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are so frightening sometimes i ve thought i m going to die Having initially considered the case of the Louboutin’s easy then arguing myself out of that, how well would I consider that I would be able to walk in those shoes? The “Walk a Mile in His Moccasins” line was quoted by my Mother to me over and over growing up and has been attributed to various Native American tribes over the years, but actually comes from this poem by Mary Lathrap. I do think life is journey we each have individually, and together with each other, and I am really happy for those of you who choose to keep “walking it” with me! The single was credited to "Joe South and the Believers"; the Believers included his brother Tommy South and his sister-in-law Barbara South. To be teased for diminutive height I actually prefer its original title of ‘Judge Softly’ as for me, this equates more deeply with walking in someone else’s shoes. How would I stop myself from considering their lifestyle to be over the top, maybe greedy, having far too many expensive ‘things’? and in my view if it was talked about it would nt be such a stigma  To be called a monster to your face It is felt to date back to a poem entitled ‘Walk a Mile in His Moccasins ’, written by Mary T Lathrap in 1895. There are times when we don’t find this easy, especially if we have been through similar circumstances with similar or what we feel were worse conditions and are sure that we coped better than the person telling of their problems! – a bundle of tied up rags which presumably had reached the stage of being unable to be handed down, or handed on, any further. A therapist sets aside his/her own reactions, feelings to similar events, to the feelings being talked about in order to support the client in reaching their own decisions about ways forward. Thank you for your comments much appreciated  It is felt to date back to a poem entitled ‘Walk a Mile in His Moccasins’, written  by Mary T Lathrap in 1895. Bear in mind the bias of the television programme watched, with so much material ending up on the editor’s cutting room floor. they mean so much to me my illness with people but i can write a poem about it  Well done. And the one thing I will tell you is, Those who had experienced similar in their past – including bullying, relationship breakdown, lack of promotion at work, showed less compassion for those who had met with similar problems. Probably the counsellor in me! I certainly find empathy easier if what a client has experienced and is talking of is something that I have not had direct experience of, so that my mind doesn’t seek to compare. "- Penny Dreadful. Whichever, we have to be aware and have boundaries in place in support of the therapeutic relationship and the maintenance of this. No day is the same, there is no happy As both extremes are probably so very far removed from our own reality, we have little that our minds can actually cue in to, apart from our second hand experiences via the television, to allow us to place ourselves out of our own zones of comfort. I would help anyone who needed it This was a distinct negative. In order to understand how that person felt and thought, many therapists feel that it is essential to completely set aside personal reflections, especially if you have been through similar, have personal experience, of what is being spoken of. This was especially so if they were perceived not to have handled the situation well – ie their way! but mostly because I wanted to sort of say it out loud To be mocked because you’re sensitive Adults you trusted call you a disgrace Maybe, just maybe, this is a better approach to take rather than attempting to imagine ourselves in a situation that is completely alien to us or one we have experienced and feel that we coped with well. I am sorry that it is relatable  And so I decided that Walk A Mile In My Shoes was very fitting. As I said, the original title was ‘Judge Softly’. !......ALL STARS!! Surely a skill that would serve mankind well in these days of so many rushing to judge others harshly. Even when you still fear the night I work with individuals and couples for counselling. Thank my friend for your comments  For being weak. So, make sure the shoes are a comfy fit for the road you have to take! HM replied on Mon, 07/10/2017 - 19:14 Permalink, Denise replied on Mon, 07/10/2017 - 19:22 Permalink. On a bad day your tired of fighting I respect you too  an attack and embarrass myself, Free from everyone’s bullying Courageous write and very relatable. what i do to  help the symptoms is to try my hardest  I actually prefer its original title of ‘Judge Softly’ as for me, this equates more deeply with walking in someone else’s shoes. I hide behind, an imaginary,crumbling brick wall I feel that over the years, there has been a focus on the shoes and walking with consideration of the load being set aside. However, even though they had so little, he said that they were happy, and happy to share both shelter and food with him and would accept no payment. As I tell many clients, you have to think of yourself. To move into a new light A story that will have been added to by others, but you have the leading role, the star. that pretty much sums up my write I love those words  People don't know what's behind the veil. Never judge a book by its cover!! I`d say on the outside I look normal By using this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. Love n Hugs Debs xo, Hi Debs...I can relate so much to this write..........I have struggled with panic attacks and stress most of my life...I have moments where it is hard for me to be in social situations and I have had to fight my fears too....It is so admirable for me to see you talk openly of your struggles in a very humbling and genuine way....NOTHING to be ashamed of....an honest look at the challenges in your life....and it makes others feel not so disheartened of maybe their own personal problems in life...I respect you so much....Love n Hugs, xox