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[7], The ringtail is found in the southwestern United States in southern Oregon, California, eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, southern Nevada, Utah, and Texas. Males and females have overlapping territories, but they rarely interact outside of breeding season. Young are born inside a den and at birth are helpless, and their eyes do not open until around 31 to 34 days. Smithsonian 08 2000: 65-70. These animals use a variety of vocalizations. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

2015 . The female usually gives birth to 2 – 4 offspring, called “cubs.”. Other potential threats are collisions with vehicles and infectious diseases like toxoplasmosis, rabies, and canine parvovirus transmitted via feral cats and dogs. The ringtail is a small carnivore belonging to the raccoon family, about the same size as a domestic cat and looking like a small fox with a tail like a raccoon. In areas with a bountiful source of water, as many as 50 ringtails/sq. Many people also call them “ringtail cats,” “ring-tailed cats,” “bassarisks,” and “miner’s cats.” While they are not genetically related to cats, they do look quite similar to felines. It has been legally trapped for its fur. Male ringtail cat’s territories can range for several miles. These cat-like mammals have buff-brown fur, with relatively large ears, and a long tail. has joked that the ringtail is one of two species – the domestic cat and the ringtail – that thus "domesticated humans" due to that pattern of behavior.
It’s native to arid regions of North America. Read on to learn about the ringtail. Unlike raccoons, ringtails are relatively shy, and avoid human contact. In zoos, ringtails need a little more stimulation, because they can’t exactly let them out to hunt mice at night.

A ringtail is mostly active at night and sometimes at dusk. In a typical household, ringtails would not make good pets, simply because there wouldn’t be enough for them to do. These animals are characterized by a long black and white "ringed" tail with 14–16 stripes,[2] which is the about the same length as its body. long. Smithsonian 2000(5): 65-70. It is also known as the ringtail cat, ring-tailed cat, miner's cat or bassarisk, and is sometimes called a cacomistle, though this term seems to be more often used to refer to Bassariscus sumichrasti. [1] It takes a month for the cubs to open their eyes, and they will not learn to hunt until they are 4 months old. In Mexico, "cacomistles" is a name that is often used for this animal, derived from the Aztec language. The miners provided safe nests to sleep in, and the ringtails hunted the pesky mice. It is also timid towards humans and seen much less frequently than raccoons. [9], Foxes, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, hawks, and owls will opportunistically prey upon ringtails of all ages, though predominantly on younger, more vulnerable specimens. They also eat fruit, and some of their favorites include prickly pear, juniper, blackberries, hack, persimmon, and more. [3], Smaller than a house cat, it is one of the smallest extant procyonids (only the smallest in the olingo species group average smaller). The ringtail also enjoys juniper, hack and black berries, persimmon, prickly pear, and fruit in general. Their long tail provides them with balance for negotiating limbs and narrow ledges, and they can even reverse direction by doing a cartwheel. Instead, ringtails are in the Procyonidae family, along with raccoons, kinkajous, coatis, and olingos. Berries and insects are important in the diet year-round, and become the primary part of the diet in spring and summer, along with other fruit. Ringtails have occasionally been hunted for their pelts, but the fur is not especially valuable. Many people also call them “ringtail cats,” “ring-tailed cats,” “bassarisks,” and “miner’s cats.” While they are not genetically related to cats, they do look quite similar to felines. Because miners recognized their ability to catch mice and other pests, they often kept the creatures as pets. It can be found from Oaxaca in southern Mexico and the desert area of Baja California, and also on the islands of Tiburón, Espíritu Santo and San José in the Gulf of California. As with any animal, habitat destruction can be a problem, but their population is stable. Biogeographic Regions; nearctic . Males generally have bigger home ranges than females. These mammals also live in pine, conifer, and juniper forests with low rainfall.
At least one biologist in Oregon[who?] native; Habitat.


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