reloading 357 sig

I have Unique, Bullseye and Power Pistol.

(think of them as the European version Open up the load data page you wish to download. I originally purchased a new Sig P229 in 1997. Required fields are marked *. .357 SIG - Manufacturer Loading Data.

380) do not work very well in the. The loading sessions (for 124 grain loads, and for 147 grain loads) went very smooth, and I was surprised at how well Hornady One-Shot lube worked (I don’t use for bottleneck rifle sizing).

FN bullets

JHPs as an alternative for the .357 Magnum with 158-gr.

The .357 SIG has been around now for about 25 years. With Unique and Power Pistol I use #500 CCI Standard Pistol Primers, however, just as with sixgun loads, I switch to #550 CCI Magnum Pistol Primers with Accurate #9. Enter To Win A Altor 9mm & .380 Pistol Package. If you use bullets made specifically for .357 Sig, the crimp issue becomes less of a problem.

those made by Speer).

Interested to hear how your Pro Chucker does- I like that press too- lots of great features.

I think .357 SIG is a lot of fun, and love the fact that I can use my Glock 20 to shoot and develop loads for .357 SIG. They're long and pointy (when compared to a .45 or 10mm bullet) and have less full-bore diameter bearing surface (as a percentage Reloading for the .357 SIG is relatively straightforward, but there are some special considerations that warrant close attention. I laughed at what I thought was a Lee POS until I gave it a try. Showing all 2 results. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

The original idea was to come up with a cartridge equivalent to the .357 Magnum but at an overall cartridge length for use in standard-sized semi-autos. Rich, try for a conversion barrel for your Glock 20. Started loading 357sig a year ago,been loading 400 corban for 20 years.I set headspace at .003 to .006 using my barrel as a gage.When crimping I go an extra step and put a cannelure on the bullets,and use Lee factory crimp die.NO bullet setback here.In 1911’s you will have setback with out the cannelure,in other guns maybe not as bad.Why take the chance?Think not chamber 20 rounds extract without shooting and check OAL.

My most accurate reloads for the SIG .357 3.9" Model 229 Legion would be the Hornady 124-XTP and 115-XTP, both over 8.7 grains of Power Pistol, (1,330 fps and 1,325 fps); and the Hornady 115-XTP with 13.5 grains Accurate #9, clocking out at 1,374 fps. Poll: What Reloading Components Can’t You Find?

Is there a link you can provide that categorizes and breaks down all these options?

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Set the sizing die depth so that the shoulder on the sized case is pushed back 0.003" shorter than the fired case. Both of these problems can be avoided by following Using Magnum primers with #9 in the .357 SIG results in much smaller extreme spreads.


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