why did brendan james leave chapo
Isn’t she a big-time non-white commie?” AOC is indeed a Latina (on paper), but I have to wonder how much she actually identifies with that group. I first went to the Guzmán trial in early December, and began to go more frequently as a broader picture of cartel operations came into focus. What about the DSA’s star player, the famously Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Short, punchy, and to the point. The irony is that for Leftists, Chapo Trap House is actually kind of reactionary. As Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, Chapo’s longtime partner, said in 2010 in a rare interview with the Mexican news magazine El Proceso, the problem of narcos isn’t going away: “As soon as capos are locked up, killed or extradited, their replacements are already around.”. Why “Punishing” the Republicans Won’t Change Them, Bernie Sanders actually won the white Democratic vote in 2016, https://archive.org/details/soundcloud-336043276, Richard III: England’s Favorite Evil Uncle. The main point of the article was to argue that the main supporters of Bernie Sanders-socialism or general “principled leftism” are overwhelmingly White, and that not many POC have an interest in such type of leftism, preferring more identity-style politics of the Democrat party of today, as demonstrated by the difference in voting patterns between Whites and POCs in the Democrat party. The Jews gave us the Beastie Boys, and they gave us exactly one good album before they created sampling laws and thereby ruining it for everyone else. “What about our freedom and this piece of ground? There has never been a hard divide between the state and traffickers in Mexico. When I asked people in Mexico City about the enthusiasm surrounding the new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who took office in December 2018, I often heard that his willingness to take on corruption was his main selling point. They are, of course, strident race deniers with a penchant for trolling race-realists with jokes about phrenology. They will only slow us down and retard us. “Our case is simple: Capitalism, and the politics it spawns, is not working for anyone under thirty who is not a sociopath,” the authors state early in the introduction to The Chapo Guide to the Revolution. The resulting blind spots can be dangerous, and can alienate marginalized people whose rights ought to be priorities for any faction of the left. In Mexico, he observed, Trump coming to power “reinforced every stereotype of America for the past hundred years”. A state employee reads the newspaper at the reception of the Defense Committee of the Revolution (CDR). Thanks to Brendan’s dogged determination, “James Krenov: Leave Fingerprints” is a fully realized portrait of Krenov. Pick your dictatorship: Would you rather have lived in Fidel Castro’s Cuba or in any one of the US’s many military junta police states? Right-wing ideology doesn’t deify Social Darwinism, it simply accepts it, in the same way you accept gravity.


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