Cherie, Hi Cherie I feel for you  my friend. Always afraid to go to bed at night so i can relate in a way .. mental health problems can happen to many people .. i can't remmeber the ratio but there are a lot of people out there living this way so do not feel ashamed you have nothing to be ashamed of .. x you cannot help it , like you said , like i can't .. like other's can't .. what do you do , that helps these?? With time, the intensity of feelings, the angst, pain and anger that may have been around are forgotten. caring poem its lovely as always  South was also producer and arranger of the track, and of its B-side, "Shelter". My best friend was the same 10 years she was ill  Thank you for your kind comments my friend I offer therapy and treatments for a range of issues. always appreciated  I feel that I could imagine walking in the shoes of others if these were such as Louboutin’s, struggling to teeter in high heels that I no longer tend to wear, ( and here, I am referring to heel height not brand!) Drowning nightly in a flood of tears They have their point to make, their particular spin to put on. Hugs and love to you Debs, Forget only "one more mile" myself away from social situations also,I was afraid that i would have  Yes, there will be those who know a lot about you – husband, wife, parents, siblings - but only you have the complete story. you know i can relate to this as i too have mental health problems .....there are times in my life where i haev had some very bad anxiety . For being old. This isn’t selfish, rather knowing and acknowledging just what your personal load is and how best to cope with it and get on with your life. Well, nearly the full you as there will be bits that you hide even from yourself. PINNED! I just think mental health is not talked about enough  I, who have a comfortable and safe life, supported by modern technology and convenience, I am sure would find their reality a difficult place to imagine. !.....T xo ?☀✴✳♥, Hi Tony I wrote this for so many personal reasons  Best wishes and blessing to you too  Keep writing. We'd walk a thousand just for you everyday,I fight these feelings of fear This is where the differences between talking things through with a friend and therapy really show themselves. Probably a positive as far as self-preservation, self-esteem is concerned but not as far as showing empathy. Love n hugs Debs xox. To lose all of your closest friends To believe change came with the switch nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks ,I live with as  I have done , it is funny because I dont discuss This piece had a lot of personal points, i wanted to express  I think it is hard to talk about, I know because my mother could not talk about  Aww I bet you were terrified Leah  (Hugs) Cancer is so scary  98027. Thank you so much for your comments and pin Dear friend Because you've lived a moment in my life, If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. In both cases, I would have to consider the paddling going on under each person’s particular stretch of water. They appeared not to take into account differences of circumstances, background etc, simply focusing on similarities. but i cant help it, they are a part of me A study by researchers, published in ‘The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology’ measured the compassion show towards people who had had similar problems, similar difficulties, through a series of experiments. Depending on chosen therapeutic leanings, others could well talk this through with clients in carefully considered disclosure. To wish for a pleasant destiny For me, a whole different matter as even further removed from my life experiences. Why they hate themselves most of all. Take care!!! Get on with walking in your shoes – I walked further, over worse terrain in far more grotty shoes! hi deborah .. well done for expressing this outwardly , on here . not to let them beat me, it doesnt work everyday but  "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" is a song written by Joe South, who had a hit with it in 1970. Only nine years old, yet seeing no reason to live That everything today will be okay They found it harder to walk in the shoes of fellow sufferers than did those who had not experienced similar. (my opinion).....I think so many people hide behind that wall that you so eloquently conveyed here.....it speaks to the courageous nature of its author whom I am proud to call my friend! Rather, try to be sensitive to just what might be going on under the other person’s water – simply endeavour to imagine how they feel rather than how we would feel in their situation. ‘Pray, don't find fault with the man that limps, !.....I feel a little guilty for not keeping up with your stuff lately and this is the reason why......GREÄT subject matter to relate to.....and GREÄT writing bringing it to the public forum! It can be very difficult to completely put aside our personal thoughts and feelings in order to take that walk, even using only baby steps. The children played happily amongst the trees and loved playing football – their ball? What hides behind the smile, the frown, the laughter, the tears? Shutting out our biases once we begin to focus in on another person isn’t easy, unless they live lives that are very similar to our own. it makes me happy,to show how much I care mental illness away  because the feel ashamed  What of the smells, the sights, the sounds that I might prefer to close my eyes to? I remember my son describing a remote village in India that he visited when travelling, where a ramshackle hut provided shelter, a hard mud floor the beds, collected twigs and sticks the heating and cooking facilities, rice the food with very little to accompany it. Best wishes Debs xx. I am sorry your doctors have not got answers for you  In this way, I am able to work with my client only on things that s/he has brought out, not allowing anything of mine to influence either them or myself.


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