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the puppies a fluffy coat. She can hike all day or.

Husky Two females, one male are available. (1,116.2 miles) Bedford, Ohio - is food-motivated, lol, she is very willing. -

We are expecting our first litter out of Kodiak and Issah February 2019!
by katharine - Oct 26, 2020, Indiana is a 9 month old male mid-high content wolf dog. Call Or Text: (704)534-1967.

She was meant to be bred once at maturity However, I have to move to a state where... If you do not know about this dog’s ancestry and diet when you adopt one, you may have to see which food works with trial and error. Its lifespan can be 12 to 14 years or even longer with proper care.

Since this dog can be hard to find within the United States, don’t be surprised if you have to add another $500 to have it imported from a foreign country. Wolf Hybrid Female, 1 week Houston, Texas. (126.2 miles) She also really enjoys car rides and gets along well with other animals including cats and small dogs/puppies! Closely resembling the look of a wolf, hence the name, they have a double coat that blends into a straight, thicker coat, which sheds heavily twice a year, similar to that of a wolf.

She prefers to spend her days. He has a great temperament and is extremely intelligent and loyal.

These costs will depend on the quality, age, its history, its origination, breeder and what’s included with the initial adoption. We encourage all of our prospective buyers to ask questions and … The costs in the United States, however, according to one member, can be closer to $600. Korra has a unique grey coloring and we expect her to produce, a variety of grey and black phase puppies. We are looking forward to producing  litters from Keno Spring 2021! The cheapest offer starts at £100. The dog is recognized by the American Canine Registry, American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service® Program, American Pet Registry, Inc., Dog Registry of America, Fédération Cynologique Internationale and North American Purebred Registry. His breeding lines are known for producing amazing, friendly, dispositions, and we hope to pass that on to his future puppies. Oct 22, 2020, Raegal will be 2 in November. Dad is outstanding, the best... - Wolf (dog) Pups. by ardawson11 - On this WolfDog.org forum thread, a forum member asked what he should expect to pay for a new Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, and according to the responses, it could be close to $1,200, depending on the country it originated from, its parents and the pedigree. A wolf dog is the offspring of a wolf and wolf dog, two wolf dogs are a wolf and a dog. High Percentage. - Lola is a low content gray wolf hybrid born here at Midnight Run Wolves in 2017 ! Deposit is $200, rest due at time of... Riley truly has an amazing disposition. This beautiful girl has an exceptionally sweet temperament and is extremely intelligent.

Adopting is a great way to save hundreds of dollars and give back to an organization that does good in your community.

Keno enjoys car rides and meeting new people, he's a confident boy that's always up for a new experience. Located in Colorado. Korra's disposition is on the calmer side for wolfdogs and she enjoys spending time both inside and outside. He is a good dog and loves other dogs, just needs more patience... It can grow as tall as 26 inches and weigh 44 to 54 pounds, with females weighing 10 pounds less than their male counterparts. Father is 100% Czechoslovakian wolfdog and Mother is 50% Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and 50% Husky. a very affectionate girl. ©2017 by ARCTIC WOLFDOGS.

Koda is a low content Gray wolf, Arctic wolf, Alaskan Malamute, GSD and Siberian Husky mix. Issah is a gorgeous, bi-eyed, Husky and German Shepherd mix. Indiana is a 9 month old male mid-high content wolf dog. Dover, Delaware - Toledo, Ohio -

Beaverton, Oregon - Louisville, Kentucky - Four... Dogs & Puppies Wolf Husky #wolf dog price Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki Pocket Price Is $4500. The parents and pups are suitable for family... However, that shouldn’t stop you from finding a local shelter or even a rescue group. Proudly created with Wix.com. Total price is $800. Muskogee, Oklahoma -

Kali is calm, loyal, intelligent and loves to go on car rides providing the perfect balance, to Kodiak's more adventurous temperament. Being highly protective of their territory, the dog isn’t recommended for first-time dog owners, homes with children or even homes with other pets. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a large dog breed categorized as a herding dog. "SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY".

- Three babies are reserved. Popular colors include gray, silver-gray and yellow-gray. Also referred to as the Slovak Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog, or Ceskoslovensky Vlcak, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was officially recognized as a national breed in Czechoslovakia in 1982 and the result of a science experience, which began in the early 1950s when crossing a German Shepherd and Carpathian Wolf. Issah's favorite activities include car rides and naps. (304.0 miles) He's very energetic, loving, loyal, and almost too smart for his own good! Obedience classes are a must, especially at a young age to teach it the basics of socialization and basic commands such as sit, lie down and stay. by katharine - by snwrckglqq0 - She enjoys belly rubs and even though she is high energy, she loves car rides and settles right. Wolf Hybrid Puppies for Sale Your search returned the following puppies for sale.

He is an energetic pup and loves to be on the go. Koda is a low content Gray wolf, Arctic wolf, Alaskan Malamute, GSD and Siberian Husky mix. It is regarded as a shy dog and does not have the qualities suitable as a protection animal – it only looks intimidating. Lola looks just like her momma, Kalista, with a beautiful white plush coat. If the dog has to be shipped rather than being picked up locally, be prepared to spend $300 to $600 to have it shipped via an airline. According to DogBreedsList.info, the average puppy price is $400 to $600.

Will Only Place In Legal Areas. Oct 29, 2020, Mom is embarked at 32.2 and dad is embarked at 36.9. 25% Wolf by abledean - (479.1 miles) We are proud to offer high quality wolf dogs at a reasonable price and are open to first-time wolf dog owners purchasing as well (although we require some research so owners are knowledgeable of the breed). Nov 3, 2020, We have been considering a repeat litter between Bug and Phoenix.... their previous litter turned out to produce some of the absolute best pups.... She doesn't know a stranger, is highly intelligent and though she. 3 will be available. Many wolf-dog crosses do not do well with commercial dog food with soy, while some are not able to tolerate corn. Oct 21, 2020, Found 117 "Wolfdog" Pets and Animals ads from Everywhere, Low Content Exceptional Wolfdog Hybrid Pups, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog pups available Oct 30, 2020.

Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. - Mom is majestic & beautiful with a sweet temperament and super smart. While you may not be able to find one, per se, you may be able to find a breed that closely resembles the look of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Louisville, Kentucky - Malamute by syari -

On average, a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog can cost anywhere from as little as $400 to as much as $1,400. (238.7 miles)

We plan to pair Rayne with Dakota for a 2022 litter!

Lola has a great temperament; she's an indoor wolfer that does great with kids and other animals! (720.7 miles) About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Copyright © 2020 | Proudly affiliated with the T2 Web Network, LLC The information contained on this website is intended as an educational aid only and is not intended as medical and/or legal advice.

She is out of our White German Shepherd, Kali, and our low content gray wolf male, Dakota! by kimberlyspires - While they can do okay in an apartment setting, they will, again, need to be taken for a daily walk to meet their exercising needs.
Pup will be available for pickup on 11/10/2020. Email or call (502) 640-9292 for information.... - Check it out! As with all wolf dogs, Dakota is HIGH energy and requires significantly more exercise and stimulation than your typical dog;  however this adventurous nature is also what makes his personality so great! This is considered to be a rare breed, and for that reason, it may be hard to find one in your local area.

wolf hybrid. Many hybrids are part German shepherd, Siberian Husky, or Alaskan Malamute, but Akitas, Chow Chows as well as other breeds are used. Pup will be dewormed 3x...


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