southern pacific mikado

[12][14] After its last excursion on the Norfolk Southern, the No. Each year during Gretna Fest, 745 finds itself only a few miles from its birthplace on the old SP line. [11], In 1994, Norfolk Southern announced that they would discontinue their steam program due to serious safety concerns, rising insurance costs, the expense of maintaining steam locomotives, and decreasing rail network availability due to a surge in freight traffic. 4501 made its first feature film appearance in the 1971 movie, No. 745 is one of a small batch of locomotives built by Southern Pacific at its Algiers shops just outside of New Orleans. In 1887, Fair amalgamated several railroads (most quite small) into the South Pacific Railway and almost immediately leased it to the Southern Pacific for 55 years. 4501 remained at the TVRM to continue regular operations and became the main motive power for its seasonal Summerville Steam Special excursion from Chattanooga to Summerville, Georgia. [2], On June 6, 1964, after running to Chattanooga from the K&T, an initial restoration was done by Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) volunteers at the facilities of the Lucey Boiler Company in Chattanooga near the TVRM's storage facilities, which were at the time located on former Western Union Company tracks. Today corporate America might solve the problem by “right-sizing” the company. Southern Railway 4501 is a class "Ms" 2-8-2 "Mikado" type steam locomotive built in October 1911 by Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the first of its wheel arrangement type to be built for the Southern Railway. Cylinder Size: 26 x 28 in With the coming of Norfolk Southern’s 21st Century Steam Program and the success of TVRM's Southern Railway 630, the restoration on No. [12][13] No. We sincerely hope you will continue to support LASTA so we can keep SP 745 alive and steaming. were the Southern Pacific Class MK5 Mikado-type locomotives numbered 739 to 750. [10], On November 3, 1991, during Southern's successor Norfolk Southern's 25th Anniversary of their Steam Program, No. Power Type: Steam Repainted into its circa 1935 freight black livery in 1996, the locomotive was retired when its boiler ticket certificate expired in 1998. Builder: Algiers Shops of Southern Pacific Railroad The original Southern Pacific, Southern Pacific Railroad, was founded as a land holding company in 1865, later acquiring in 1885 the Central Pacific Railroad through leasing. 4501 and 2-8-0 "Consolidation" No. 4501 joined the Norfolk & Western steam locomotives J Class No. [2] When the Kentucky and Tennessee Railway purchased three ALCO S-2s from the Denver & Rio Grande Western in February 1964, the locomotive, along with the K&T's other steam locomotives, were retired from revenue service.

Along with some professional help, private and public grants, they finally got the wheels turning. For two years, Algiers was in the steam motive power manufacturing business. [15] In 1996, the locomotive was repainted into its circa 1930s freight black livery during TVRM's 35th anniversary, until it was retired due to the expiration of its boiler ticket on September 20, 1998. Meanwhile, LASTA’s volunteers are working to find a new permanent home for its operations; a place where 745 can be publicly displayed with dignity and pride. Cylinders: 2 Southern Pacific 745 is a Mikado-type (2-8-2) steam locomotive that has been restored to operating condition. The Mikado-type locomotive is considered by many to be the classic American freight locomotive from the golden age of steam locomotives. 4501 began in 2012. However, the Brought from Avondale Yard on the west bank, 745 was given a spit and polish shine and photographed on the turntable of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, where she was turned to head into what was to be her final resting spot, a display track at Audubon Park.


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