water from the air: cloud forests readworks answer key
A) Clouds are made from little drops of water that float in the sky. (2) So have cows and horses. ���%Y�ns� Mk m���ȢO���#��}ƛ�]��WQi��9;;;;~3�>�ܶ��\�ћ7�m[.�e���m������cu�syWoʶn6�>}n�яU�����wW�����nwz¢��!U�Q&E��HɄˈ�DG���d��鉒:�#�E�i������� ������ Suddenly, there was a loud noise that came from the forest. ��n �Ϋf�4&�wGeq7�i���3���֒p�� ���Mj�!̔�����h��o3* e���o�X� ���d����Fc�7���PmjjZU�aV�� W��K����Ze����q��otxJ_��c�V-x�Ui��=���N�a�{�''�զ���[��d�L�iK�%�&���,�&��ty��\ml���~��I;؟�JMC&[�&ڵ~�=�pb�.��\i����H�gg�x��6U����\���Y(N�[�> 2 0 obj In order for humans to live, they need access to fresh water. She put on her life vest and stayed inside the cabin. After reading the three supporting details, what could be the main idea? In short, the world of conservation is just going to have to come to accept totally novel and newly structured ecosystems, with new combinations of survivors adjusting to each other (just as has been happening for centuries at lower elevation agroscapes and other forms of human perturbed ecosystems). <> x�I�Ī�$cv���Y���ʜv]�;�"�x����� �ǭ�;���I Constellations are groupings of the stars in the sky. Aug 23, 2015 - Improve your students’ reading comprehension with ReadWorks. endobj Access thousands of high-quality, free K-12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students. When it returns to the dry forest lowlands at the beginning of the rainy season, it is, for six months, a major killer of caterpillars, as it builds up its large social colonies. You will have to infer or read between the lines to find out what the main idea is. Which of the following is the main idea? Questions: How Water Loss Affects Biodiversity 5. %%EOF ACG cloud forest is particularly rich in species — as defined morphologically — that do not occur in the adjacent lowlands or even mid-elevation rain forest, but do occur on the tops of other Costa Rican mountains. ��q[���dw�t��{Yώ�c4����t��HK�с͵�z8!�}�7I6�ռ��Hp�A7^�m���y��j�?�=/~/_��߲���᷷��,m�{q��V��N�Ǭ�'��{F��A�ϴ��p��C���?yf���� �/7(��BͳD[{J�'�6�=�� �H8ӳ�~��_�������w�\[����Y���K�W�i����#T{~��h����f,���m�^�mh4�R� �j���)TPT�q���D��z��ו5�R/xx�/�&>�ʘ�sY&D� h�D�AK�@�2�&�L�5EJ�4x�b�����WmG&%��)�z���Y, V�j3�w���S`�x��j�axX�j+�o� What is the main idea? They begin over water and rotate around an "eye" or center of the hurricane. Access thousands of high-quality, free K-12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students. Equally, such non-human ecosystems will be doing whatever they do according to their genetic programming, and on-site evolution and ecological adaptation. When hot air rises and mixes with cold air, tiny little drops of water form and appear like clouds. :Lf$�蓡K�%����|T��D�ݢ�L�v�3>�l���vhn��'WP��~�3@��>�p1/P����j=ʚ��Epl�p?�Ė�o����>[�xWҎI�I*mO��P_�?/�����2 ��3]��i��w+9���tݫsp����$$}����Ӡ����M/����]�W�>ϲM��¨7�N-���$R��dJ����և��Sq�����Xcl}�el�gJ��V��Ǥf��H��+�]��.#�^��m�;m�Z�W��_�{=��F�(�+����UR�\���ƈ���}�ەś��u&�N%w���b��6� �%��|��ih���op���2���F�]T�C��UV�!���q�|Zu� ?4u�zd�q L�6�m�} _ۊ�(ϒpVb��;&-���#-�F�oEE4��ʪD�W���}!�V7\�g�w���77hf���$�*х��ܷr�P�Q��E�bA�T�z��u���w�.��:�,�;���*r6�b�)T���IUѯ7�^}ݦ5�%鮡���Bùֶ�f��憸�~�E��ʇ�}W� "$!�h�oo��F��f����ؿ�d ({1���a���q�3I%\�r1IH:B|�����Am���Z׸�x��n'�o"��IU�ߴ8%��r�E�+lr�v��$%�;���UR���Viy�>�@snA���8�I�[�,Y� �(E�Ӷ�ճ�9� K�&�ܕ����ö��WIBf���%�E�f2�{4�QU7����R�g"�4Y��B�jG����yʓ�r��_c���Q�y�KHS�Ӓ���됑q>��#�խ�6�����;I��2�J����VD��{ ���Mt�W��u�$!��΀�w%x +������O��}hHRD���sOH�i�h!���r��o����?d�ݣ��e�<9�)m�w�cJ*k��]�U���ąS�O��8��M��s{���r]�'��]�d�D�1�}�I�^b#��yԫʿkO��-��r`w�;>���"!��� ԅ]r��nh�����ҝ��z$/���B���y�o���]��隬���$��|H�I�����#�L�j`۶�����Ex:�'��7��Jƻ'�_�!�����;4ܖ��Z7�3�lc{kI,,������Ik�zTK��K����sy[���In�ҙ���e�[�]��Qǰ��$g֠UJr*�)�ʧ�H����Ꮭ��Ch,����j⎐o'k���H9���W!�ևYs!^��Z#oX��gq]�t���s�c(�Ų.�T�315�.���.�d0>v��M�����*���%$��L��b#/���m�����������0��o. The major caterpillar predator, Polistes instabilis, is a very direct example; this large wasp leaves the wet and green dry forest in the end of the rainy season and parks itself along with thousands of its conspecifics in a hollow tree trunk (or abandoned house) to pass the dry season with little or no expenditure of energy. 138 0 obj <>stream H2�� ����00]����q ��L�� � m Not all constellations can be seen at all times from most places on Earth. 1 0 obj ��-�U� ��Ȕ̳. <>>> endstream endobj startxref A chuck wagon holds many things. If you stand in a cloud … Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage. Like rainforests, cloud forests experience rainfall, but they also capture water straight from the air. Luckily, the storm passed quickly. But that’s what makes these forests so valuable. Hurricanes are storms with strong winds of about 74 miles per hour. Cloud forest is generally defined as the upper elevations that are almost continuously bathed in fog, mist and rain generated (in Costa Rica) by cooling of the humid trade winds blowing off the Caribbean, as they are forced upward by the mountain range itself. �Z�O9� * A the effects of water loss on biodiversity B the drought in Kenya from 2007 to 2009 C the distribution of the world’s fresh water D the effects of population growth on the water supply 6.Read the following sentences: “Say a particular species of freshwater frog dies few hectares of cloud forest on the highest part of Peninsula Santa Elena. As is clear in a map of mainland Holdridge Life Zones of Costa Rica, the cloud forest of Orosi-Cacao is the last and most northerly ecological island in the archipelago of this ecosystem extending the long axis of Costa Rica, and ecologically the most northern end of the South American Andean upper elevation ecosystems (complete with a resident population of Podocarpus gymnosperm trees); the southern end of the North American Rocky Mountains ends in southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua, with their most southerly distribution of northern gymnosperms (Pinus).


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