toyota grand hiace review
Peak torque comes on fairly late at 4600rpm, but it makes a great sound and is surprisingly fun to drive. Open the driver's door and you are welcomed with a refreshed cabin that offers all the bells and whistles you would expect in a modern van. LWB variants of the HiAce measure in at 5265mm long (an increase of 570mm) and sit on a wheelbase that measures 3210mm (a 640mm increase). Hidden beneath recessed glass lids are a large, square sink and a two-burner hob. My 2003 Toyota Commuter is the ideal vehicle for minimalistic travel. There's also a front-mounted nudge bar with inbuilt parking sensors and 6mm thick steel to prevent vehicle damage with small nudges or impacts. Yes I am looking for something more comfortable and bigger than my HiAce.My only gripe is, the Toyota seats are garbage for any distance work and the cab over design is very difficult to gain en...Read more, The space in the back of this van is great for all my gear but having to travel far uses a lot more gas than I expected and at one stage out wayed my traveling expenses. Yorkshire’s biggest motorhome and campervan show returns to Harrogate, with hundreds of new and used models and accessories. While it's currently not available with smartphone connectivity, Toyota will allow customers to upgrade their infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto free of charge by the fourth quarter of 2019. This Toyota handles well too, thanks to its car-like height when fitted with a Reimo elevating roof, although there’s not much feel through the steering wheel; you’re in for a relaxing drive. Not a single problem, noise or concern.I've just clocked up 30 000km in the first year and Im happy.Rides well - considering its a commercial* mines always loaded up as its a work van.I have the petrol auto model. Visibility out the front and sides is excellent and digital rear view mirror works a charm in LWB Crew and Commuter models. I have just purchased a 1999 Toyota HiAce long wheel based commuter van and am thrilled with it.These vans are highly desired as reliable campervans that can clock up hundreds of thousands of kms. As long as a HiAce is regularly serviced and well maintained, it may become one of the "million milers" that have become legendary amongst the camper van community. Both the automatic and manual variants are available with six forward gears. Purchased in September 2015 for A$18,500.00. Highly recommend! There’s an area of worktop space to the rear of the kitchen unit for your TV, with accompanying 230V and 12V sockets, as well as one of the two rear speakers and the Webasto heater control. It was purchased form Grand Motors Toyota. Hit the road and immediately noticeable is the reduced amount of noise intrusion from the engine – even more so with the petrol V6. It’s the most uncomfortable van. Very basic interior but has everything u ever need. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Recommended List Price (MRLP) inclusive of GST, exclusive of options and on road costs. Hide message. Business customers shouldn't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to safety. I know it's done the kms but too many problems.My mechanic says he has other clients that have had issues with theirs too. Such a shame as these vans look great on spec and drive well on test. A very reliable workhorse! On this week's podcast you are joined by Mandy Turner, Kez Casey, and Scott Collie. Width has increased by a further 70mm as well. CONS:• Age is starting to show - inside and out.• Not the easiest to climb in and out.• Cab forward layout means more engine noise creeps in. However, it is the commercial engines that are so highly desirable in the 1990s models of the Toyota HiAce that make them so damned hard to get hold of.Mine drives and handles very well. The Toyota HiAce long wheel base vans also fit a conventional car parking space, where the long wheel based Sprinters necessitate a bus park by their 23 foot nature! Mine has a slightly imperfect body, but is about to be fully restored. I feel so unsafe, I am squashed into the front bumper. Unfortunately the tow rating hasn't really improved, with diesel LWB van models limited to 1900kg/1400kg braked (diesel/petrol manual respectively) and LWB van and Crew to 1500kg braked (diesel/petrol automatic), while SLWB vans and Commuter will only tow 1500kg braked regardless of engine combination. Prices increase all the way through to the top specification Commuter GL, which is exclusively available with an automatic transmission and diesel engine, with pricing finishing at $70,140 (plus on-road costs). Many years later we have only had to get a few things fixed and services come back good almos all the time. Diesel fuel economy comes in at 7.5 or 8.2 litres of fuel per 100km (manual versus automatic) for the LWB and 8.4L/100km for the SLWB and LWB Crew Van. There’s also a free-standing table, which is practical as it can be used outdoors as well as in. If you're a manufacturer with a van that lacks the advanced safety tech on HiAce, you're on notice. I would never go near another Toyota at any price! That's on top of a track width increase to 1670mm (a jump of 200mm and 205mm respectively for the front and rear) and an overall width increase to 1950mm (an increase of 255mm) – it's easy to see the visual difference when the old HiAce and new HiAce are sat side-by-side. Changed the power steering belt, engine mounts, and rocker cover seal. I change the oil and filters (air & oil) myself every 5,000kms, seeing I am not paying for labour it's not that expensive to try and ensure a bit of reliability. You can, however, expect to pay less than half the price of an equivalent all-new VW T5 camper. I have spent nearly $10,000 on repairs. They specify 48psi in t... he tyres , forget that for a start if you run 48 prepare for a WORSE than I'm describing . Well this is the part that surprised us the most. Runs a treat and have already racked up 30,000km. The all-new Toyota HiAce really kicks a six for Toyota. Every bump , every imperfection in the bitumen goes through the van like Í'm on solid rubber tyres . The van is relatively comfortable, although a bit noisy on the highway. Pedders say they can upgrade the suspension for $1000 but I dont think it will help with the comfort . The auto used quite a bit more fuel than the manual does. Apart from problems like getting seated, etc. It's a long time between drinks – a full 15 years – but Toyota has finally taken the wraps off the all-new 2019 HiAce van and it's surprisingly really good.. How does the HiAce drive? (Currently there is a Class-Action being taken against Toyota for the same problem in their diesel-engined vehicles.)


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