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In 2001, he reportedly had been wanted by the Colorado Springs Police Department for "assault with a deadly weapon and failure to comply on the original charge of distribution of a Schedule II controlled substance". In the still unpublished “official” version of his life, Holmes is quoted as saying that he was held at gunpoint at another house while the killers, whose names he did not know, went to the home on Wonderland Avenue. [18][19] Diles died in 1997 from liver failure.[20]. You knew these people.’. In the weeks before the killings, Coen told the jurors, Holmes ferried property stolen by the Wonderland Avenue gang to Nash’s heavily secured home in Studio City, where he exchanged it for drugs. . When questioned, neighbors said the drug-fueled Wonderland parties often included loud, violent screaming and disruptive noise, so when they heard the murders occurring, they simply believed another party was taking place. In the summer of 1981, Sharon Holmes said, she and John Holmes were living together as the managers of a small Glendale apartment complex. The final victim was Barbara Richardson, 22, Sacramento, Calif. Court records revealed that a codefendant in Miss Miller's narcotics case was John 'Ricco' Vlick, 53, who lives in a wood-shingled house only two blocks from the scene of the killings. [11] Both Richardson and Lind were said to be police informants in the Sacramento area not long before they traveled to southern California. Called as a witness by the People, was sworn and testified as follows: DIRECT EXAMINATION . He spent 110 days in jail for contempt of court. She is the sole survivor of the brutal Wonderland attack the night of July 1, 1981;[4] she suffered severe head injuries, amnesia, and a severed finger[4] following the attack. [4][10] Holmes claimed this did nothing to reduce her opiate usage. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. [citation needed]. Some heard a woman's screams coming from the house Tuesday morning, but ignored them in the belief someone was playing a joke, partying or having a nightmare. Officers made casts of the victims' wounds to help determine the weapon or weapons used in the attack. By the time of the Wonderland murders, Lind had been incarcerated several times for armed burglary, forgery, assault, and assault with the intent to commit rape. During Holmes’ murder trial in 1982, then Deputy Dist. By the time Holmes had become involved with the group, Miller had been arrested seven times, been treated for breast cancer, and six months before had had a double mastectomy. . [2][3], Ronald Lee Launius [4] was a United States Air Force veteran of the Vietnam era, who had been dishonorably discharged and convicted of smuggling heroin from Vietnam back to the United States in the corpses of American soldiers. In the years following the Wonderland murders, McCourt was reported to have moved to Colorado. Another victim, William DeVerell, 44, who lived at the house, had an arrest record in the 1950s, mostly for narcotics but had not been arrested in the recent case. John Holmes died of medical complications due to AIDS on March 13, 1988, aged 43. Originally, McCourt was designated to take part in the home invasion itself, but a day or so before the event, conspirator David Lind (who derisively referred to McCourt as "Titmouse Tracy"[citation needed]) took away McCourt's handgun, and McCourt was relegated to driving duty. [5], Reportedly, at the time of his death,[4] police investigators throughout California, largely in the Sacramento area, had 27 open homicide cases they believed were perpetrated by Launius. This story has not been verified. “Basically, he said, ‘I’m going to have to run,’ ” Sharon Holmes recalled, “And I said, ‘You’re going to have to tell me.’ ”. The 43-year-old actor died as a result of complications arising from his infection with the AIDS virus. A host of musicians, actors and artists make their homes in the rustic canyon. “He said, ‘I had to stand there and watch what they did,’ ” Sharon Holmes recalled. Although neighbors would later report having heard screams, no phone calls were placed to the police until 4:00 PM on July 1, over 12 hours later, when furniture movers working at the house next door heard Susan Launius moaning and went to investigate. James M. Eisenman, a Century City attorney who represents Holmes’ estate and his second wife, said he doubts Sharon Holmes’ story. They had rented 8763 Wonderland in member Joy Millers name to house their exploits. Holmes was acquitted in June 1982, after a three-week trial. Through his attorney, Nash has consistently denied any involvement in the Wonderland Avenue killings. 