top 100 most expensive stamps
LOW PRICE 100% Guarantee so You Can Bid With Confidence 100% AUTHENTIC, Description Start of the sale: Monday, 6 March 2017 at 09:17 Sale ends: Monday, 2 November 2020 at 03:20 811 visits Translate NOW I PUT ON AUCTION MORE THAN 1000 ITEMS VINTAGE RARE BADGES AND STAMPS ON LOW PRICE 1 - 2 EURO ,BUY FOR MORE OF 50EURO GET FREE SHIPPING FROM ME!GROUP ITEMS SHIP TOGETHER TOO ASK ME!SPECIAL FOR HOLIDAYS!!! Check out my other items! 1858 Cap de bour stamps, 4 stamps: 27, 54, 81 and 108 parale. This stamp sold for $ 2 million four hundred thousand at auction. Some are treasures because they weren’t easy to attain and are considered rare, while others may have special markings or mistakes were made during production. /* 728x90, Erstellt 10.09.09 */ Each color dictated the number of newspapers in the bundle. It is believed that the plate used for the yellow-colored stamps was damaged and useless. Again, some mistakes are priceless. It is unknown how many Red Mercury stamps still exist. The most sparse and priceless, it is valued at more than $10,000,000. The green hue was intended for the six Kreuzer stamp. Adding to the value of the stamp is the fact that only one hundred were printed. valuabe stamps at the online auction sorted by countries, The most expensive and famous It isn’t hard to get your hands on a Penny Black, however, a new one can bring the owner more than $3000. google_ad_slot = "9863648541"; The value in this stamp lays in its scarcity. De Boeck Johan Leemstraat 19, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium E-mail: Although they were printed on inexpensive paper the color of the Hawaiian waters, they are counted among the most sparse of all time. /* 300x250, Erstellt 10.09.09 */ During the production of this particular stamp, the frame was inverted. share with you, on the mauritius stamps. google_ad_width = 468; Its name stems from the feature of the Roman messenger god, Mercury, whose image is on the face of the stamp. Here you find a list of the most famous and most expensive postage stamps post museum. The rarity of this stamp ranks among the highest. most expensive and famous postage stamps of Switzerland, The most expensive actual US stamp lots The most expensive actual US stamps at, . It made its debut in England, in the spring of 1840. google_ad_slot = "6329789052"; For more valuable collectible videos give this v... During the summer of 1966 our family became the first people in our street to go to Spain. at the site of the swedish Feb 25, 2020 - Explore angeloni99's board "100 Most Valuable Stamps", followed by 813 people on Pinterest. The last sale of this stamp is traced back to the early 1980s. At an auction in 2016, one of the stamps sold for more than $1.3M. ... RELATED: The Top 10 Most … The most expensive and valuabe stamps One of the canceled copies can be viewed at a Berlin museum. In the spring of 1918, the United States printed a twenty-four cent stamp with an error that catapulted its value to more than $83,000. Considered among the most scarce collectible stamps, there are only 27 known to exist as of 1981. /* 468x60, Erstellt 28.05.08 */ google_ad_height = 60; When it comes to stamps, mistakes bring value. 10 SUPER RARE STAMPS WORTH MONEY - EXTREMELY VALUABLE STAMPS. RELATED: The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Hawai. To date, it isn’t clear how many of the discolored stamps were printed. of Germany and the whole world. 2 Pf., 1920, Overprint "Sarre" on Bavarian issue. Although it isn’t as scarce and doesn’t hold as much monetary value as many other stamps, the fact that it is the first of its kind is what makes it a collectible. Contains the nick name, picture of the stamp, approximate value, date, issuer and description of the stamp. google_ad_client = "pub-5360363123421153"; Dendermonde upside-down sold for 3.000.000 BF, acquaintance stamps 14 new, 2 used. More information about this stamp However, just more than one and a half dozen are known to still be in existence. The last recorded sale of the stamps was in 1993. The way-paving stamp boasts a photograph of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria II, as opposed to depicting its native land; which is largely what is on today’s postal stamps. Possibly owning something that may have great monetary value attracts many collectors. google_ad_height = 250; 20 Mk., 1920, Overprint "Sarre" on Bavarian issue. Printed during WWI, the majority of pilots trained on this make of plane. The price tag was nearly $9.5M, which included the purchaser’s premium. Many forgery attempts have been made. It RELATED: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Queen Elizabeth II. In 1855, in Western Australia, the lithographic printing process was not an easy one and mistakes were common. Also known as the 3-shilling bank error, this was another color error. Description Start of the sale: Sunday, 23 October 2016 at 08:02 Sale ends: Sunday, 8 November 2020 at 02:30 2131 visits Translate RARITY/MP-OVER 900$ Check out my other items! It wasn’t discovered until 1886 when a collector came across one of the stamps in his family home. It was issued in 1851 to be used in mailing newspapers in Austria and Lombardy-Venetia. The image of the town hall of the Belgium city of Dendermonde is upside down. RELATED: The 10 Greatest Fighter Pilots of All Time. In 1980 it was auctioned to John Dupont for $935,000. postage stamps of Austria on a sepcial page, 3 Pfennige auf halbierter 5 Pf - Marke 1901, "Vinetaprovisorium), 30 Pfennige 1900, Tientsin Handstempelaufdruck, 50 Pfennige 1900, Tientsin Handstempelaufdruck, 80 Pfennige 1900, Tientsin Handstempelaufdruck. Somehow, the sheets were mixed up. A yellowish hue was used to print the 8-schilling denomination. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. This was the first “sticky-backed” stamp introduced to the world. at, The most expensive and google_ad_client = "pub-5360363123421153"; 10 The Penny Black ($3.3k) This was the first “sticky-backed” stamp introduced to the world. The rare Missionary stamps were the first and oldest stamps … One cover the 1 penny & the 2 google_ad_client = "pub-5360363123421153"; A pair of 1941 Sun Yat-sen stamps from China sold for HK$5.5 million ($709,000) in Hong Kong, setting a world auction record, Zurich Asia auction house said today. One of the most well-known and rare stamps across the globe, this stamp is considered one of the first to be produced with a blunder. The final copy was auctioned for the last time in 2008. Many have always believed that it was the beautiful bird that was printed wrong, hence the name of the stamp. An list of all the famous stamps in the world. Whatever the reason, some are more valuable than others, as you will see in this list of the 10 most expensive stamps. //-->,