weaver scope rings torque specs
Then do each screw again and this will give you the correct torque. We have a $5.00 restock fee on a returned new product. 25 inch pounds on ring screws for a cheap $60.00 scope. DNZ offers a refund on a new product up to 30 days after purchase if it is returned in new condition. You need to have about the same gap on both sides of rings, about 1/32” between mount and rings. We suggest contacting Brownells, Inc. if you need to purchase one. Comes with magnetized tips that hold screws and bits securely. Download the below PDF to get mounting recommendations for the most popular makes and … Our 2 screw per ring mounts will hold on any caliber. Next – Install scope and install rings. THe rings, however, do not specify a torque for the ring screws or the crossbar clamp nut. If you do use thread locker, most of the time you will have to saw or break screws to get your scope out of mount. Sturdy plastic storage case that’s weather-resistant. Next – using long end of wrench into head of screws. Install all base screws ( short screws ) thru mount and thread loosely into gun. ], Top 5 Scope Mounting & Gunsmithing Torque Wrench Reviews, Buying Guide of Best Torque Wrench for Gunsmithing & Scope Mounting, How to Use a Torque Wrench for Scope Mounting, Step 2: Know When To Use A Torque Wrench-, best torque wrench for scope mounting and gunsmithing. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. The range for a maximum of 40 in-lbs, is +/- 2 in-lbs accuracy and  +/- 5% for a minimum of 40 in-lbs. This article is a comprehensive review guide that highlight’s the user’s experience, specifications, pros, and cons according to the accuracy, calibration, torque … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some light weight firearms and heavy weight scope combos take a few more inch pounds or torque to hold in place since mount is made so true and straight. If you have a screw that bottoms out in threaded hole you will need to shorten it up a 1/2 thread or so. This scope installation combo kit comes with a square drive adapter and 9 bits. THe rings, however, do not specify a torque for the ring screws or the crossbar clamp nut. Answer – All of our scope mounts are machined from a solid block of billet 6061T6 Aluminum. Talk with gun maker to get correct torque specs on their receivers or barrels when using torque tools. Mount Charts. 30 to 35 inch pounds on a good quality scope. Do each screw, and then do all of them again to seat screws in place. The kit includes a range of versatile bits for different screw head sizes. This Vortex Optics wrench doesn’t come with a scale (Newton meters) for Ft-lb conversions. 25 inch pounds on ring screws for a cheap $60.00 scope. Comes with a tedious method of adjusting the tension levels. Turn each screw (long screws )into mount and snug them to where you can still move scope. All ring screws we use are 6-40 X 5/8” long. You will not hurt the threads in our mounts since we use such long ring screws. Question – What type of material is used? You will have to use less torque on Aluminum receivers. Thread Locker – it is not needed with our mounts if it is installed correct. Long screws install thru rings and into mount. Do not send any mount back to us for exchange or refund if it has thread locker on the mount at any spot. A calibration certificate comes with the package. Answer – Turn mount around 180 degrees and see if all holes line up or you have wrong action length mount. The wrench doesn’t have eye-catching ergonomics or design. Easy to maintain a wrench, and it’s reliable service for a range of gunsmith tasks. DNZ Products is a family owned and operated, American company. Answer – This info is listed at the product info area of the gun make. Our mounts are machined so true and straight it takes more torque to hold a scope in place. Your email address will not be published. Comes with 1-inch/lb increment from between 10 to 50 inch/lbs. This does not happen much, but it has happened in the past. Question – What screws do my gun use? Question – I tried to install the mount and all holes do not line up. Minus shipping and restock fee of $5.00 per product. DNZ Products, LLC 2710 Wilkins Dr Sanford, NC 27330 USA, We ONLY ship via United States Postal Service. Hold mount down against firearm and snug very front and very back base screws on mount, then snug other base screws. Question – What height mount do I need? 30 to 35 inch pounds on a good quality scope. Answer – Short screws go thru mount and into firearm. How wide is rings? Our mounts are machined so true and straight it takes more torque to hold a scope in place. I have already mounted the Picatinny 1 piece mount on my Savage, torqued to the specs in the package. As part of our quality assurance policy, we have reviewed the products that qualify for the title of the best torque wrench for scope mounting and gunsmithing.. Comes with easy-to-use a wrench with concave-shaped hollow-ground bits. We go 30 inch pounds on steel receiver guns we mount and 18 inch pounds on Aluminum receiver guns we mount using our screws. I did make a mistake when I ordered the rings -- I ordered standard Weaver Tactical Rings (instead of … A small dimension of 10.2 x 8.3 x 6.8 inches makes it very portable. Designed to prevent firearm scope tubes from over-tightening. It applies and controls torque from a range of 10 to 65 in-lbs at 5 in-lbs increments. This Wheeler design allows for poor scope mounting