to bring him along to QingHe to be punished. Wei WuXian finds them and jokes that he gave birth to Wen Yuan. When Xue Yang follows him to night-hunt, he secretly poisons innocents and cuts off their tongues to trick Xiao XingChen's evil-sensing sword, letting the latter kill them. Jin Ling is told to put away his sword but he refuses and cries as the sword once belonged to his father.


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