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Since Ray had never informed anyone in his family that he was gay – naturally – he and Archer enlist the services of Cheryl to serve as Ray’s fake wife, who proves to be waaaay too into the idea of being married [3]. Oh, and found out he's not paralyzed. This stub is making Kirby sad. Archer’s mom needs to go on The Maury Show and find out who his daddy is. A private intelligence agency with a costly health insurance plan definitely wouldn't be financially stable for long. When was Ray paralyzed again? With the number of times this has occurred, Tinnitus surely contributed to ISIS' dire financial straits. Cheryl/Carol comes from a bank’s worth of money and has a pet ocelot. With each episode that passes, it’s becoming ever clearer that Archer’s in the midst of one of those mythical seasons where everything clicks and an already-great show ascends to an even higher plane of existence. There has been some confusion over the beast of the Beyblade. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Mr. Ford However, in House Call, a typically oblivious Krieger tells Cyril "Remind me to reboot the CPU in Ray's legs", revealing that his legs could have been fixed at any time. Use the HTML below. Ray's paralysis has become a recurring gag, as well as the fact that it is always caused by Archer in some way. He has developed a fear of eventually becoming a complete cyborg as his legs, feet, and right hand are now bionic. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. You already had the wheel chair! Being a disgraced former minister who is still capable of performing marriages for straight couples (the irony is not lost on him) and he has been known to wear a clerical shirt and collar underneath his clothes. In Legs, after hitting the breaking point of frustration with Sterling and some coercion by Krieger, Ray decides to undergo an operation to restore his ability to walk by having his lower body replaced with bionic prosthetics. (Admitting, "it was a pretty weird time for [him]."). That was also sarcasm since apparently now we’re saying whenever we do it.” When did he become paralyzed again? Krieger offers Ray a pair of bionic legs. *”Plus, I’d rather kill myself. When things went bad, he disguised himself as Malory to expedite the mission, wearing a wig and one of her Chanel suits. *”I swear to God… if Kreiger was doing his… what’s his new awful thing?” “Ultimate Bum Shock Fights.” He was about to parachute off the C-130 when Archer knocked him unconscious so he could take the mission. #art #fanart #adult #archer #cartoon #cool #gun #dangerzone #fox #fxx #gillette #noir #purple #ray #raygillette #cityscape #stylized *”So… is there like special chicken shaving cream, or…” “First of all, that is a rooster!” “Yeah… like Kenny Rogers Roosters.” “ROASTERS!” I even heard them use West Virginia in the promo. In Pocket Listing, during a botched mission at the Tuntmore Mansion, Ray comes face to face with an enormous and aggressive carnivorous plant. Yet the thing probably drove ISIS to near bankruptcy was the amount of health insurance claims that revolved around Tinnitus. Unlike Sterling Archer, he is not nearly as selfish, such as voluntarily going to rescue Pam Poovey after her kidnapping, as well as picking up the jobs of others when they're unable to. He'll always be in a chair because at this point, he's just lazy. You can help the Heroes Wiki by expanding it! In the opening of Season 4, Ray follows the rest of the group to a resort in hopes of restoring Archer's suppressed memories, while at the same time expressing heavy disdain over his paralyzed state. After Archer returned with Katya Kazanova, he accompanied Malory, Lana and Doctor Krieger on their mission to eliminate Archer and Katya because they appeared to have double-crossed the agency. A one-stop shop for all things video games. If it makes you feel any better, my mind immediately jumps to Arkansas. Characters throughout the series sustained fatal injuries in one episode and seemingly recovered by the next episode. I'm on season 4 and must have missed it, and I can't find info regarding the episode in which he was re-paralyzed. RELATED: Archer: Just Who Is Sterling Archer's Real Father? I have no idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me. My only regret is that there are just four episodes left in the season after this one. However in the fourth season finale Sea Tunt: Part II the CPU controlling his legs gets fried by a defibrillator thanks to Archer, and he is once again wheelchair bound. His apartment is decorated in a modern Japanese style, and he traditionally eats a. Ray grew up in the small town of Ferlin in the backwoods of West Virginia. The trumpet player and band leader for the, The local gendarme on the fictional island of. While the new healthcare plan was labeled the "best plan ever" by Cheryl, it was tremendously expensive. In Drastic Voyage: Part II, he is once again crippled, but caused it to himself when attempting to talk to Lana just as the ship was about to take a sudden surge in speed. Title: Ray correctly deduced that he would only require the surgically-implanted battery to regain his mobility, though Krieger insisted on the metal bones as well simply because he felt they were "awesome". There are several enlightening flashbacks. *”Ooh… or maybe Ray would run over them with his wheelchair. He’s just been rolling with everyone else’s assumption that he was. In "Blood Test" it is very strongly implied that he sexually takes advantage of Cyril Figgis after he was knocked out by Malory. Ray's paralysis causes him to go through depression for the first few episodes of season five. Despite Pam's "sub-par" assistance in the operation and Sterling's many failed attempts to stop the process out of his fear of cyborgs, the operation is a success, allowing Ray to walk once more. When was Ray paralyzed again? In Southbound and Down, when Krieger repairs Ray's bionic legs, Ray exclaims "About damn time! I’m not convinced anyone on this show had a normal upbringing. *”What’s happening? [2] Almost forgot – the armory scene establishes that Ray is not, in fact, paralyzed. Archer cannot reach Ray in time to save the human race from the rise of the machines, so he crawls into the ceiling duct work. It was a running gag in the series that Bret would somehow manage to get shot to the amazement of Archer and his fellow ISIS employees. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? While Lana piloted the yacht, she got annoyed by Ray and jarred the yacht, causing a make-up applicator to get lodged in his eye. Breaking Bad did this in its third season. Agent Ray Gillette is the only reasonable person in the Archer series. And then he got paralyzed a couple more times but Space Race got him the bionic legs (albeit not that exact episode does he receive them), He gets paralysed at the end of the half of the seasons, except 1, 2 and 5. *”Well, Janelle… obviously the actual scripture is open to interpretation but what I took away from it is that we should go in the barn and screw our brains out on a huge pile of marijuana.” “It didn’t say nothin’ about a rubber, did it?” “It did NOT.” *”I’m kinda surprised to see you married. Krieger drugs Ray's coffee and Pam readies to assist (while slamming 40 oz. After his alleged crippling, Ray was removed from the active field agent roster, being replaced by, Ray is a very good artist, being able to flawlessly draw the snake that bit Archer in. I bet you’re up to your eyeballs in poon tang!” “Oh, yeah… just so many… vaginas.” Archer: Just Who Is Sterling Archer's Real Father? In order to ensure they could complete the important mission, she lent them the ISIS Black Titanium Credit Card. (31 Jan 2013). When they were laying out a plan to do so with dolls and a map of the building, he was the "little pink sailor". I look forward to it. Almost forgot – the armory scene establishes that Ray is not, in fact, paralyzed. After injuring his eye, Ray is shot in the abdomen by "Bucky" (the now-arrested pirate mutineer) and is also seen in the end of the episode in an electric wheelchair being called a cripple by Cheryl. Later, in Season 5, it was revealed that ISIS wasn't a legitimate US government-sanctioned spy agency, which meant that a lot of the money they did earn either had to be laundered or pocketed by Malory herself. brews; Pam: "Should I wash my hands?" 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