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But Monan declined to speak by phone with her husband, she said, and told her he continues to believe Sweeney willfully participated in the conspiracy. McDonald said he nearly stepped aside as chief prosecutor because he “felt compromised, being a BC grad.’’ But he recalled the Rev. Mazzei needed a large network of bookies for the scheme to work, as well as underworld protection. He made the BC episode a national sensation in 1981 when he accepted $10,000 from Sports Illustrated for a cover story that began, “I’m the Boston College basketball fixer.’’, Hill cast Sweeney as an eager participant who readily accepted $500 as an opening good-will gesture. “Let’s face it, it was Goodfellas, the FBI, federal laws broken, a pristine campus sullied — all of that.’’. As Holland entered the room, Carolyn wrote in her community blog, Kuhn “walked enthusiastically up to Santa.’’, “Dad!’’ Kuhn shouted, “I’m your long lost son.’’. Five years later, he accepted McDonald’s invitation to address the nation’s top high school basketball prospects about decisions that could derail their dreams, and their lives. “When I received a call from Henry Hill saying I couldn’t play basketball with a broken arm, it was then that I was sort of in over my head,’’ Kuhn told the commission. Edwin McDonald, who prosecuted the case for the Justice Department, said that he had recommended the incarceration of Mr. Kuhn but had not suggested any specific term. Suddenly, retrospectives on the BC saga are in vogue. Hill said he and Burke, the gang’s leader, lost nearly $100,000 on the game, and Burke was so enraged that he kicked in his television screen. “He wanted to be able to say that one of BC’s own was prosecuting it,’’ McDonald said. Now, in addition to coaching basketball, he teaches English and special education and is working toward a doctorate degree. With his sentence reduced, Kuhn served 28 months in prison. Dunn, the BC spokesman, suggested the school doesn’t need Sweeney’s help to fight corruption. Sweeney, Cobb, and Kuhn have not spoken to each other since those days of infamy. “I came to feel bad for him,’’ the former prosecutor said. ... Teammate Rick Kuhn…

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized innocent people are found guilty.’’. He was indicted in 1983 and tried in ’84, more than four years after he graduated from BC as Eagle of the Year. In all, Kuhn and the mob crew were charged with trying to fix at least six games. '', See the article in its original context from. Kuhn said he was promised $2,500 for every game he fixed, but the gangsters routinely shortchanged him.

“I understand there is culpability on my part,’’ Sweeney said. Federal prosecutors in January renewed interest in both cases — the point-shaving and the robbery — when they charged reputed mobster Vincent Asaro with participating in the Lufthansa job.


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