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Best Sun Tzu Builds (Talent Tree & Skill Order) in Rise of Kingdoms. Your First Commander. The nation you choose will determine which commander you will start with. In my opinion, there are different paths that you can follow when it comes to building up Cao Cao. The Qingzhou Army: the first Passive skill that you unlock at two stars, this increases the bonus dealt to Barbarians (10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% respectively at level 5). Shout out to RoKTalents builder for enabling us to use their tool to visualize talent tree builds. Baibars Tree (Open Field / Sunset Canyon). Joining an alliance can bring many benefits to you like: Give you protection from other governors. Each commander can lead armies of four types of units (melee, cavalry, ranged and siege). This is an unofficial fan site. Two of the most useful are silver and golden keys, which can open silver and golden chests that provide speed-up items, resources, statue/sculpture to upgrade commander power/skill/talent trees, or a new commander. Players can drag their troops to any locations at any time, even with multiple troops at the same time. Different commanders tend to outperform with different talent builds in different game situations. I. s this commander worth playing and investing in? By upgrading City Hall, you will gain access to stronger troops, better technology upgrades, and can unlock more buildings. Talent build path for your selected commander. For every activity you are about to do (e.g. If you have any question regarding to these builds, feel free to comment down below and let us know! To increase builder, you must reach at least VIP 6. Is he a good Legendary commander to focus on or you’d rather choose a different one? Cao Cao Talent Build. First and foremost, any Commander with a proper talent tree build will always win. Commander Talent Trees are one of the most important aspects of the Rise of Kingdoms game. All you have to do now is click on the name of the commander that you want to check and then click on the talent tree build picture to expand it. Hopefully you have found some great talent tree builds for your commanders in Rise of Kingdoms from this page! While my Cav attack is way higher than his. It starts with dealing 600 damage, but goes all the way up to 1,400 at level 5, while the attack reduction and speed reduction start at 20% and 5% respectively and go all the way up to 40% and 10% respectively. Rise of Civilizations Cao Cao Impressions, Rise of Kingdoms: Boudica Review and Overview, Rise of Kingdoms Cleopatra Review / Impressions and Build, Rise of Kingdoms Minamoto No Yoshitsune Review / Overview, Rise of Kingdoms: Osiris Invitational Update (+ Family Day Event, Ceroli Crisis & More), Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes (2020 Update). The speed increases by 3% at level 1 and goes all the way to 10% at level 5, while the attack bonus starts at 10% and goes all the way up to 30%. There will be a maximum of 2 builders in the builder’s hut. Commanders are the heart of Rise of Kingdoms. But here are the details on all of his skills: Dragon Rider: This is his active skill, with solid effects: it deals direct damage once, then decreases the target’s attack and speed for three seconds. Cao Cao, aka the Conqueror of Chaos is actually an amazing commander – even though difficult to get and Skill Up due to the fact that he’s a Legendary commander and you don’t get them often as a free to play player. The heart of this game is not just developing your empire. It increases their marching speed and gives them a bonus in attack. That’s it folks. The first one would be that of going for Peacekeeping, in order to get all the nice boosts against Barbarian units. Upgrade your commander talent tree depend on your purpose: Farming or Fighting. Rise Of Kingdoms was made by Lilith Games. I’ve seen it many times, in my personal gaming experience. At first, like any other game, there is an advisor that teach you some basic things about gameplay like how to train troop or upgrade/build your buildings. Overall, Rise of Kingdom is a fantastic RTS game. There are eleven different civilizations for you to choose: Rome, Spain, Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, and Byzantium. Of course, the higher the level, the better, but even at level 1 you will be happy with the bonus effects. You can lower the waiting time by using the speed-up item, which can be found through events, chest opening, or achievements. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'rocfanatics_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',113,'0','0'])); A great combination indeed! I'm really in a dilemma as to how to add their skills. The first one would be that of going for Peacekeeping, in order to get all the nice boosts against Barbarian units. The most important building is the City Hall. That’s what we’re going to find out in today’s review and impressions article about him. This guide explains how to go about planning your build, and lists some common builds. He is a Peacekeeper – meaning that he is better suited to fight against Barbarians, he focuses on boosting Cavalry units and also receives Mobility bonuses, making his troops have faster march speed and mobility on the battlefield. This game has a very dynamic and interactive form of controlling your troops. Quick guide to using Minamoto in Rise of Kingdoms as well as his skills, best talent tree builds and commanders paring for PvP and PvE. The second important thing in your empire is your commander. (Alliance help). Create a raid with other alliance members to the barbarian fort, which gives lots of useful items. With that being said, if you have questions or concerns about any of our talent tree builds, please share it in the comments section. This means, in the long run, that whatever Legendary hero you get should be your main focus. Menu. Only your primary commander is using talents, the secondary commander doesn’t. Become a