sepulcher sentinel speed tune
The list will give a brief summary of the tune as well as any associated information and video. What if you changed Fu-Shan A3 to the below skill? Simple Guidance: Krisk is a very difficult champion to tune around because of his unique kit - it's highly recommended to test any build in the calculator first! It explained a lot of the issues which everyone was having with the hero. All 2020 fusions but Rotos are useless, need rework. Roshcard’s A3 needs to be fully booked out to a 4 turn cooldown. ME attacks work in the following order: standard, syphon, syphon, unkillable, a1, a1, a1, a1, unkillable.​, Slow Double Maneater - thank you Zomb13Lord. What am I doing wrong? Posted by u/NapoleonCamembert. I posted 6 different Pictures of the Champion's. I even dropped the Life Drinker mastery to make sure he would have the lowest health going into the stun. Within those there is plenty of variation as far as timing and turn order, so test, test, TEST before gearing to choose the optimal set up. I’m using 172-176-179-181-236 and it work perfect for unm with the 236 champion doing 2 turn before the stun. With the right speeds on your team, she can go last before the second AOE attack (which applies the slow debuff), and your whole team will still have block debuffs when the CB does it’s stun attack. Typically the speeds below will move immediately after their equivalent speed in the set above. Hope A3 move has nothing else going for it except the chance to Remove All Buffs. If that will OP them then adjust multipliers - just allow their damage to scale with their primary stat so they are more useful. Example 3: Unkillable Tower + Skullcrusher. (Def up + Block Buffs) For 1 turn ----> A2 Skill on 3 turn CD, Turn 7 Clan Boss goes ------> Does his 1st AOE move, Turn 8 Sepulcher goes ------> I do her A1 move ---The Buffs have Expired-------------> A2 Skill on 2 turn CD.Â, Turn 8 Clan Boss goes -----> Does his 2nd AOE move, Turn 9 Sepulcher goes ------> I do her A1 move ---The Buffs have Expired--------------> A2 Skill on 1 turn CDÂ. Players would than be able to Reduce Sepulcher Cooldown with 2 Books, until it reaches 3. And you can see him doing 30M+ vs void CB here. I'll check that. Posted by u/NapoleonCamembert. 218 (Maneater 1), 215 (Maneater 2), 182, 178, 174 - UNM, Clan Boss Turn 0 - Do not use Ancient Blood, Clan Boss Turn 1 - Apply Ancient Blood on Fast Maneater (will block debuff), Clan Boss Turn 4 - Apply Ancient Blood on Slow Maneater (will block debuff), Clan Boss Turn 7 - Apply Ancient Blood on 2nd hit of Fast Maneater, Clan Boss Turn 9 - Apply Ancient Blood on 2nd hit of Slow Maneater. Click on the View Composition button to get the full tune.


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