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Your method avoids having to populate anything in the record producer at all, but you’ve got to have a business rule on each target table. Look for the part with the src, just like the URL, you will want to make the .do public. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Absolutely. Record producers are a great piece of ServiceNow functionality that allows for the creation of records in any table via the standard Service Catalog interface. We can change this by making them public. Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Filters in ServiceNow, Building a CI Change Calendar Macro – On The Fly, WEBINAR: Change Management Turnkey: Top 3 Ways to Turn Organizational Change into a Positive Experience, How to Transform Customer Service Management at Warp Speed, The Final ‘Work Note’ – Goodbye From ServiceNow Guru, Thanks! The ServiceNow Developer Program provides developers with resources to learn, build and deploy applications on the ServiceNow platform, and offers resources to ensure a successful application building experience. Please note that you will need to manually update every record producer in the system that you want this to work with in order for the producer script to be updated as necessary! ERROR at line 3: Expected ‘)’ to match ‘(‘ from line 3 and instead saw ‘;’. Record producers are a great piece of ServiceNow functionality that allows for the creation of records in any table via the standard Service Catalog interface. Description.

Automatically added by "Force population of record producer used" business rule.

It is common for users to request that record producers and catalog items be made public on the Content Management System. I think the best solution is simply to create a new reference field referencing the ‘Record producer’ [sc_cat_item_producer] table named ‘Record producer’ [u_record_producer] on the ‘task’ table. What type of a field should the “Record producer” be?
You can do that by going to sys_choice.LIST in the application picker. Welcome to WordPress. While there are many ways to validate different kinds of data, preventing the submission of … I've updated the article.

Nice, I wasn’t aware of this. Their visibility can be limited to only interested parties. You’re right! I search the glide system class documentation but could not spot it?? The purpose of the business rule is to overcome the issue this article is about. Again a great solution. If you’ve got additional tables that don’t extend ‘task’, just repeat the same step there as well. Read on for a fairly simple solution to this problem! When an end-user wants the ability to create task-based records from the service catalog, you can allow him or her a type of catalog item called a Record Producer. The business rule simply populates the record producer sys_id value into the record producer ‘Script’ field every time the record producer is inserted or updated and then the standard record producer script/creation process takes over and writes the producer Sys ID to the field per normal operations. Seems to be barfing once it gets to the first &. Let’s create a new one. Well done. So for example…. We’ll want to store the record producer value on each target record that is created. This was just what I was looking for, thanks for sharing. Files attached to the record producer are automatically attached to the record that is created. Here are the steps based on the base system ESS Portal.

The post Hello world! I think it was just posted here. Letting users select categories may be specific to the scope of the clients work. That way, you can have one shared field that will be available to almost everything that you’ll usually use with record producers.


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