'Baby Shark Dance' becomes YouTube's most viewed video. The gang trafficked drugs, mainly cocaine, throughout the late 70s. “I’ll never forget that as long as I live,” she said. Court records and pllice statements indicated two of the four victims were under prosecution for dealing in cocaine, heroin and Quaaludes. [2] The men entered the property through the sliding glass door Holmes had left unlocked, and confronted Nash and his bodyguard, Gregory Diles, pretending to be police officers. Company offering $9,000 for someone to browse the Internet. The fates of others allegedly involved in the Nash robbery or Wonderland attacks are: Any other assailants who might have participated in the bludgeoning attack on the Wonderland Gang have neither been identified nor prosecuted; their fate and whereabouts are unknown. Early in the morning of the robbery, Holmes visited Nash's mansion ostensibly to party and to buy drugs, but on his way out, left the patio door to the kitchen unlatched. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. That version of the story, Sharon Holmes said, is fiction. . On the morning of June 29, 1981, four men who lived at the Wonderland Avenue address entered Nash’s house through a sliding glass door that had been left ajar by Holmes, according to trial testimony. ", Two escaped wolf hybrids captured in California, one still loose. he didn’t know what the truth was anymore; about himself, about anything,” Sellers said. The armed intruders robbed Nash and his 300-pound body guard, Gregory Diles, of $10,000, two plastic sacks of cocaine and other property. Wildlife officers rescue deer from chicken feeder in Colorado. He is buried at Congregation Emanuel Cemetery in. The house on Wonderland Avenue was home to many things, though most notably the members of the Wonderland Gang. Remarks by neighbors in the trendy, secluded area above the Sunset Strip and court records revealed the occupants of the stucco house on Wonderland Avenue lived in Southern California's 'fast lane' -- a lifestyle surrounded by drugs, flashy cars and trouble with police. Edmund Brown Jr. owns a house about a mile from the scene of the murders. LA Medical Examiner's autopsy report, 81-8538, conducted immediately after the Wonderland Murders. . . The robbery was seemingly successful, having yielded a lucrative haul for the gang; they absconded with more than $1.2 million ($3.4 million today) worth of cocaine, heroin, quaaludes, cash, the antique guns, and jewelry. North Carolina friends find message in a bottle with man's ashes. [1] On July 1, 1981, three members and one associate of the gang died in the Wonderland murders (also known as the "Four on the Floor murders" or the "Laurel Canyon murders"). No one but Holmes has ever been charged in the murder case. . Police sources said Vlick, who is charged with plssessing drugs and stolen property, is a 'fringe guy' in organized crime circles. [5] In May 1974, he was arrested for and charged with the 1973 murder of a reputed police drug informant who had been killed over a botched drug deal. 10,310 people win lottery drawing when numbers come up 9-9-9. Her husband, Ron, 37, of the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles, was one of the victims. “He told me that he had set up the robbery. Susan A. Murphy Launius, 30, while not an official member of the gang, was married to gang member Ron Launius and had a drug habit. For a time, John Holmes was silent. The first time, he forgot to unlatch the patio door; the second time, he did so but returned to the Wonderland hideout only to find some of the gang members were extremely high on heroin. “We have never heard the whole truth (about the killings) and we never will hear the whole truth,” said attorney Earl L. Hanson, who, along with partner Mitchell W. Egers, successfully defended Holmes against the murder charges. Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in Colorado shared photos from the unusual rescue of a dog that was trapped in the narrow space between a fence and cement wall. Finally, he replied: “The murders . “. The Wonderland Gang was a group of drug dealers involved in the Los Angeles cocaine trade during the late 1970s and early 1980s; their home base was located on Wonderland Avenue in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles, California. Ron Launius, 37, Billy DeVerell, 44, Joy Miller, 46, and Barbara Richardson, 22, all died in the 1981 massacre. When asked to elaborate, the policeman explained: "A trash can only has two handles". Gregory Diles died of liver failure on January 16, 1997, aged 48. Endorsements. The robbery was an inside job set up by Holmes, who was a close associate of Nash's, and whom Nash regularly referred to as "my brother". Nov. 3 (UPI) -- The Norwegian makers of Internet browser Opera announced they are offering a $9,000 payday for a two week dream job: browsing the Web for fun. Gov. On June 29, 1981, the Wonderland Gang, comprising Ron Launius, Billy DeVerell, David Lind, Tracy McCourt,[12] and their associate, John Holmes, conspired to launch a home invasion and robbery upon Eddie Nash, a reputedly powerful organized crime figure who usually referred to himself in the third person as "The Nash".


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