tree frog nicknames

For frogs who “leap” at the chance to read books. For frogs who love being pampered. Smoochie and Smoochette Perfect for hippy frogs who love to sit on water lilies at nighttime. They are also known as King Solomon’s Frogs, The Brass Frogs, or The Brass Frogs of King Solomon. They need a SHALLOW water bowl; these frogs have been known to drown in deep water bowls. The White's Tree Frogs are not picky eaters. More from This Artist Similar Designs. Caliente – After the pale yellow-colored water lily. Esmerelda – After the red and white-colored water lily. I often am asked about frogs that naturally appeared in an outdoor pond where weather patterns lead to pond ice-overs.

A good name for frogs from Virginia or for frogs who love to read Virginia Woolf. A good name for frogs born between January 20th and February 18th. Generally speaking, this isn't going to be as easy as picking up a package at your local grocery store! Crunchy – After the chocolate candy from the Monty Python sketch “Trade Description Act.” A good name for baby frogs who love being bathed in the “finest quality spring water.”. The rocks in the enclosure should have a sloping design, producing a large area for the frog to get out of the water, but providing an equally large area of water for the frog to occupy. Cyclos – A character from the hit video game The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker who is a wind deity that rides on a cloud. Some of most common problems encountered by frogs include a bacterial disease called 'Redleg', intestinal impaction from ingesting sand or gravel when eating, blindness, fungal infections, Metalic Bone Disease (MBD) from insufficient calcium and vitamin D3, endoparacites, and stress. It is a little jumpier, more nervous, and just not as laid back. Or, perhaps you fondly remember a frog from your childhood. Trevor – After Neville Longbottom’s pet toad in the Harry Potter books and films whom he often lost. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) Teddy (Teddy Toad) Judy (H.R. Froggy and Boggy

For frogs who love to be kissed (although in the original version he was sadly never kissed). Food habits of the gray tree frog. Just like the names Swamp and Lily Pad reflect the animal's natural habitat, the name Goliath refers to a particular type of bullfrog.

Perfect for frogs who love to build Gundam models. Anne Phibian – A play on the word amphibian.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Some frogs need to hibernate during the winter, others do not. In the wild, the White-Lipped Tree Frogs reproduce in the spring and summertime in deep, slow moving streams and in forest pools, as well as in human modified areas like ditches and pools. For proper Budgett's Frog care, absolute cleanliness cannot be stressed enough when dealing with these frogs. Angus and Agnus The cage should be misted every night as well, as this will provide another water source and will help to keep the humidity level raised.

Gin and Tonic Darcy Jane – After the bright pink-colored water lily. (The D3 is the ‘sunshine' vitamin and is necessary for the ability to use the calcium coming into the body.You could feed all of the calcium in the world but the frog can't use it without D3. He also has a love of fried chicken. Frogbert – The main character in the game Frogbert whose job it is to catch flies around his home island. The Litoria caerulea is on the IUCN Red List for Endangered Species as Least Concern (LC). They may be induced to eat fish and worms but can be difficult to raise and need considerable calcium.

Only the males vocalize, so that along with the size difference of the sexes, is an easy way separate the sexes. Englebert Hopperdinck – A play on the name of English pop singer Englebert Humperdinck (whose real name was Arnold Dorsey) who sang “Release Me,” “After the Lovin,” “The Last Waltz,” and “This Moment in Time.”. Gamabunta – The brown frog who is the chief toad of Mount Myoboku in the Naruto anime and manga. Perfect for frogs who think “it’s not easy being mean.”. Binyah Binyah (Polliwog) – After the yellow frog character from the Nickelodeon TV show Gullah Gullah Island. Climber – For frogs who like to climb everywhere. Margaret – After the yellow-colored water lily. Sergeant Keroro – The main character in the manga Sgt. The water placed in the tank and used to rinse the river rocks should be decholrinated with any of the many commercially available products. Battletoad(s) – In honor of the video game Battletoads which was created as a competitor for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. In addition to this, they like to feed on worms, silkworms and crickets. Hump and Bump You could also name a companion frog Bullfrag after one of the alien forms that the main character Ben can transform into (whom Attea has a crush on). Another common name, though less frequently used, is the Red Eyed Leap Frog. Or for frogs who secretly love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Judy (the Frog) – After the life-sized frog puppet from the children’s TV show H.R.

