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It would seem the relatively small number of comments has affected your decision, rather than the high number of positive students’ testimonials we have on our website and elsewhere, which is testament to the quality of the education and support we provide to our students. Secondly, during the middle of the second trial week, my account was charged another $99 for a three month membership without my consent or knowledge at all. Absolute scam! I wish I saw this site before, but as I completed their trial course I thought that these people are genuine. As I wanted to help, I asked for the courier and thought if I was given a reference number I can try to see what really happened but Alex just plainly ignores me. The day after the last auto renew I canceled my subscription, as I wasn’t using it for months, and ask for a refund because I have payed for something in advance which I wont use. I was in front on my laptop to take part of lesson number 4 of Photography few hours ago but for some mysterious reason I could not get in to live lesson. After studying 3 months I prepared for final assignment and completed the exam and again paid for hard copy diploma. that join webinar link is broken. I’ve just completed the Diploma in Photography and whilst doing the course I signed up for the premium membership. We have put in a lot of work for our new certificate design, so I am surprised to hear that it is not printing nicely for you. We pride ourselves on being the world’s largest live educator as we teach thousands of students every month. At least say they are prerecorded. Good to know the trick Shaw Academy is driving…i recently applied to one of their courses but thanks God that i know got full details about it. – who knows?… and emailing the class instructor is a waste of time as there is no response! A few days later I asked them to cancel the free course subscription because after 4 weeks they would start charging money. they seem to be very good at SOE to rank high on google with all the fake happy costumers and fake reviews. Our educators and live support teams try to answer as many questions as possible as accurately as possible, but this isn’t always easy with the amount of students we have online. He emailed Shaw Academy explaining that he did not want a toolkit and did not click on the pop-up – he clicked on the “x”. Because of this, I was left with no option but to cancel my programme. In contrast to all the negative replies on here I have only had good feedback and phone calls when I had problems. I signed up for a trial with Shaw a year ago. I don’t know how these guys are EQF (European Qualifications Framework) accredited. The receipt number of the amount which i paid is emailed to support and complaint emails of shaw academy but no reply as of now. They provided a form to re-enter correct email – but funny! Shaw Academy is a complete ripoff organization with tactics that border on fraud. Are they really scamming students? They told me that I should wait up to 8 days to receive the amount of money but I have not received my money yet. I hope my hard copy certificate will be sent. I felt like they are pestering me by now, I guess that’s what happened when you virtually get something for nearly nothing (NZD$9). paid my money and courses are not in the student area…hoping they will rectify….stay tuned. Good luck with it! SPEAKING OF it being replayed — my instructor is not even at shaw any longer. I can concur Shaw Academy is a complete sham. What a huge disappointment it has been to read all these bad reviews. They brainwashed you by promoting the premium package for you to sign up for their unlimited course access by 3 months. Hi Betty, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you on the phone a few weeks ago. Hope to hear from you soon! I am no longer interested in the excel course I register. Was so disappointed to see classes are prerecorded in 2016. They have today taken another yearly payment from my account this time unauthorised: – They have not notified me I was coming to the end of my year more free course I am done . So I made the mistake of buying a few group on courses with full trust and expectation that I will be getting what I was advertised “diploma in leadership and management” for 97% off “from $395 down to $9.95” YAY GREAT CATCH !! I contacted support in order to cancel the purshase because there was no verification no what so ever and they said that nothing cna be done but they could offer me a free diploma for the course. I think Shaw academy is fraud site. Note that, if you paid via PayPal, you may be able to block Shaw from invoicing you automatically. I tried free trail but now i am unable to unsubscribe. They offer a range of courses in categories like photography, finance, nutrition, marketing, design, business, and others. I’m mad at T-Mobile for giving me a “deal” on this worthless scam. I signed up for the photography course and can get no farther than the quizz. I canceled the graphic design course before starting it because, one day after I checked my bank account, I noticed that the amount of £ 99.99 was stolen for a service they offered, which I did not have that intention at all to buy it. I have found a few old emails that I sent to customer services back in 2017 – 2018.. I clicked the link “To complete your registration” and followed all the prompts but apparently this was to purchase a “Toolkit” which was not made very clear. Someone needs to contact me asap! I might as well attempt to travel to Mars; that might be easier. I still don’t know how they are getting away with it guys. Eventually stopped emails but still get messages on my phone. Being in Australia, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some online courses with a Level 5 Diploma through Shaw; furthest thing from the truth. and I can not find any where on the website a copy of the lesson. As to not being live – I can assure you that the first two photography courses were live as I was answered live and referred to live – but now – cant comment. in Australia consumer protection can help with scams like this.. the list can really go on but I think everyone here has covered it well. Also the classes are NOT live. I am in the USA, and I have not been able to access a class that started last week and had an initial reply and none since. I confirm that this company is ONE BIG SCAM. NOT LIVE. Please can you let me know. So I paid them the amount and was in belief that I will receive it in 1 months. to view it. The recent question got the response “if you are a premium member blah blah……to which I responded and this query was also CLOSED without an answer. Since changing the format of the website they deleted all the progress that I had done, but just kept me enrolled in the course… To get the hard copies again. I don’t know if that will be the case with me but Shaw’s response in any cases I’ve seen was to go to your “member area” and adjust your payment options – or email your class instructor to cancel. Shaw Academy is an online learning platform offering online courses taught by expert instructors. I’m going to fight for the money they stole from me. Please everyone, do the same – block these scam criminals and protect your bank accounts. I thought perhaps it was a new staff member who was going against what the other staff member did and did not yet understand that it is a legal requirement of a training organisation to send copies of certificates upon request and keep them on record for a certain period of time which I am covered within. After that when I tried to access a course , it still showed my status as ‘Free Trial member ship type’ and didn’t upgraded my status to Lifetime memeber due to which I am unable to access courses. Upon this stack of bad reviews I want to play my part by contributing some few lines. Purchase: Limit 1 per person. So I went back into my account to obtain the hard copies from the courses I hadnt obtained. Block that card so that they cannot charge you even a penny more. They have no customer support at all. I am most certainly a very satisfied customer of Shaw Academy . Emails were responded within a timely fashion. Then they said that they don’t send hard copies even though I sent them a picture of the hard copy another staff member there sent me. I work in the same education field and know my rights. When I tried canceling THE SAME DAY an automated voice system said my student number does not exist and the call ends. Keith, I bought the online course voucher from Groupon for only NZD$9 and attended the online pre-recorded 8 lessons during Feb-March this year ( 2 lessons each week for a month ). Get the facts about what a healthy diet and lifestyle involves. They have charged me $AUD420 within 3 weeks of signing up to the course. Fine Print: Do not go anywhere near them. Something needs to be done about them. If you have any question that is not answered by the bot, please send it to the course educator and you can expect an answer within 24 hours.”.


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