what was joker going to say to the camera

His new acolytes pull him out and when he wakes up, Arthur stands atop the cop car, triumphant, while they surround him and cheer. This does cast a shadow over the narrative. I’ve always felt like those longer lens perspectives serve an almost voyeuristic view into a person’s life and to some extent can make you feel more like a fly on the wall. The comic book lore says it’s gotta be Zorro, and if the ’80s can’t provide Tyrone Power, then the George Hamilton variety will have to do.

After finding this disturbing information in files at Arkham State Hospital, where she had been committed, Arthur visits his ailing mother after she suffers a stroke, approaches her bed slowly as she tries to say something to him and puts the pillow to her face, suffocating her. With all filmmaking, you’re searching for little things to help guide the principles of the visuals and the principles that you’re going to tell the story. It’s a lovely scene. One thing, early on in the prep of the movie, that Todd and I discussed is our shadow self. Even the film’s harshest critics have acknowledged the artistry within the immaculately realized world he and director Todd Phillips have created. Arthur is a super-fan of Gotham TV host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) but begins to sour on him when the host mocks Arthur's stand-up routine on his show and even gives him the name “Joker.”. How do you balance that with something like the bathroom scene, which was reportedly improvised? I remember thinking that the cool thing about comics and graphic novels was that they are about imagery that has to sustain an emotion in a frame, because there is no motion to the pictures. It doesn’t have movement. Phillips and the entire "Joker" cast and crew will hit the red carpet Sunday Feb. 9 to await the Academy's decision for the film's 11 nominations. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck, a rent-a-clown who yearns to be a stand-up comic because his beloved mother, Penny (Frances Conroy), told him he was meant to bring joy and laughter to the world.
Contact Ben Henry at ben.henry@buzzfeed.com. Phillips added that "ultimately it was the audience [who] turned up and it became their movie.

There will be no grins from ear to ear for lil’ Bruce Wayne. He’s almost begging him not to fire him because he really wants his job, he needs his job.

You’re watching a Batman movie.
We shot it under the Brooklyn Bridge, we shot it at dusk, he’s in this little phone booth with yellow light over him, and so we shot with two cameras as we often do, and we were on a technocrane that started really far back and ever so slowly pushed in all the way to that shot where he cracks his head on the glass and it was like a “Wow” moment. Did Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) sock him in the jaw when confronted about his genetic link to Arthur? He lies, he tells stories. ", MORE: 2020 Oscar nominations: See the full list. Speaking to Kimmel after the video was played, Phoenix said: "Look, sometimes movies get intense because you're a lot of people in a small space trying to find something, so it can feel intense. That’s when we’re wider and closer to him as the camera pulls back when he’s on the ground nursing his wounds.

I assume that a movie of this scale has to be planned out. It’s very meditative and so the camera movement is very slow, the composition and the framing and the lighting and all those things could possibly help draw the characters in even more.

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Observer: Joker revolves around Arthur’s metamorphosis. The two are startled to find the indifferent Arthur in white face paint. He’s still in his clown garb after having been fired for bringing a gun to a children’s hospital – one given to him by a co-worker – when three rich Wall Street types board.


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