techniques. is this correct? S2 steel bits are tough and shock-resistant. We have about 20 threads holding your scope in place on each screw. High-quality design that meets DIN and ASME standards. Question – Will your mounts hold on a magnum caliber and give me good shot groups? All Rights Reserved. Wheeler Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench, Vortex Optics Torque Wrench Mounting Kit Review, Best Budget Torque Wrench Reviews | Top 7 Picks, What Size Torque Wrench for Lug Nuts | Explained In Detail, How To Adjust A Torque Wrench | A Guide for Beginners, How To Use Crowfoot Wrench | Explained in 5 Simple Steps, Best Beam Torque Wrench Reviews | Top Picks of 2020, Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Screwdriver. Answer – Outside to outside of ring dimensions are listed at the product info area of each gun make. When cross hairs (reticle-leveling parts) are not well-aligned, this tool can’t correct the errors in the gun’s windage. You will not hurt the threads in our mounts since we use such long ring … Question – My scope tube is short and I need to make sure it will fit between rings on the mount. This gunsmithing screwdriver set comes with only a few bits. Do I have wrong mount, what is going on? The correct way to install our mounts in just a few minutes– Set the mount on top of your receiver or barrel and line up all of the holes in mount to the holes in your firearm. The screwdriver bits are hardened to 56-58 Rockwell C grade and made from S2 tool steel. Comes with a variety of sturdy screwdriver bits that fit most firearm screw. Two anti-slip handles for the hard storage box makes it easy to transport. The 10mm screwdriver bit in this package is compatible with Viper and Hunter clamp bolts. Next – turn wrench around and install short end into head of screw and tighten each screw while holding one thumb on top of wrench pushing down into head of screw and other thumb on end of long end of wrench. Next – Tighten ring screws the same way as listed above on base screws until wrench starts to flex and bend. Some holes are not tapped as deep as others or as deep as needed. You must log in or register to reply here. After about 70 the hardened steel screws start to break. The Optilock scope ring cap screws should be torqued to 15-17 in/lbs, the Optilock base to scope ring Answer – Height dimensions are listed at the product info area of the gun make. The screws can handle about 70 inch pounds. DNZ offers a new replacement of any mount we have if it is used under normal conditions and has not been modified and we find a problem with it. It’s an ideal screwdriver set for installing hunting guns, rifle and pistol scopes. Hold torque for 5 seconds and do each screw. Our base screws are longer than most others. The hollow-ground flat bits are brittle, and their tips might snap during intense tightening operations. The plastic storage box has a rack for all the accessories, but it doesn’t hold them firmly. When it reaches the torque limit; the screwdriver’s bit slips, but there’s no ‘click’ sound. Reasonably priced and quality torque reading screw drivers are available from a number of sources. Anti-slip ergonomic handle that ensures firm grips. If you cannot figure out what height mount you need by checking the height dimensions in the product info area send us an e mail or give us a call. I finally got my Vortex Viper PST in today, and I'm in the process of mounting the scope on my rifle. Info you need to have in e mail or before you call – Gun make and model, caliber of gun, name brand of scope, tube size of scope, tube mounting length of scope, overall length of scope, diameter of outside of front of scope (not the glass size, but outside of scope diameter). Answer – Yes, You should have about a 1/64″ to 1/32″ gap between ring tops and mount after you have finished the mounting process. Next – get proper eye relief correct and then level cross hairs in scope. Its high torque settings can damage small screws. The screws we use are longer than other companies screws. Do not send a mount back to us with thread locker on it. Hold torque for 5 seconds, this locks screw into place. Then do each screw again and this will give you the correct torque. Every product that comes out of our warehouse has been checked for quality and #Accuracy. Weaver part numbers for detachable top mounts, and side mounts are available by firearm maker. Question – I have a gap between my mount and the ring tops. The F.A.T wrench has an ergonomic and non-skid handle. For STEEL receivers or barrels tighten until you start to feel wrench flex or bend. DO NOT use any type of thread locker on our long ring screws. Tighten each screw and loosen them to see if it holds mount tight on each screw. Once you use our mounts you will see you are shooting the best groups you have ever shot. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. We will be glad to give you a refund on a new product if it has not been installed and was purchased thru us. Answer – Any of our mounts will hold on any caliber firearm. Next – tighten screws a little and then recheck to see if crosshairs are still level. It has always been my opinion that having a consistent torque on the action screws is more important than the number of foot lbs. scope mount bases and assembling scope mount rings. Question – What screws go into base and what screws go into rings ? JavaScript is disabled.


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