wows fubuki guide

You won't be winning against an american or soviet DD in a straight gunfight, but you can mess them up pretty good if your aim holds and either ambushes or attacks on weakened ones are well possible - you might not have the RoF, but you can land a nasty alpha strike. If it stops and there's a USN DD on the enemy team; assume it's him. On 12–13 September, Fubuki provided gunfire support against US Marine positions on Guadalcanal in support of the Kawaguchi offensive.

So I can't just yolo anymore. The 15 km torps made a big difference for me. Treat her with care and she can net you some fantastic rewards. At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Fubuki was assigned to Destroyer Division 11 of Destroyer Squadron 3 of the IJN 1st Fleet, and had deployed from Kure Naval District to Hainan Island.

Opening a few ships up early can force them to retreat and make it much easier for your flotilla to finish them off for the win. The Fubuki-class vessels were originally intended to have only hull numbers due to the projected large number of warships the Japanese Navy expected to build through the Eight-eight fleet plan. Triple launchers are great and can force people into your shots. Remember that our platforms only access publicly available information (e.g. The IJN DDs change in play style quit a bit after the low tiers. It announces your position to the enemy, leaving you open to a possible rush from enemy DDs CAs or spotted by CVs planes. I try to love her, but with the way high teir DDs are right now, I just can't preform well (consistently), and I can't enjoy my Fubuki. The Fubuki-class vessels were originally intended to have only hull numbers due to the projected large number of warships the Japanese Navy expected to build through the Eight-eight fleet plan. On 4–5 June 1942, Fubuki participated in the Battle of Midway as part of the escort for Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's Main Body. Especially with three launchers now. [6]Sagiri was sunk by Dutch submarine HNLMS K XIV near Kuching on 24 December 1941. I am at the kagero right now. Especially in early game I'll try to flood a choke point with torps. You don't necessarily want them all to hit the same target in the early game. "Magic kagero" and "mahan trickery". Consequentially, the extra weight and changes dropped the maximum speed of the Fubuki class to close to 35 knots. If he outdoors you pop smoke and haul ass.
Avoid their fighters, and kindly ask your CV to help kill fighters if you need it. Fubuki is probably the best DD in the tree past tier 5 and before Shimakaze. but in game we have to counter all class types including cruisers.

Or a single scout plane sees me before I can do any damage, and presto, same result.
What's the best choice? Their performance was a great improvement over previous destroyer designs, so much so that they were designated Special Type destroyers (特型 Tokugata?). Do what ever you can to get sixth sense active. Sank a Shimakaze on my own with Fubuki yesterday. I have a hard time getting the early cap without dying before 6th sense comes back. The 6km torps, mediocre speed, and meh concealment make for a really miserable ship. You get 9 10km torps that hit for good damage, but the detection distance is high and the speed isn't great. When you use your guns in an IJN DD, it will be to either finish off low-hp enemies and fighting other DDs up close. Vor allem aber bleibt die Nachladezeit der Torpedowerfer gleich und das obwohl die Zahl von zwei auf drei gesteigert wird – was 50% mehr …


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