types of suffering in the bible

Subsequently, we can suffer simply because of such things family ties or our nationality. Current assignments are ECU Newman and St. Peter’s in Greenville, NC. After we confess our sins, the roots of them remain deep within the human heart.
To try to rationalise it into “who sinned here, or is God being glorified through this” seems crass, and denies the God who cares enough about the effects of sin on the total corruption of his creation to be willing to die to redeem it. So even should we act to seek justice or to make a demand upon those who harm us, we must learn to do so from a place of stillness and love. How are people you know experiencing suffering, and in what ways could you comfort and counsel them? (n) While we don’t know when the end of this age will be or when Jesus will return, we do know that Christians living in the final chapter of human history will suffer greatly as a result of being in Christ. Victim Suffering: Victims endure affliction by being sinned against. In this way, when overcoming such obstacles, a significant part of the process involves us acknowledging our sinfulness and asking for forgiveness. 23:35). Practically, much of life’s suffering is consequential, resulting from our decisions. The Bible leaves many of our questions about suffering unanswered. If you are blessed by these daily devotionals please prayerfully consider a donation to support Wisdom Hunters Resources. Demonic Suffering: Because Satan is alive and at work in the world, demonic affliction is very real. How have you experienced suffering in your life, including today? Tagged: Suffering, exiles, 1 Peter, Pain, 2016, Bad Reasons to Vote for Someone; and Good Questions to Ask, Midtown Fellowship, PO Box 505, Columbia, SC, USA. Examples include Joseph’s imprisonment in Egypt, where his suffering resulted in many people being saved physically from starvation and spiritually from sin. And we must courageously oppose the powerful who torment the innocent, as much as we are able. Apocalyptic Suffering: The Bible speaks of increased suffering that will signal the end of this age, as seen in the prophecies of the Old Testament(m) and of Jesus. For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. Joseph is one of the most striking types of Jesus in the Old Testament. While [...], Thoughts from daily Bible reading for today – November 2, 2020 Let me tell you why you are here. “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” (Acts 3:19). I would identify 5 distinct types of suffering: 1) Sufferings that Result from Bad Decisions. This might come as a shock to some of you, but not all of the suffering we go through is warranted.

Evil is real, and its devastating effects are evident in the lives of many.

It happens even in churches.

Of these three that will be listed here, only one of them is acceptable and the others are unnecessary suffering.

His death was among “the righteous blood shed on earth” (Matt. This kind of punishment brings the work of horrendous sin to an end so that those suffering at the hands of evildoers are given reprieve, reveals to unbelievers the urgent need to repent of sin and place their faith in God to avoid eternal punishment, and encourages believers that God will not be mocked and that faith in him is not in vain.
New posts will not be retrieved. If I die, I won't leave behind a wife or children. So, deserved suffering is inevitable: “Be sure your sin will find you out” (Num. Abel was persecuted for righteousness’ sake (Matt. As Scripture says, we know in part. Have you ever noticed that in general, people can easily point out the faults of others, but have trouble recognizing their own? But when it comes to our own troubles, we often can’t identify our own sinful attitudes or actions that cause difficulty in our lives. reveals two opposite reasons why people suffer: for doing God’s will, and for not doing God’s will. Required fields are marked *.

Furthermore, as we are drawing closer to our Lord, these roots get exposed to us in ways that can cause great fear, anxiety, shame, and a whole host of unpleasant emotions and memories.

This is a constant and heavy part of pastoral ministry. But it’s an important action every believer can take to experience liberation in their life, faith, and relationships. A biblical example is the Old Testament prophets’ frequent repentance of not only their own sins but also the sins of their forefathers and their nation as they lamented the suffering God had permitted to come upon them for chastisement. Father Ian VanHeusen is a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Raleigh, NC. m. Isa.


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