vgs vs iwld
The portfolio I ended up settling for can be seen below: I just want to make sure that I have made the right choice here regarding world exposure - to me, even after heaps of research, it seems like IWLD is a superior ETF to VGS - please challenge me on this one. Until then they were only a couple of basis points below VGS so not significantly different, and Vanguard has a reputation for being on the side of investors due to the (original) US arm of Vanguard which was setup to literally send profits back to people who purchase shares in their funds, ie it is essentially owned by their customers. IWLD also has higher turnover, which implies higher “internalised” costs. Press J to jump to the feed.

My concern was that because it has overseas ETFs within the ETF you purchase that is funds within a fund, it would be less tax efficient because the foreign withholding taxes paid by the US listed ETFs would not be able to be claimed for, So EAFE fund pays withholding taxes on dividends received to the source countries.

This raises obvious questions about how creation baskets are optimised to ensure the fund tightly tracks its index. It is built as a fund of funds (FoF), meaning it buys other iShares ETFs – all of which are domiciled in North America – and does not directly hold any shares. MER is really attractive for IWLD but VGS is all I ever hear about. Please read the sidebar and observe sub rules when posting. Vanguard struggles to replicate US ETF success in Europe. This could be achieved by increasing the VAS proportion, or adding a currency-hedged international ETF (such as VGAD, which is a hedged version of VGS). Because there is only one ETF with VGS, there is only one place cash drag occurs. Maybe one to watch. US tax residents would be able to claim for these taxes paid. Specifically, IWLD can get some of that double tax back. Potentially...I'm also wondering what the tax implications of both are. The approach means that the US takes up a two-third majority of both VGS and IWLD’s assets. MER is 0.09% vs 0.18%, which realistically goes up by 0.02% to account for the loss in franking credits for the 2.5% Aussie exposure in that ETF. Thanks!

VGS is just a plain old Aussie-domiciled fund. VGS only includes large and medium-sized global companies.

VGS and IWLD are both good funds. Welcome to the concept of Financial Independence. I see IWLD is a collection of funds, does this make a difference when deciding which you would choose? The final higher cost worn by IWLD is cash drag. It looks like IWLD also includes some exposure to us small and mid cap stocks as opposed to vgs.

Investors could not really go wrong with either of them.

Market makers then pass on the costs of basket financing to investors, while adding a spread of their own. VGS has the advantages of coming in a neater package, with lower internal costs and better trading. In other words; for the IEFA (34% of bucket) and XIC (3.5% of bucket) underlying funds - will we be able to claim foreign income tax offsets for foreign withholding taxes paid to avoid double taxation, and if not, what is the effective impact on MER (for a fair comparison with VGS). By submitting your email address, you agree to receive email updates from ETF Stream in accordance with our Privacy Policy. First, and perhaps less importantly, IWLD tracks a version of the MSCI World that includes Australia, which makes up around 2.5% of its assets.
Now I’m not fully sure how this works in any detail. A final concern for IWLD is how its is actually put together, and whether the underlying ETFs allow it to accurately track its index.


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