the expanse goths

Elvi passed through the object herself while attempting to use it to shut down Ilus' defenses and survived the experience without ill effects.

And then through their technology they became a galaxy spanning, technology based hive mind. For the next two years, even Valens was forced to join the fray against his old allies, but neither side achieved an outright victory. Valens’ successor Theodosius I (also known as Theodosius the Great) managed to pacify the Goths by offering them even more subsidies (and territories) to join the Roman army and in some cases even buying them off.

Previously, in the article, we mentioned how during the roughly 160-year period between 240 – 400 AD, the Goths existed as two separate though not entirely segregated groups – the semi-Romanized Goths who mostly served as Roman frontier soldiers (with their settled families) and the ‘independent’ Goths who still lived in the vicinity of their ancestral homelands. The goths played tit-for-tat with humanity. That implies they actively care about humans, which I don't think we can assume. It might be true as well that the Goths haven't noticed other inferior life-forms or simply don't care about them like you don't care about if ants or amoebas live or die. I also have noticed this during my first CB read as a really interesting part with my first thought being "Maybe this civilisation was just as visitors as us" but later didn't think about it. As a result, most Gothic elements, while still managing to retain a significant part of their Germanic culture, were embedded deep within Roman territories essentially as a ‘different’ people. Honestly the same applies to the Romans. The Expanse is a space opera, mystery-sci-fi drama television series based on the bestselling novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey.

A few decades later, a familiar menace came in the form of the ferocious Huns, this time led by Attila, and their relentless armies devastated continental Europe, including the Balkans, Gaul, and even Italy, from 444 AD till Attila’s death in 453 AD. What if it simply misunderstood what was happening to it.

She likens the episodes of lost consciousness to how humans might treat an illness, speculating that the different nature of subsequent episodes is akin to switching from penicillin to tetracycline. Such clan-based encounters in the society of Goths were pretty common and as such kept the warlords, chieftains, leaders and their armed retinues in a relative state of battle readiness. To test this, an unmanned ship would be sent through a gate, followed immediately by a second unmanned ship carrying an antimatter warhead. The final showdown is gonna happen on the surface of the Earth. In that regard, historians have hypothesized that the workmanship of some Germanic smiths perhaps even outclassed their Roman contemporaries – as suggested by archaeological evidence of smelting furnaces and funerary items. Just a minor nitpick, the Roman's communication was actually FTL. It's just as likely they did not want to waste time or resources on something that had absolutely no way to harm them.

What historians can theorize is that the Goths as a people were mainly Germanic in origin, who in turn were influenced by the nomadic neighbors of the vast Eurasian steppe. They'll give Holden 3 choices: 1) control the goths by essentially dying as a human and coming back as the goths' supervisor sort of like a goth Jesus 2) destroy the goths by setting off a massive explosion, which would kill every human but end the culling cycle 3) synthesize with the goths by merging them with the human, creating a newer and more advanced species of humans, albeit one with a hive-mind so no free will or anything like that. I think that the non-locality hints are really important. The aliens then proceeded to invade the Slow Zone and cause the disappearance of all human constructions within, including Medina Station. I don't know if I'd go so far as to call the Goths "benevolent." That's an unfounded assumption but it seems likely to me. After the first Laconian antimatter experiments and the attack on the Slow Zone, the Unknown Aggressors continue their consciousness-breaking attacks on humanity, with the episodes coming more frequently, without warning, and differing in their effects.

An injured Holden will say his last goodbye to a weeping Naomi as he leaves the ship to do the thing.

He will slowly limp forward into a massive beam of bright light that shoots up into the sky. Similar to Teutonic, the written form was based on the Gothic runes while being inspired by the Greek uncial script. I think the situation is comparable to the one in Abaddon's Gate. As soon as they disembarked from their ships and set foot on the land, they straightaway gave their name to the place. They invervene in our dimensions with the means they've become particularly efficient with, such as manipulating the vacumn energy or cognitive/logical viruses, but they they aren't indisposed to genocide if the gnats from 4-space get too annoying. This led to a timely treaty between Athanaric and Valens, possibly conducted on a boat on Danube (neutral zone), while the near future was to be affected by the momentous Hunnish pressure on continental Europe. This is what Roman historian Tacitus had to say about the Germanic Warrior (sourced from the Germanic Warrior 236 – 568 AD by Simon MacDowall) –. Unsurprisingly, these semi-professional retainers bore the brunt of the fighting and even conquering other proximate territories, while the Romans were left relatively unharmed in charge of civic administrations, especially since conflicts tended to be of a smaller scale in 4th-5th century continental Europe. Before 2,000,000,000 BCE

Interestingly enough, according to a description of Sidonius Apollinaris, the Gallo-Roman poet, author, and diplomat of 5th century, the Franks (and by extension, other Germanic people like the Goths) possibly aimed for relative uniformity in their comitatus, with the veteran warriors often flaunting their green or crimson mantles along with gold or silver patterned shields. Everytime humanity behaved threateningly towards it, it responded by upping the speed limit. So essentially, while the Goths were more-or-less neutral to the Romans before circa 238 AD, the incursion at Histia made them one of the primary players in the Roman field of politics and military from mid 3rd century till 400 AD. I think stopping the Goths will require something similar: walking back humanity's previous provocations and convincing the Goths we're not a threat anymore. He thinks it spiritless to accumulate slowly by the sweat of his brow which can be got quickly by a loss of a little blood. It might have been also the case where such Goth forces acted as vanguards to their migratory bands, and these incursions were made to establish political leverage over the Romans – who were already going through the Crisis of the Third Century. Now while such a characterization is undoubtedly biased (given the early Roman disdain for ‘barbarians’), it does provide a glimpse of an insight into the psychological aspect of warfare in the Germanic (and Goth) society. The experiment was carried out in the Tecoma system, which was judged to be a safe testing ground owing to its lack of habitable planets.

In this case, Scandza possibly refers to a region of Scandinavia, while the site Gothiscandzan possibly pertains to Gdansk in modern Poland – a hypothesis rather reinforced by archaeological pieces of evidence, like the discovery of over 3,000 Goth tombs in Eastern Pomerania, Poland. Societal information On the frontier planet Ilus, Dr. Elvi Okoye and The Investigator were the first to encounter an artifact left behind by the force that destroyed the Builder civilization. This act of benevolence tells us that the Goths have some sense of 'morality' or at the very least respect for lower life forms.


This version of tit-for-tat worked for almost 30 years before Duarte overstepped.


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