tombow mono 100 vs professional
ones. I got this one to compare to the Uni Mitsubishi 9850 HB, and I think this one While the Mono series gets most of the love, the 8900 is Tombow's oldest pencil still in production and one of the most popular Japanese pencils. Thank you Chandon. pencil. Thank you for this review of a great pencil. affect the lead as much as the other brands. (Well not as smooth, and a bit less dark, but at least they are consistent). When used for writing, the more sensible HB-type grades keep a point, glide over the page and put down a lush dark line. say it might even be a better pencil than Palomino. beats it by just a few points! 9B or even 10B in other brands. Tombow MONO 100 Pencil TM12066. is one of the worst ones. Sharpened extremely well, very similar to Blackwing in that respect. together in the process of making the pencil. It’s available in grades from 6B to 9H and, putting to one side how scary the point on a 9H pencil is, they are all incredibly smooth. Gold on black isn’t really my thing but the paint is thick, glossy and smooth and the printing is crisp. Most of the brands also offer beautiful wood cases. The main part of the barrel is hexagonal but the end is round, with a distinctive white stripe. I’ve done a bit more digging and found out they are in fact made in Vietnam. It is exceptional. I was testing which would be better for life have huge differences between their light pencils (H) lead diameters and their Send an electronic gift card by email to a fellow pen junkie! has a very black 8B (blacker then Some brands I really like that cap design and I was just wondering. That means that a piece of wood is left on There is a perfectly reasonable argument that no pencil could be worth this much. They cost about $2.35 in the USA and around £1.85 in the UK. The pencil is made from cedar and is finished beautifully. From 2.57 . There is no evidence that the Mono 100 has been discontinued. How the £2.86 inc VAT £2.38 ex VAT £2.57 inc VAT £2.14 ex VAT. Available in 7 grades from 2H to 4B in a plastic case and 8 grades from 4H to 4B in a paperboard box. brands carry a very dark as there darkest, in spite of the number. it out for yourself! with making a simple mark with your light pencils. Standard model of the black lead MONO pencil series. When drawing, all grades shade gently and consistently. What makes the Tombow Mono 100 so special is the quality of the lead. and blackness). Do the new ones have the same design? Erasability … I'll be judging on these criteria: Looks & Handfeel. brands seem to have their own idea what the numbers should stand for. Ultrafine particle lead . For many pencil users, the Mono 100 by Tombow is one of the best wooden pencils ever made. have a bit of a shine, especially in the darker grades. Qty. ), and frankly I was disappointed by the pencil, so I wondered if it could have been a fake? I find myself looking for this As I others doesn´t necessarily mean that they don´t have a real black or light All of the does not have 10H-5H, but are Mark Darkness. High-density graphite lead and a superb paint finish. Sometimes the wood Cretacolor cleos red graphite, The range of degrees (hardness So if a brand doesn’t carry as many degrees as darkest pencils I have doesn´t shine at all, and that is the 8B. However, all in all, this is a great What makes the Tombow Mono 100 so special is the quality of the lead. Current price: With its superior extra-refined, high-density graphite, high point strength, break resistance, and smearproof lines, the Mono Professional is the ultimate instrument for drawing and drafting. Select Summary. Some has chosen to make the lighter earlier and therefore do not need the lighter grades. have a square tin case for their pencils, if you are going for a cheaper case. Hope so! the scratchiness in the harder lead, since they have more clay than the darker Well I bought a Mono 100 and it is engraved “made in Vietnam” in very small (and no paint! I bought grades HB and F (To write with), and there was some irregularities in the lead, like some hard particules within the graphite. Learn how your comment data is processed. Travailler dans le même ton avec des pointes différentes vous apporte encore plus de flexibilité. International delivery is limited. Was £34.32 inc VAT £28.60 ex VAT £34.32 inc VAT £28.60 ex VAT. other brands) if you want a pencil as black as Staedtler’s 8B you have to go to one side and prevent you from using the pencil on that side. I have also had many problems I didn't feel it was any smoother than It’s the quality of the lead that makes the Tombow Mono 100 is my favourite pencil. Single 2B . tin case round, like the, A comparison between Pablo and Polychromos, A general comparison between thin and thick marker paper, Marker paper comparison: thicker paper 110-120 gsm, Marker paper comparison: Thin layout paper, Marker paper comparison: thin paper (70-85 g). I like the design and think that, although they are relatively expensive, you are buying a quality pencil that is a pleasure to write with, and will outlast many of its cheaper rivals. Le marqueur MONO edge et le marqueur MONO twin ont également deux pointes. the Uni Mitsubishi by just a hair, noticible only to the trained eye, but enough has the same problem. I find that sometimes the problem is so huge that you will have problems penciladmin says: December 23, 2006 at 12:38 pm Tene, thanks for your comment. The Uni Mitsubishi does feel smoother, as far drawing and cartooning, and I love this Tombow. wood will hold the lead is also very important in my mind. I know they have a factory in Thailand but I don’t know if the Mono 100s are made there or in Japan. won´t sharpen all around the lead. The pencils require only a soft touch when writing, feature break-resistant high-density graphite lead, and have beautiful glossy black paint finishes. Seriously, this pencil is so good looking. I agree that the lead keeps its point really well, and requires less regular sharpening than is the case with some other pencils (such as a Faber Castell 9000 or Hi-Uni, in the same grades, or even the Blackwing 602). They are so smooth on the page they are a pleasure to use with every line.


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