riverside original 920 e electric hybrid bike


Aluminium brake levers. Tech, reviews: tech [at] road.cc

While both ends of the bike feel stiff when it counts, the overall ride is rather refined. Back in 2012 I tested the B'Twin Triban 3, a £300 drop-bar bike that played its own little role in the road bike revolution of the last decade or so, and significantly contributed to Decathlon's reputation for selling 'proper' bikes. 1- SELECT AN ASSIST MODE OTHER THAN ZERO. As expected the wheel and tyre set up was perfect for all but the muddiest of routes, and with the suspension unlocked and wide ranging cassette, there wasn’t a lot the B’Twin Riverside 920 isn’t capable off. Do not store the battery discharged (1 green LED flashing). Your battery is nearly empty and needs to be charged. The mode deactivates when you stop pressing the button.

Specialized can't deliver in acceptable timeframe. Mode 0 – Assistance disabled. Wheels: Mavic Allroad Aksium Please visit any Decathlon workshop to have a diagnostics run on your battery and bike. You can store your battery for up to six months without recharging, without degrading battery capacity. Yes.

These tests enable us to guarantee comfort, ease of use and versatility to meet your expectations. Depending on the accessory type and size of the bike, the frame is compatible with:

Store in a dry place.When storing for a prolonged period, put the battery in sleep mode. 3.

These Suntour forks seem ubiquitous on mass-produced hybrids and may not be any ardent off-roader's idea of a plush front end, but for taking the sting out of road imperfections, potholes and sleeping policemen, they do a laudable job. - Size S/M: 26 inches. Simply push it in so that it is fully in place (none of the grooves of the male connector should stick out) to eliminate judder and/or motor noises. Accessories. As a complete design, everything just feels fully resolved. How is this possible? If you like road.cc, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. The Original 900 E is equipped with a SUNTOUR spring front suspension fork (1" 1/8 pivot in steel) with 63mm travel and rear spring suspension. The Original 920 E is supplied with hybrid one-piece plastic pedals. Any particularly good or bad components? B'Twin Riverside Original 920 E Electric City Bike Our team of passionate designers developed this electric bike to give your rides on roads and trails that extra bit of oomph!. The motor plug, which is located at the rear stay on the left of the frame, may be slightly bent. When it comes to scrubbing off speed, they're OK, but in terms of all-out braking power, you're going to be squeezing very hard before you get anywhere near locking the wheels in dry conditions. My Store. Also check the display cable. VIEW ALL REVIEW.

The warranty on your battery is for 2 years or 500 cycles (1 cycle = 1 full charge + 1 full discharges, or two 50% charges + two 50% discharges). The frame is finished in smart rather than exotic metallic grey paint. Very positive but still quite high geometry. In high temperatures, or after a long ride, the electric system may overheat. These two arrows must be lined up face-to-face before plugging them in. Everything you need to know about making sure your bike is comfortable, secure and ready to ride. B'Twin ergonomic grips. If the battery is almost empty and the bike is set to a high assist mode, this can produce a jerky effect before the battery goes completely flat. It also contributes to a ride experience that is stable when cruising but dynamic when the mood takes you. Was it lively neutral or unresponsive? Keep an eye on your screen. Zur Reparatur des Original 900/920 Elektro Nur €7.79 Tell us what the bike is for and who it's aimed at. All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. The air cushioning suspension system also has adjustable stiffness, allowing you to ensure that you option the maximum benefit based on the weight you put through the front of the bike.

They ride several thousands of kilometres to be properly approved. It's a general-use hybrid bike aimed at serious leisure cyclists. > The battery should be correctly inserted into its slot. In detail: Wouldn't change them. Our Story; Send feedback; Affiliates; Blog; Twitter; Articles. Controls are all B'Twin's own kit. One of the lights may be short-circuited. Rather incredibly, none of this direct power delivery and control comes at the expense of comfort. I tested a medium size version, which was just about perfect for me at 6ft tall. If the battery is almost empty and the bike is set to a high electric-assist mode, this can result in intermittent power cuts (causing the bike to judder) while riding before the battery goes completely flat. MODE 3: Electric assist up to 25 km/h; provides up to 50 km of battery range under normal conditions. I usually ride: Islabikes Beinn 29  My best bike is: 25-year-old Dawes Galaxy, I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Most days  I would class myself as: Experienced, I regularly do the following types of riding: commuting, touring, sportives, general fitness riding, mountain biking, leisure. If you lose both keys, go to your nearest DECATHLON workshop to have the lock changed. If storing it for longer than six months, you must fully charge it. Selecting a new bike is one of the best, but often hardest decisions to make. Front/rear suspension, ergonomic grips and gel saddle. Original 920 E Electric Hybrid Bike . However, once you know what you plan to use your Riverside for the majority of the time, a switch to more role-specific rubber would highlight the bike's abilities even further. Change gear with a single motion using the 7-speed trigger. Please note that you shouldn't use this mode when riding the bike. If the problem persists, please bring your bike in to our workshop for a diagnostics check. The revenue from adverts helps to fund our site. This is a really lively bike that handles corners well and gets up to speed eagerly.

- front pannier The recommended pressure is a minimum of 3.0 bar and a maximum of 4.0 bar (details on tyre sidewall). How would you describe the steering?

Semi-raised steel handlebars (620mm). In a word the B’Twin Riverside 920 offers outstanding value for money. Frame: 6061 Aluminium How was the bike in terms of height and reach?

The 11/ 42 spread at the rear cassette, should allow you find a gear capable of getting you up most hills, but should you find the spread too wide ranging (the jump from one gear to the next making it too hard or too easy), there’s always the ability to fit either a  34-tooth or 38-tooth range cassette options as an after market option, which would make the jumps between gears a lot smaller. If the problem persists, please bring your bike in to our workshop for a diagnostics check. Few bikes will ever again match the Triban 3 for value, but the Riverside 920 is almost faultless in terms of ability and ride quality, while the underlying potential of the frame and package is unquestionable. - rear pannier Plug the motor connector in properly and turn the bike back on. Brakes: Promax DSK 908 hydraulic disc brakes The 920 model provides energy more smoothly, so it's more comfortable to ride and doesn't waste so much of the motor's energy. Of course there are some significant speccing differences: the Saracen in particular offers a great deal with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Deore gears. They ride several thousands of kilometres to be properly approved. Shod in a pair of 38mm B’Twin TrekkingSpeed Protect+ tyres, these should be pretty bomb proof in terms of dealing with hits and nicks on either road or off road. MODE 1: Electric assist up to 17 km/h; provides up to 90 km of battery range under normal conditions, MODE 2: Electric assist up to 22 km/h; provides up to 70 km of battery range under normal conditions. How would the controls work for larger or smaller riders? This caused jerkiness and "wasted" energy. Mode 2 - Assistance up to 22 km/h - battery life of up to 70 km under normal conditions. We recommend recharging the battery after each use. Drop in at one of our Decathlon workshops to have them checked and repaired. > The battery must be correctly inserted into the lower slot and the handle must be fully down (you should hear it "click" into place) to confirm that it's in correctly. > Clean your bike before storing to remove mud or sand that could corrode your bike. Like this site? Available in diamond frame and step-through configurations, the Elops 900e has everything you need for city riding. This malfunction may be temporary or permanent. The B'Twin Riverside 920 is an exceptional high spec'ed lightweight hybrid bike that is capable of accepting close to all bike riding terrain challenges thrown at it. 3- CHECK THAT THE BATTERY IS CORRECTLY PLUGGED IN.


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