sago palm maintenance
One survived, but one died after a long, expensive hospital stay. The leaves and old wood is just too sharp for uncovered skin or hands. Maybe for this season, the plant's energy needs to be regulated to propagating first and then the leaves sprout? Ouch! Question: How come the pups I harvested near the beginning of 2019 are not showing any new growth? I'm taking care of the pups until they get bigger, but I'm not sure what to do with them once they grow up. The pups are so easy to harvest and cultivate. Our neighbor planted a bigger one in their front yard. While sago palms, for the most part, are problem-free plants, you may on occasion encounter problems with sago palms. The second year during spring is when you will see new leaf growth. The crown is the seed head of the female version of the sago. While the name might imply that it is a palm, this plant is actually considered a cycad, one of the oldest groups of plants dating back to prehistoric times — hence the plant’s hardiness. Sherry Venegas (author) from La Verne, CA on December 07, 2019: Very early spring is the best time. Sherry Venegas (author) from La Verne, CA on February 27, 2017: Do not give up on it. I have only replanted the mature two plants in large pots I could afford to buy measuring 50cm across minimum & up to 60cm high because of the root base. —June Campbell from North Vancouver, BC, Canada, "Great read, Sherry. Nursery Pot. Only problem is spraying off the white things whatever it is, off the bottom of the branches once a year. About 50% will sprout roots. Once you have determined the cause of sago palm yellowing, you’ll need to know how to treat sick sago palms effectively. When the new leaves unfold make sure you're spraying regularly with a neem oil product. Here, they are low maintenance as compared to annuals and pups are plentiful, so share them :)"—BetsyofTexas, "I cut all the branches off of my male sage palm, probably a mistake. Question: My sago is starting to turn brown. Sherry Venegas (author) from La Verne, CA on July 04, 2017: I would discourage that habit because there may not be poison but needle sharp objects are not good. Nor do I know of any pets that have died doing the same, although I'm sure someone will write in with a tragic fluffy story, I doubt it's a pandemic issue. This plant will continue to grow and flush at the center, getting taller each year. Sit tight and see what happens next spring. This plant has a thick skin of armor. It has been doing nothing on top of the other bloom with the red seeds and in the meantime, the fronds are all yellowing. Sherry Venegas (author) from La Verne, CA on November 06, 2019: That is the female seed head. Scale can be tricky to control as they have a hard, waxy coating that protects them from most insecticide sprays. The Japanese seem to like this sago palm. Question: We built a cement patio around our sagos, they are about 5 feet tall (trunk only) and about 18 inches of the trunk of each now in a hole 4’ x 4’. Even the seeds that can dislodge and fall on the ground have been ignored. Thanks for the insight. Sherry Venegas (author) from La Verne, CA on July 15, 2020: Marisa, I have had news of fungus from other Florida readers.I think two things are causing the fungus. Leave the prickly spines exposed. Question: I live in Northern California. Watch the pups, though." This will look very decorative with a little work. As to readers who get their set in stone opinions from the TV news I'd need to see the news readers landscaping credintials first. Question: I am in NW Florida, and we had a 3-day hard freeze this year. Sorry to see people being discouraged from planting them. It grows on the south side of the house. It has not been sexed as of 2015. I just recently bought one for our apartment.. Had several big dogs in fenced in yards, I don't think they're very interested in them so no problems with poisoning. Virtually No yellow leaves, new foliage looking good. I just moved it to a bigger pot. It is also one of the few plants to weather the ice age. Mine is so easy and beautiful. Next year before spring, after studying it all year, maybe crop more. Answer: With the branching you describe here, it is likely you have a male sago palm. Sago palm tree, also known by its Latin name, Cycas revoluta, is a perennial tree valued for its ease of care, compact growth habit and ornamental foliage. If you have a natural sink in your yard a tree for shade, could be considered in the future, because this drought cycle will end sometime. Seems you have a love hate relationship with sago's!! Is this a Japanese Sago? See more ideas about Sago palm, Sago palm care, Palm. Leaves turning brown. Well kept ash trees provide an outstanding addition to your Arizona lSago Palms offer a primitive yet beach like addition to your landscaping. Question: After a very cold winter, our two sago palms have been very slow to show new growth. Sago palms (Cycas revoluta) add a tropical, almost prehistoric, focal point to your yard. Answer: Areas outside Zones 8-10 generally get too much frost for sago palms. Question: I have new growth this year on my outdoor sago palm tree and the leaves are pale and some of the tips are browning. A Sago Palm has a very rugged trunk 1”-12” in width depending upon the age of the plant.


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