samsung rf263beaesg ice maker frozen

The energy saving mode exacerbates the problem. I defrost the ice maker and less than a week later it is frozen over again. On October 10, I called Samsung, and the nearest authorized Samsung repair center was A&E factory over 100 miles away.

This won't fix this manufacturers defect long term, however after 3-4 minutes it will be all cleared out and have to making ice! Then you have the melt/freeze cycle creating ice chunks, wet ice, ice dams and all sort of problems.

Samsung has not corrected the issue. You can see where it's blocking once you open the maker up inside.

I think I may have to call Home Depot for service. We recently purchased a French door refrigerator by Samsung (RF263BEAEWW) from Best Buy (heavily discounted as scratch and dent, $1,200 instead of $2,300… plus all the extra money for the extended warranty, etc.). It's a pain! Also move the refrigerator three inches from the back wall for better ventilation.

So the DUCT putty/rope I used runs along that entire edge to the back now/I posted some photos of the drive unit and ice maker housing on my instagram pauljager_sproatlakeGood luck! Everything was fine until yesterday I noticed water all over my floor.

After fighting with Samsung several times when it was repaired I finally demanded a refund. I wish I had seen this a couple of years ago..or even 6 months ago while my fridge was still under warranty! Checked the valve already.

There is a section marked "here are the steps." I found another problem that causes the ice maker to freeze over.

If someone wants it, they can just have it for hauling it off.
I did have (fingers crossed) some better luck when reinstalling ice maker ensuring drip channel from below coil was lodged properly into the drain (rear left) before closing top and bottom together. CannondaleRob: could you please repost links to the pictures in your July 17 text? Leveled the refrigerator and changed the temps to 0 freezer and 38 fridge and it seems to be better after about a week. So the water has no where to go and just freezes up.I am sure I will probably have to repeat this process, time will tell.My shop vac is a Ridgid 16 gallon vac so it has good power.If this helps anyone GREAT!

on for 15 minutes every 3 hours or so. with each freezing, it expanded into the styrofoam. I injected additional foam insulation (used for filling between studs behind drywall) to extend the foam along the coil so water would drip into the tray of the ice maker during defrost (about 3/4"). I have a samsung RF263BEAEBC/AA...i jave had this frig for just about 2 years and have always had problems with ice maker getting stuck and not working... i have also had problem with the water holding tank freezing up and not letting the water fix that i turned the frig setting to the highest setting and heated it up to thaw it out...knock on wook this has helped...but now the ice maker wont work what so ever...i hit the reset button and nothing happens...i noticed it was frosted up so i took the blow dryer and thawed it still no ice...(no the ice is not turned off) still really i am trying the defrost mode...any idea how long i cab let this mode run for?

Gave up fighting with it and bought a quality replacement.

The damn blue reset button won't even chime. (Sorry I don't know what its called.) 'big ed'. At best I may get a couple of months before it freezes up again.

I do not believe I have shared documents.

I still have to force defrost this piece of crap unit every 3 to 4 weeks. HUH?Repair tech will be here this week (thank you Lowes) and we are going to make sure that they are in the know about the service hacks that I read about here. Have to use a hair dryer to unclog it so it will run for another 3 weeks. Yes Ed there  is a service bulletin. Within a week I had a 1"x1"x3" log of ice perfectly formed on the dome over where the fan would be. sorry for the lack of pictures.


I used a hair dryer to melt it - didn't work. I'm going to try the fix that was explained above.

Any suggestions?

I have the French door model RF23HCEDTSR/AA. Ron. About a year ago we started having problems with the ice maker.. continue making ice when it was full, so the ice in the bucket would bridge with what's in the tray.

I have the French door model RF4267HA which is 7 years old and stopped making ice about 2 months ago. They're fine as far as I can tell.

I disassembled the innards and found a terrible design in the ice maker.

we have a Samsung RF23HTEDBSR/AA with ice maker SZAB002TA2.


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