tau codex 9th edition pdf
it’s still hugely expensive, and some armies can just punt it, but with the shorter games and improved performance in the edition, it’s probably more worth a look than it has been for a while. I don’t know what they are working on, but if I had to guess, I’d say that they’re working on 9th edition codex books. This is pretty simple stuff. Richard: The Riptide build relied on 40-50 drones and after the new points update now you have 20-30. well what I actually meant was that DE are the Poison faction!”, “So why do our Poisoned weapons suck so badly? Whether this utility makes up for the lackluster shooting of the model is yet to be decided. Just play a few games before passing judgement. 2x MV1 Gun Drone: 4x Pulse carbine, Farsight Enclaves Patrol Detachment -2CP (T’au Empire) [27 PL, 572pts], HQ: Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit [8 PL, 177pts]: 4x Cyclic ion blaster . JSJ, terrible drone rules). Everyone knows that T’au in 8th edition really only had one competitive list — Riptides, Commanders, and Drone spam — and while it’s too early in the edition to predict how a competitive T’au army is going to look, I want to make the best case for taking some of the lesser-seen models in the codex. The codex will presumably be redone for 9th eventually, but there are some advantages for them. Crisis Shas’ui: 3x Flamer . The tradeoff is faster delivery of your ObSec units, and you’ll likely keep them in the transports as long as possible. So yes, I can see movement being more important than ever, and units with Fly still can go over things rather than around them which is a big boost for such vehicles/monsters. Many of the Secondary Objectives in 9th work well for T’au, and so you have plenty of viable choices. My Tyranids and Sisters won’t care much about this, but I’m quite sad about my Custodes jetbikes. * Which isn’t to say the Imperium’s methods are especially reliable, but they can actually get from A to B sometimes. Today we are finishing off the series we started a few weeks ago by looking at the T’au Empire and how they fare in 9th edition. They are exceedingly squishy, but even at the new price aren’t going to be a huge chunk of your army and really only need to hold you an objective for one turn to be worth it. Yeah, it will be a bummer for a lot of armies used to how Fly worked but as you noted, it was one of the most powerful keywords in the game previously and many of the only vehicles you saw were those with Fly. . 2x MV1 Gun Drone: 4x Pulse carbine, Troops: Strike Team [5 PL, 110pts] . Or even flying SM vehicles?”, “Er . A canny T’au player will use this to his advantage. From the options you have, Breachers are almost certainly the best, given 9th favouring close engagements and the extra resilience the Guardian drone brings, with one or two units of Kroot also being potentially worth a look just because of how good being able to stuff some obsec units into terrain mid-board early on is proving – that pre-game move is going to do some real work for you in missions with close-but-out-of-deployment zone objectives. The Fireblade and Darkstrider suffer particularly badly, as you’re going to have way fewer Fire Warriors around (though a few highly accurate markerlights to set up stratagems remains good). . It’s quick, and with the correct support systems it’s tough enough to get stuck in with a variety of enemy units. It won’t, however, be able to do so on it’s own. They also provide high intensity markerlights so you can avoid spending most of your cp buffing the hit rolls of crisis suits. This is certainly possible, and towards the end of this article I’m going to make a couple of suggestions that would bring the Ghostkeel into line with similarly-priced units in other codex books. Farsight Crisis Bodyguard teams, which had picked up steam at the end of 8th, definitely remain one of the viable ways to play Tau, and if anything you’re more motivated to try them now. Especially compared to those of other races like “Tyranids, GSCs ets. We hope you like Farsight Enclaves because they are going to be showing up a lot in these lists, and for good reason – the ability to take additional Commanders is very strong, and the ability to use Mont’ka to Fall Back and shoot is stupid good, particularly if you can do it twice per game with Farsight.


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