), Yippee-Skippy, Yoshi. They don’t need much to thrive as they will live most of their life on the ground, not climbing anything. Virginia – After the white-colored water lily. Water bowls should be changed at least every other day. The Red Eyed Tree Frog Agalychnis callidryas was first described by Cope in 1862. T These should be kept in their own pots buried in the substrate. This actually makes your frog healthier. Lifestyle: Diurnal, active during the day.

The gray tree frogs are mostly found in the eastern USA and parts of central Texas. Freddo – After the chocolate bar brand by Cadbury that is in the shape of a frog. The White-Lipped Tree Frog is very hardy, but as with all frog species health and hygiene go hand in hand. Take a look at 100 names for frogs—male and female names, funny choices, and fictional frogs and toads—to get some ideas for naming your coldblooded friend. Mob and Bob Observe your frog or toad—its movements, markings, and sounds—see if any of those distinctive qualities help you drum up a name. C He was mutated by an energy mass and, as a result, now can sense crime scenes. Janice – After the white-colored (or sometimes pale blue-colored) water lily. Joyce (Hamilton) – After the pink-colored water lily.

Azure – After the blue-colored water lily. This is because the crickets also need food and water to survive. Paul (Stetson) – After the light blue-colored water lily. The White's Tree Frog has a wide distribution and is adapted to many different habitats. Even though he is called a pollywog in the show (another word for tadpole), he is a frog (because tadpoles don’t have legs). For frogs who have a love of cotton swabs. You will want to keep them at temperatures of around 65{deg} F with half of their screen top covered. Throg – A frog in the Marvel comic series Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers who originally fought alongside Thor (when he was turned into a frog by Loki and was known as Frog Thor). COMMON NAMES FOR FIREFLIES. You should feed them wingless fruit flies and pinhead crickets on a high calcium gut load and dusted with calcium powder every other feeding, as they are prone to MBD (metabolic bone disease) at this stage. She is voiced by Kristin Chenoweth. Sparkle and Glitz Budgett's frogs absorb almost all of their moisture through their skin. Mr. Big – For small frogs that are big in attitude (and who like to be addressed respectfully). For humorous frogs that like to be a little tongue-in-cheek (when they are not grabbing flies with it of course). If you wish to initiate breeding, you should first have a pair, male and female. The longest lifespan entered was a European Common Toad (Bufo bufo ssp.) For frogs who love to watch Sex and the City. At its current levels, the Budgett's Frog is not considered to be threatened by the pet trade. Clarissa – After the red-colored water lily.

The White-Lipped Tree Frogs are generally 3.5 to 5" (9 - 13 cm) with the females being the largest. The Red Eyed Tree Frog is generally considered to be an abundant species.

You could also name a companion frog Ed (Bighead) after her husband. The biggest challenge in breeding White's Tree Frogs is the maintenance for hundreds or thousands of frogs, their food and caging requirements, and keeping crowding under control. N A companion frog would, of course, be called Phoebus. Does it have a good name not listed here? Double Trouble

Elena (Grossi) – After the red-colored water lily. Depending on the temperature, the small frogs metamorphose and make their way onto land and into the treetops they call home. Determining the sex of your frog or toad can be confusing; if your frog continuously tries to climb on the backs of other frogs, it is likely male. I was sorting through some of my images this evening and bumped into this portrait of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog I photographed in Panama last year, thought I'd share. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our. Mai Tai Tree Frog Names. Right now, they are by far the most popular tree frog out there due to their hardiness. Eros – After the pink-colored water lily.


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