vala mal doran

1606901532 Finding herself mysteriously pregnant, she married a local man, Tomin of Ver Isca, who was conscripted to join in the Ori's crusade to dominate the Milky Way. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (SG1: "Unending"). Less than a year later, she contacted Daniel on Earth to ask for his help in deciphering a tablet written in Ancient which was said to lead to a buried treasure on Earth.

She has feelings for Daniel, and it seems that he might feel the same towards her were it not for the fact that her actions towards him come off as nothing more than attempts at seduction; then again, it seems that she doesn't know how to approach a man she likes other than seducing him. Publisher Pages Check out Vala-Mal-Doran-Club's art on DeviantArt.

Whether or not she got all of her memories back as a result of his appearance was unclear, but she at the very least got enough back that she trusted him enough to take her to the SGC where Doctor Lam was able to help her regain all of her lost memories. Explore the early days of Stargate's hottest star! We start our story during the years when Vala was acting as a free agent in the intergalactic underworld. Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black — Stargate SG-1) Season 8. She suggested going to see the man she stole the bracelets from, Arlos Kadawam. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind"), Vala's earlier statement that she was host to a Goa'uld is backed up when she and the others on SG-1 travel to the planet where she used to rule. ISBN-10 After shooting him, Vala healed Daniel's wound with Goa'uld technology, which led Daniel to assume that Vala was a Goa'uld; she replied that she was a former host, and that this permitted her to not only use the Goa'uld technology, but also to understand the systems of the "primitive" Prometheus. Status: Work in Progress Through 10.10 "The Quest Part 1" Upon first meeting, Vala Mal Doran hijacked the Prometheus, which was traveling to Atlantis, wearing Kull armor. Stargate: Vala Mal Doran

Season 10. It was through the use of one of the devices discovered in Avalon which led Daniel and Vala to contact humans in a distant galaxy.

Vala then worked to restore the hyperdrive with Carter. This sometimes gets to the point where she assumes it is necessary when it really isn't, such as when she is required to take a psychiatric evaluation and she gives fake answers in an attempt to avoid being "tricked". They reject what the followers of Origin are telling them, and are both sentenced to be killed by fire. (SG1: "Crusade"), Vala accompanied Tomin with the Ori fleet, and gave birth to the Orici, whom she named Adria after her stepmother. They revive him and he agrees to help them build the Sangraal but Merlin's body had deteriorated too much during that time, and his memories were downloaded into Daniel.

His translation leads the pair, along with Mitchell and Teal'c, into a deep Ancient cavern on Earth.

At the hearing, she accused Senator Fischer of "having a small manhood" and Major General Henry Landry ordered SG-1 to go after the cargo ship to get her off his base. (SG1: "Camelot", "Flesh and Blood", "Morpheus"), After being kidnapped by Athena and The Trust, Vala lost her memory and became a waitress at Sol's Diner. They discover that Harrid and Sallis were part of the anti-Ori underground and meet Fannis, one of their friends who was also part of this organization, and he tells them they have a communicator device identical to the one they used in the Milky Way, which Harrid and Sallis had connected to. Source Vala Mal Doran.

She was chained in the Ara for three whole days without food and water, but Tomin cut her free. Just as she was about to tell them what she knew about how the ships worked, Tomin destroyed the device and killed Seevis and Denya. Believing that she had only one last chance at returning home, Vala decided to join him onboard his assigned ship.

Reblog. We start our story during the years when Vala was acting as a free agent in the intergalactic underworld. Vala used the ship's Phantom vessel generator to confuse the ships and then the Pulse wave generator to disable the ship that were chasing them and enter hyperspace. Her plans were thwarted by Daniel Jackson, who managed to overcome her and recover the ship.


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