spotify exclusive vinyl

And those that DO purchase, may also buy further physical product in the future, which is surely good for all of us.

I never get mad at artists for putting out more physical product, especially for those of us who like to collect and hunt for the rarer stuff (like the Japanese version of Chaos and Creation with the She is so Beautiful track – and how about those amazing b-sides from that album like Summer of ’59, Comfort of Love, Growing Up Falling Down, I Want You To Fly, etc.).

Physical pressings of recordings don’t really make much money for anybody these days, although we assume that they do (myself included.) Buy McCartney III (Spotify Exclusive LP) by Paul McCartney on The Sound Of Vinyl Australia. But there is an underlying assumption that if you are reading SDE, and contributing with comments etc., that you enjoy buying physical music and you more than likely have a bit of a passion for ‘collecting’ and box sets.
Not The End of the World 7. I tracked down a copy of this 1969 Brazilian album a few weeks ago on CD for a tenner. Cry About It Later3. I wonder who is really handling these campaigns.

Still waiting and says on website back in stock soon.

Regards Dennis. I’m not griping, but I’m just a practical music buyer these days, and I never do strictly downloads. I do wish he’d stop touring as he looks a sad imitation of what he used to be. It’s a bit like pouring over liner notes even for crap albums in my youth.
That reality staggers me a bit! But Sinclair is 100% correct in his assessment that McCartney and his team have completely botched virtually every release – and I will expand Paul’s 18 month window to the past 10 years or so. My actions, my responsibility & certainly not Maccas fault. August 27, 2018 by Paul Sinclairtags: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, new music, paul mccartney. The revenue point is a very good one. A lot of those people will appreciate this offer. I wasn’t trying to debate the nature of the offer Paul. Am I the only one who thinks the Vinyl Madness has gone a bit too far? Paul McCartney (and his team) adamantly refused to give fans who wanted – and were paying for – physical product, a CD of rare audio when he issued about an hour’s worth of ‘download-only’ content as part of his £130 Flowers in the Dirt box set (see this post).

Spotify Fan Edition Gold Vinyl Limited to 2000, sold out at all US retailers (currently). What I meant was I didn’t realise that spending more money on an artist entitled you to be first in the queue for freebies or exclusives. Worth noting that at McCartney’s recent Abbey Road gig the venue was festooned with Spotify logos, so the show is presumably going to be streamed exclusively on the service at some point. “mama’s boy” out October 2nd, 2020 LANY - mama's boy 1. you!

I’m just buying the Target CD and HOPE that contains every song he’s releasing from the sessions. I hail from the "Oregon Bayou", south of Portland, as an isolated rare vinyl enthusiast scouting West Coast bands for insider information. My original LP with the gatefold sleeve unfortunately isn’t what it used to be so hopefully one day (soon) it will be rereleased. It would dilute the site’s USP. Teary Eyes 4. Macca, stop browsing through the family photo albums and just give us the music (on physical format) & the Broad Street film. But if it is going to become a commentary about contemporary marketing of music, maybe interview someone like Deezer’s marketing manager to provide balance as opposed to arbitrarily determining how people like me like to listen to music. On an unrelated note, well actually Target exclusivity relates it, Steve Perry (Ex-Journey) has a new album coming 5 October (“Traces”), deluxe edition (5 extra songs) is available from his site and Target. Paul Sinclair, you are the site I go to first every morning.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait while I tediously re-re-release the same old albums on coloured vinyl…. Got a reply from Customer Services today saying it is presumed lost in the Post and a replacement order has been generated and I will get a despatch email when it has been posted. It’s great marketing of that there is no doubt but it does feel more and more cynical. I’m the biggest fan there is, but this is just sad. Apart from the colour, this green double vinyl looks the same package as the red vinyl which is exclusive to Barnes and Noble in the USA. The Deluxe Editions leave much to be desired in relation to unpublished material or alternative takes. But it still does not replace the feeling of owning the physical product which smart marketers such as Deezer are aware of, and as with this Paul McCartney offer, happy to bank on.

This is being given to the people who want it the absolute least and those who generate the least amount of revenue per listen/sale. It would be interesting to know if as much effort has been put into the music as it obviously has been in the marketing and promotion. Clear the air a bit.


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