smite odin tank build

it should take care of most of the enemy team if everyone is paying attention. Then you'll be the MVP. youll have to sacrifice some defence, however, and remember youll usually be in the front of fights. Tank has become my role of choice and i mainly use Sobek, Athena, or Guan yu most games. it can mean the difference of life an death or a kill and?not a kill. its pretty legit so if you dont need to back for health, dont. I would prefer Stone of Gaia HP% with bulwark or pestilence for magical def For physical defense I would go Ank HP instead of Nemean and BoV.

make sure everyone is ready for your ult.

Final Damage Warrior Tabi.

otherwise you just look like a fool jumping in and dying.

And I was just letting my team down.

While it might not be as important in your damage build, it should be the first item you buy in your physical tank and all-round tank builds. He'a kind of like guan then, in a sense. Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds. by Montoya.Inigo updated February 4, 2017. Broken Main DPS Build... Genshin Impact – World Quest: Time and the Wind –... Genshin Geo Hypostasis Step by Step Guide Made Easy – Low... Genshin Impact Weapon and Artifact EXP Farming Tutorial Guide (Beginner). In all honesty everyone should buy it to secure buffs since they are very powerful in this game. you should be able to win most games this way.

67184 2.

Why are you building Odin for basics instead of buying bulky items? You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! aegis amulet this item can be used to bait out many of your enemies skills. Just to say, the majority of the top guides ARE out of date for any new players looking for an up-to-date guide, you may have to look further down the field. MELEE. Dealing damage to an enemy god provides 1 stack. I know he is technically a warrior but i'm curious to see what kind of builds you guys are running on Odin for a tank/support build. Better days will come to him, and my Cupid:v. Maybe Cupid. I'm calling it right now. Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved. MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS PAYING ATTENTION AND LET THEM KNOW YOU PLAN TO GO IN.

DON?T CHASE TO THE ENEMIES POOL AND DIE. This consumable deals 200 True damage to Jungle Monsters around you.

i wont stop you. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.

+3 Gold per Minion Assisted If they have heavy AA (assassins or ADC), Witch Stone. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS AND GO WITH ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. Same as every other tank Id assume, worked out for me when I played Odin support. PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your Abilities have 40% reduced healing and regeneration for 8 seconds. Build Guide Discussion (2) More Guides. It's quite good actually, and fun. its better to live then to get the buff and die 2 seconds later. Even after 0din drops to D tier, Hi Rez still won't do anything. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

PASSIVE - Your relics receive 40s Cooldown Reduction.

From here you would start to build your preferred items for whatever god your playing. Jungle Monsters are worth 1 stack and Enemy Gods are worth 5 stacks. Data provided by Hi-Rez Studios. Press J to jump to the feed. in lane, use your leap and sweep to farm creep waves and damage the enemy. Then I get frost bound hammer, bulwark, ank, (sell watchers) and death bringer. r/Smite: Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. PASSIVE - When damaging an enemy god below 60% health with an ability you deal an additional 15 + 25% of your Protections from items and abilities. since were in the item section, lets talk about those other 2 ability slots. its a very useful ult. those buffs are just going to sit there if no one takes them.

Cooldown - 150s. AURA - Enemy gods within 55 units have their healing reduced by 25%. voidblade if you need more armor, pick this item up. Most Odin's I know run Qin's Blades as their main DPS item, with the 10%hp-based passive and his boosted attack speed it ends up being all he needs to be a threat, and they can just build for pure tank after that.

The way I see it, tanks (at least in Smite) are meant to be built with whatever you see the need to build.

Help Support Our Growing Community. +75 Health Void Shield . purification beads this item is almost allways a must buy from the sheer amount of cc in the game. finally i buy Frostbound hammer for the slow and healh, and then finish my boots.

Subsequent hits on the same target do 75% bonus damage for the next 3s.

Warrior Tabi . (The other two players were 5/8/12 and 5/11/9).


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