that was a pretty boy i like pretty boys
Sounds a bit off but that is where it's at. And because of my long hair I’ve gotten some stares - like in a takeout place years ago, some bald guy with a cap was looking at me. One time I said "Sorry, I don't" to the above question, and they said "You *are* sorry!" Two different men saying the exact same thing its just that one man is physically appealing and the other isn't. On one hand, yes - women do like attractive guys. This demonstrates it: that a guy would actually feel as though he has to talk to a guy and tell him not to go after his girl just as he walks in to the place. Voted up. The shit that bothers me is that I know I am a very rare.....RARE. "Another reason why most men don’t like an attractive guy that much is because they’re threatened. A lot of girls are threatened by really good looking guys for a variety of reasons, depending on the girl (not all these reasons apply to all girls) - they're afraid he'll reject them (so they reject first), they're afraid they'll lose him to a prettier girl, they're intimidated, they're afraid he'll cheat, they're afraid he'll upstage them with the one characteristic (beauty) that society tells women they must possess, they're afraid he might be gay. But have heard people saying I am the best looking person born in the entire family from 2 generations! At school I dated the most beautiful girl and all the younger chicks at my graduation year gave me hearts with my name on it on Valentine's Day and would ask to take pics with me.. and guess what they didn't do this to any other guy! Only the edge has come off but the problem is still there. They know that the odds are they will draw a lot of attention from the crowd wherever they go: particularly female attention. Older, but get hit on alot by younger guys. I open carry and always keep protection on me, just in case. Annanutmuffin. Every female manager I have ever had has tried to sleep with me, and lets not talk about the countless male executives I have pissed off for not sleeping with them. will look my way I have all this longing in my heart I knew it right from the start Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you Like I never ever loved no one. I respectfully declined all occasions. We lett the subway and finally reached a bar in Brooklyn where I got hit on by a very attractive girl while making my way into the bar to which I was very receptive. She's like fuuuuuuck. equealla from Pretoria, South Africa on September 21, 2010: Many moons ago I worked with a colleague whom was married to the most attractive man, perfect in every way. I had come to like the stories. P.S. Also, it's helpful if more guys would be attractive for women, to be supportive of women. I am not the most super hot guy in the world but I am not the worst looking either. Just want someone you love. Most of my male coworkers dislike me. I get stares all the time and most people just don't want to be around me but it's sad. People who are average compensate for their average or ugliness with personality so they come out just as attractive but good looking people don't have to compensate for their attraction. The amount of crap I get at bars is annoying and when I hang around my straight guy friends who are slobs and super masculine I get comments thrown at me all the time. A lot of people prefer boys who have a softer look. A woman wants a man, and not another woman, in most cases. I hope the author doesn’t think I am spamming his page but I am going through some shit and have been all my life and I am just trying to express myself. It was more the threatening males that affected my self confidence, I never wanted to fight or cause trouble so I always backed down or walked away which really affect my self esteem. I found this article painful to read because it was written just like a conversation with a pretty boy goes. Good looks is a plus, but not a necessity. They all have so many personal zombies buried at the bottom of the ocean that can hardly move or turn on the TV in case it brings their personal zombies back to life. Hey mate, I really enjoyed your article, I think you hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. Either way, anyone wanting to get in your face, whether male or female, just out-of-the blue, with no provocation whatsoever absolutely means its jealousy. This isn’t always the case though, especially nowadays. I agree! He refuses to make a funny face on camera. I started getting more attention from girls. Fuck it you know exactly what I mean! I'm still fit, have a full head of hair, and look 15 years younger (often still get carded). !This is also improved by working on yourself in all possible ways e.g I've always been a geek but one thing that hit me is that book smarts are distinct from the type of thinking paramount to guaranteeing my wellbeing and success in this life.That's why I took up chess, a couple of language courses and an learning about psychology, a few psychology hacks here and there and finally putting myself out there to get a taste of the way of the world.These things have improved the aforementioned issue and have given me a new way of thinking and seeing the world.Working on one's weaknesses indeed does wonders. Ladies, which do you prefer a manly man or a pretty boy? Strange that I have been focusing on the negative when it was the positive things that have been causing the problems. So there should be more, not less of you. I actually had strangers buy me a drink. No one would have ever gone up to him and said bro you think you're a beautiful? very interesting hub. Once when I was out with friends a guy my age who was someone else's friend talked me into going to another club.


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