tragedy in red battle cats

Victor | The Father | Primes | The Rake (2018) | Event Map: Given a second-hand copy of the classic game bought by a friend at a garage sale, Zach begins to play it again, and at first is swept away by nostalgia.

Chimpanzee | Connor |

Another thing you can do to stop all your units from falling behind the base is to stall the J.K Bun Bun at the beginning of the stage. Floor 31 • Floor 32 • Floor 33 • Floor 34 • Floor 35 • Floor 36 • Floor 37 • Floor 38 • Floor 39 • Floor 40

Type of Villain Max number of Enemies:

He goes through his Ground, Swim and Flight forms in quick succession, culminating with an awe-inspiring Final Form with so much health and power that only Acacius (the character given to Zach by Melissa's soul) can stand a chance against it. 7 1AmTheHelp3r | Slowly but surely, the familiar, simple, and repetitive levels are replaced by ever more bizarre ones, replete with minor and major foes that become gravely disturbing, capped off by a personally invasive quiz level with questions that seem to be straight out of the Bridge scene in Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Unable to let himself give up and wanting revenge on Red, Zach presses on and determines to beat the altered game. Doom Paradise (Insane) is the Continuation Stage in Bad to Worse.

Tragedy in Red (Insane) is the first stage in Bad to Worse. Event Map: - J.K Bun Bun (Red/Floating) (200%)- Red Cyclone (Red/Floating) (200%) Princess | Red says "GAME OVER", but Melissa saves Zach and unlocks Acacius, the strongest monster in the game, which ultimately defeats Red with his life bar down to nearly nothing. When the battle begins, upgrade your Worker Cat once. 200 Stage Width: Treasure: Crazed Wall Cat), and a Sanzo Cat. Prev. Tails Doll |

The Battle Cats - Apps on Google Play. The Seeker | Hoody | It is very similar to the previous stage, except the second boss now spawns when the base is damaged and every enemy is now Black instead of Red. The Skin Taker | Insane Enemy Base's Health: The Rake (Slenderverse) | King Ghidorah is replaced by a creature amalgamating all the twisted bosses fought so far, and he is far from being the last enemy in this version. According to the creator of the Creepypasta, Red was inspired by. 0 7 4,000 Tommy Taffy | Powers/Skills Proxies | Slenderman (Slendrina) | Melody | After the enemy base takes damage, Shadow Boxer K, Gory Blacks and Doge Darks will emerge from the base alongside Director Kurosawah and the Black Cyclone. Any further successful clears will yield Cat CPUs. Gregory Leary |


Red | Despite the aid of new monsters and even an angelic figure, Zach encounters the one who has directed all this.

Granny | Dark Paradise Super-Intense Mr. Pinkerton | Seed Eater | Prev. Origin
Location Information,, LEVEL 1 - LAST LEVEL (randomized SoL stages & lineups). Max number of Enemies:


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