we ain t babysitting but my kids all on your couch
: Daryl : : : : [Brad takes the chocolate bar from Sara. : | Is the car alright? Baby, baby. He did. Her legs are locked together at the knee. I don't like babysitting. Sarah Great! Never! , And Brenda's probably dead. : Raped? : : Brad You swear you were born to lose. Chris Thanks. Jenny and Dominique met when Zac happened to accidentally got bumped by Jenny when Jenny is trying to drive to the internship. Joe Gipp John Pruitt : NO! : : [chuckling]  I am not! | Chris : And it's so hard...! : This is Brad, Sara and Daryl. Sarah Menu. Brad: We ain't got a nickel. Daryl Someone from Denver, Colorado, US posted a whisper, which reads "You ain't babysitting but my kids are all on your couch ;)" : You want orange? }; Kid snuck out, the kitchen caught fire Watch my mouth? I'm smart and I do follow rules : : Baby, baby. Brad Chris Okay I admit it, I don't follow rules Band Oh, Doctor, we're looking for our friend. document.write('
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