better player by reading our game guides. by The Boss Hoss October 17, 2020, 11:07 am. Click the Rise of Kingdoms on the home screen to start playing. It increases cavalry attack by 25, but decreases cavalry defense by 10%. You can explore the map by sending scouts to discover shrines, other kingdoms, villages, caves, resources, and many other things. Further, you will learn how to fight with barbarians, send troops to farm resources outside of your city. The most important thing to do is to level up your primary commander to 60. We continue our quest to talk about all commanders in RoK and today the spotlight is on the legendary commander Cao Cao in Rise of Kingdoms. Not the best for defending your castle since he would focus on other skills, but overall a good offensive one and an amazing support commander / second commander thanks to his talents and skills. If you are looking for a mobile game to spend your free time, you can check out Rise of Kingdom, a strategy MMO from Lilith Games. You can’t skip or login during the tutorial phase. Your email address will not be published. I lost a fight against someone with lv60 max mina, and his cao cao is 5/5/4. This game is about creating your civilization from nothing, then make it to a great kingdom. He is definitely a great commander, one that it’s worth investing in. This game tutorial is quite helpful for the beginner but can be annoying if you want to make a new character or play in new devices. Hannibal Barca Talent Builds. This game has many unique features, exciting gameplay, and events and interactive control that make Rise of Kingdom a very addictive game. Even though difficult to skill up, the base skills of Cao Cao are still really strong and useful. In my opinion, there are different paths that you can follow when it comes to building up Cao Cao. A Tier 5 player losing games against a Tier 4 player just because they have been using the wrong talent tree build. Feel free to download and share it with your alliance members. Different commanders tend to outperform with different talent builds in different game situations. Your email address will not be published. And even though he can’t command armies as large as the Commanders with the Leader trait do, he can still prove to be an extremely useful commander for your army, especially in PvE (Barbarians), but also PvP. Read More 30.9k Views. Talent build on Cao Cao & Minamoto. Since there are 4 types of group, there will be 4 buildings to train them, each of them only has a maximum of one: You can decorate your city with statues, roads, and trees. But I wouldn’t recommend going this way, because you will already have (or most likely have) heroes for this role.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'rocfanatics_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',115,'0','0'])); Instead, focus on his Cavalry and Marching speed bonuses, to make him a perfect second commander: the Mobility talent tree is really useful at boosting the marching speed of your troops, therefore making it easier for you to clean out troops on the map and even attack other players. Tiger Knight: Another passive skill that unlocks at three stars, focusing on improving the Cavalry. The game does have daily and weekly quests that give useful rewards. Commander holds a huge part in your development and fighting. Resources can be acquired through economic buildings like: Farm, Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Goldmine. You can send the army to collect resources such as wood, crops, stone, or gold. Rise of Kingdoms Cao Cao Build. If it’s this one, you’re in luck because he really is good and worth investing in, especially for PvE (attacking barbarians on the map).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'rocfanatics_com-box-4','ezslot_5',122,'0','0'])); I would say that due to his nature, he is very similar to Boudica or Minamoto no Yoshitsune, but his Mobility talent tree makes him really enjoyable! Unlike any other RTS game, each commander has a unique talent tree, divided into three branches. You can help your fellow alliance members with troops or donations, help building alliance resource points, contribute funds to alliance research projects. Each kingdom has their own perks, architectural, a special unit, and starts with a different Commander – the hero that leads your troops into battle. Commander strength in different game aspexts. The map is quite massive, and the fog of war conceals most parts of it. Commander Talent Trees are one of the most important aspects of the Rise of Kingdoms game. farming barbarians, fighting on field, rallying), there’s always a suitable talent tree build waiting for your commander. Commander skills can be upgraded by collecting statues of that commander, which can be found in regular and golden chests. There are three types of buildings: Economic, Military, and Decorative Building. You can upgrade the commander level by sending them in battle or using Tome of Knowledge (can be found through the event or opening chest). It is also about participating in an alliance with other governors, helping your allies, taking over territory and resources from different alliances. But, many people will call it... You got tired of being defeated by other players who have their commander stay at a high level in... Would love your thoughts, please comment. IMPORTANT: “Do not level more than one commander at once.”. After that, you can level up your secondary commander to 30 so you can unlock all of their skills. You should definitely give it a try. It’s also important to highlight that we tend to keep all talent tree builds updated as we discover different ways of winning for different commanders. I have a lv60 max skills cao cao, and a lv50 max skills mina. You should be good to proceed. To help you avoid the same mistake, we have collected the best talent tree builds available online. When talking about Rise of Kingdoms, there are many different opinions about it.


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