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Heather's friend Dot Branning (June Brown) arrives with her half sister Rose Cotton (Polly Perkins) and it is revealed that Andrew is Rose's son and they do not get on. Plot: Marcella Backland left the Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her. We are conscious that Red Nose Day programming includes many different tones and themes, ranging from light comedy sketches to difficult and emotional appeal films, all of which played out around the time the EastEnders episode was scheduled to transmit.

They don't just leave you to get on with your life. She discovers that Ava was involved in an arson attack when she was younger and is using a new identity, and calls a newspaper to tell them this. [72] Essex said that when Eddie was younger, he would have been a "mirror image" of Michael, but has since become more philosophical, and is less hot headed than Michael. Andrew starts working as a doorman at the R&R nightclub.

‘All comedy needs a victim’. Shenice goes to visit Martina in Spain, and on 7 September 2012 Kat reveals to Alfie that she is not coming back.

As an ambitious, driven police officer, Tala said that it was a “fantastic” part to play. "[43], Cora Cross, played by Ann Mitchell, is the mother of Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) and Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks). Norman asks Pat out but she rejects him, while Jean's liking of Norman intensifies. Dot leaves but returns when she realises she has left something behind. The character made his first appearance in the episode broadcast on 25 July 2011. Too late, ma’am. The next day, when Faith returns home drunk, Grace slaps her and kicks her out of the house. "[69] Kirkwood later said, "[Essex] is a legend in his own right. At the workshop, there were six actors shortlisted to play Tyler and six shortlisted to play Anthony.
Even if they turned him down, it's all part of the chase and that's fun for Tyler. No, not William Hardbutt. Not since Felix Unger tried to vacuum Oscar Madison’s drapes (again, not a euphemism) have I enjoyed the venerable trope of the odd couple so much. "[82] Of his casting, Layton said "I am thrilled to be joining such a wonderful cast and crew—Norman is a great part and I'm excited to play him.

Rose is unhappy at Andrew's choice of bride, and tries to undermine Heather. The next day, Andrew realises that he will never be able to move on as long as he stays in Walford because of the memories and decides to leave. Norman's niece, Janine Malloy (Charlie Brooks) is angry with him because he never bothered with his mother while she was alive. "[14] Rob has been called "evil" by The People[15] and by executive producer Bryan Kirkwood,[16] a "nasty piece of work" by Orange,[17] and "sinister" by Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy. We're talking fire and brimstone! In the end, he proposes with a plastic washer from Dot's tap," she continued. ... Pearl Chanda, Tala Gouveia, James Murray, Jack Riddiford.

Whitney realises she is there to have sex with men, so asks Rob if she can leave. Everything moves so fast. I think she was even jealous of baby George when he was born. However, Syed and Christian soon leave Walford to move nearer to Yasmin.

She's trying to move on but, with everyone knowing that she worked as a prostitute, she's finding it all very difficult. In May 2014, Yasmin appears when Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) visits Christian at his home in Birmingham, following the death of his daughter Lucy (Hetti Bywater). When there is no hot water, Faith has sex with Fatboy to get a hot shower. When Marta returns a week later, Dot says she does not need any help and makes Marta look after her husband, Jim Branning (John Bardon), but Marta protests that that is not her job. "Polly Perkins joins the cast of EastEnders", "EastEnders Dot Cotton filming in Thorpe Bay", "Amira flees Walford as the truth is revealed", "Marc Elliott (Syed Masood, 'EastEnders')", "EastEnders' Kat Moon tempted to cheat on Alfie with new character Mark", "Max pursues Tanya at his engagement party", "Tamwar's confession causes more fireworks", "Lola's antics leave Jay's life in danger", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_EastEnders_characters_(2011)&oldid=976728535#Jimmie_Broome, Articles with dead external links from March 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A police detective inspector who investigates into the sudden death of whom is believed to be, The Forensic Medical Examiner who interviews, A woman from an adoption agency who meets, A man who runs a group for people with drug problems, attended by, A care worker at the children's home where, A police officer who leads a drugs raid on the Queen Victoria Pub and discovers, An undercover police officer who questions, A 16-year-old boxer brought to Walford by, A member of the local Community Trust, who indecently propositions. Andrew drives them there but reveals his last name is Cotton, and Rose is forced to admit that Andrew's father is Dot's first husband Charlie Cotton (Christopher Hancock), who had a bigamous marriage with Rose. The next day, Martina tells Kat that she is back with her boyfriend and she will get some money so she and Shenice can move out.

"[82], Lola Pearce, played by Danielle Harold, is the 15-year-old granddaughter of Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Julie Perkins (Cathy Murphy).
Andrew announces that he is to marry Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison). I'm sure the great fans of EastEnders will get used to it! However, Amira goes to Syed and Christian's engagement party and tells Syed he has a daughter but she does not want Christian to have anything to do with Yasmin but Syed refuses to visit without Christian.

[92] Anthony, along with brother Tyler, were both announced as new characters in May 2011[69] being played by Lapinskas and Discipline respectively, though Tyler made his debut at an earlier date.


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