spiky hair 2000s

Brooke Shunatona is a contributing writer for Cosmopolitan.com. Honestly, Dennis Rodman tried it all back in the day. It was only then that we could officially say they were cool, after all. spiky-haired troublemakers we secretly crushed on in middle school. So much experimentation with color, curls, and bangs. Each member managed to take a unique approach to the style.

While we drooled over Jessica Simpson's trendy style, her then-husband Nick Lachey was serving us early 2000s spiky hair realness. And so on trend, might I add.

But grungy, skater types definitely rocked the spikiest of spikes, too. The universality of it made the aesthetic impossible not to try.
You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Your Dry Strands Need These Moisturizing Sprays, 23 Curly Bobs That'll Make You Grab the Scissors, This Oil Won't Weigh Down Fine Hair—Promise, Everything You Need to Know About Body Wave Hair, Um, These ’90s Hairstyles Are So Freaking Iconic, These Hairstyles Are Legit Perfect for Winter, The Most *Iconic* Natural Hairstyles of the '90s, 23 Layered Lobs That'll Make You Want to Go Short. Even when he cuts his hair impossibly short, like this buzz cut, actor Bradley Cooper cannot resist the lure of spiky hairstyles for men. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Promise. I’m Maya, Cosmpolitan.com’s fashion and beauty assistant. It transcended age and gender, and fit in with every aesthetic. When Missy Elliott took on the spiky hair trend, she made the style her own, opting for skinnier spikes that flared in all directions.

All rights reserved - MEN Hairstylist. I'm surprised there was enough hair gel to go around, what with all of the obsessive spiking going on.
As the television mom of double trouble twins on The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, Kim Rhodes was one trendy mama when it came to her hair.

Notice how her bangs even had a pointed nature to them. Hairstyles We Covet: The Hottest Cuts and Latest Trends for 2020, 21 '90s Hair Accessories You Forgot You Were Obsessed With, 13 Beauty Things From the Early 2000s You Were Obsessed With, Yup, Early '00s Makeup Trends Are Coming Back, The Best (Er, Craziest) Early 2000s Reality Shows, 28 Accessories From the '90s and Early '00s You Forgot You Were Obsessed With, 30 Barbie Things You Forgot You Were Obsessed With. In the spirit of spiky hair-wearing boy band dreamboats, Nick Carter was up to speed with the trends. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Spiky hair was the only hairstyle that could suit one of the most delinquent characters we had ever seen. He has the beginning of what seems to be a receding hairline and a widow’s peak, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun with his hair. Kelly Rowland gave the trend some feminine flare. But she showed us how to get creative with our spiky hair, too. It's just Posh Spice with her true-to-life wax figure. It was a style favored by the dreamy heartthrobs of our favorite boy bands. When you dye your spikes to match your team colors, you're a true winner. It was the decade of experimentation for Millennials everywhere. As an early 2000s boy band, B2K had no choice but to have a member with spiky hair. Follow Facebook.com/CosmoBeauty. Real. It's almost too good to be true. J Boog clearly volunteered to be the group's spiky-haired singer. Who better than her mom to show her how it was done? Kelly Osbourne must have been determined to have the tallest, boldest spikes around, because her mane took the trend to new heights. The early 2000s were a great time for hairstyles. All rights reserved. Even some cutesy pop divas gave the trend a whirl, albeit with a few crimps to balance out the edginess of it all.


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