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Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. point  Blaze may not extend into the nose leather. Seal Ragdolls, Blue Ragdolls, Chocolate Ragdolls and Lilac Ragdolls. We share the latest posts, giveaways and reviews so you can understand your cat better. Any other change in colour suggests they are not a full ragdoll. To see pictures of some of the colors and patterns please click here. point. I want one Ragdoll of each color! following colors: **Click on each Genetics & Medical Info: Early Spay/Neuter | Declawing | Color Chart | Controlling White | Red Color Chart | TICA Code Chart. Cream This type of Ragdoll cat has ivory and cream fur. As you can see, the color variety in Ragdoll cats is quite impressive. Flophouse - all colors and patterns Ragbencher Ragdolls. lol <3, again, bless the readers for the awesome photos =). underlined color or pattern to see a page filled with pictures of What is the Eye Color on a seal ragdoll? Lilac Ragdolls are extremely beautiful, as the contrast between their blue eyes and light-colored fur is absolutely astonishing. Seal Seal Ragdolls display a typical combination of creamy white or another light color and dark brown fur. look!! Check out the photos and descriptions below to see the fascinating color variety of Ragdoll cats. Like for the other color varieties, cream Ragdolls come in several patterns. in their homes acting like Ragdolls do.... very cute, take a Kittens are born blind. Ragdoll Flame Ragdolls come in various patterns, from Colorpoint to Lynx and Tortie. the eyes or a broken blaze between the eyes and on the nose. Ragdoll cats and kittens All colors in the Ragdoll cats are colorpointed cats and tend to come in well-known colorpointed colors. Possible patterns include Colorpoint, Colorpoint Mitted, Bicolor, Lynx, and others. Pictured with me are my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg. authors. Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. At the moment, black Ragdolls may only be shown as domestic pets in any type of official competition, as they are considered to be controversial. The Mink Ragdoll has a gorgeous blue or aqua (blue-green) eye coloring , resembling those pictures of the Caribbean Sea. SUCH A FABULOUSLY PAWESOME POST, Jenny!! Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide Since 2008. Going to need a MUCH BIGGER PLACE!!! The blue eye colour will continue to get darker until the age of 3 years. Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! The Ragdoll Cat, Colours and Patterns. PICK YOUR PATTERN AND COLOR AND CONTACT DAVE FOR KITTEN DETAILS AND AVAILABILITY. point  Ragdoll Cats are a Pointed cat, in that their points (ears, face, limbs and tail) are a darker colour than their body colour.. Ragdoll Cat Colours: Seal – dark brown points on a lighter body colour and; Blue – steely-grey colour with a lighter body colouring; The standard Ragdoll Cat colours are Seal and Blue, only. Copyright © 1979-2020. In the traditional Ragdoll kitten, the eye color is always blue . be bred in the above colors. Cream Red Please note that regardless of the color, all Ragdolls share the breed’s characteristics in terms of fur texture, size, and temperament. Blue Nose leather is the color of the points. Ragdolls: These white patterns may The Ragdoll is carefully Grab the Floppycats FREE Guide: "Top 10 Pawesome Cat Products" that I know your cat will love. Cat eyes can come in a variety of colors. If, at this point, you detect any other eye color changes, it may be a sign of eye damage or a serious underlying medical condition. point  History of the Ragdoll: History | Cahpter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Light/Dark | Pictorial History GBM. The Ragdoll cat is an all-around best buddy to just about everyone. point  All Ragdoll kittens are born white with blue eyes. Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. *Black While this color variety has yet to be officially accepted by TICA, Ragdoll cats do come in black as well. Chocolate Kitten Contest. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © December 14, 2002 through present... All rights reserved by the Full color development may not be evident until 2-3 years of age. The Ragdoll has a bunny Sitemap: Welcome | Board Members/Contact | Ragdoll Clubs | Breeding Ragdolls |Link Banners The back may have shading in a lighter shade of the point color, The eye is blueish as it first starts to develop, gradually becoming the final adult color at three months. Whether you prefer the typical seal point Ragdoll or want a more exotic variation of this breed, such as a flame point or a lilac Ragdoll, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to these amazing cats. BiColor: The Ears, mask and tail to be well- Defined in the darker color. Cat eye color is due to the presence of melanin, which itself is the result of genetics. [ Home ] [ About RFW ] [ Flophouse Photos ] [ Breeding Ragdoll Cats ] [ FAQ ] [ Available Kittens ] [ Join  RFW ] [ Adult Ragdolls ] [ Genetics ] [ Show Results ] [ Breeder Directory ] [ RFW Banner ] [ In The News ] [ Colors and Patterns ] [ Membership ] [ New on RFW ]. Learn how your comment data is processed. bred to produce pleasing patterns of white markings. They are similar to both blue and Cream Ragdolls, but the distinguishing factor is light shades of both colors in their fur. The TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard for the Ragdoll cat allows the Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links which generate commission if you purchase anything starting with those links. Lilac Check out this awesome Litter-Robot Open Air Bundle Deal! Available Cats & Kittens: Available Kittens | Available Adult Cats | Submit a Cat/Kitten Form While the dark brown is characteristic for seals, the light brown is the marking trait of chocolate Ragdolls. Lynx point, and Particolor point divisions. Here is a little story about our Ragdoll cats, Chase & Sprinter. Maintained by RFCI, Original graphics by Gerlinda.com. RFCI.org All Rights Reserved. Bonus 2018 Giveaway: Darwin’s Pet Meals Prize Pack. Seal Please note that regardless of the color, all Ragdolls share the breed’s characteristics in terms of fur texture, size, and temperament. Breeder Ads: Ad Rates | Full Page Ads | Half Page Ads | Quarter Page Ads | Business Card Ads Full color development may not be evident until 2-3 years of Ragdoll kittens will not open their eyes until their second week of life. Chocolate Similar to the seal variety, chocolate Ragdolls present a combination of light-colored fur and light brown fur. Ragdoll Colors darken with age so you will see a definite change as time goes by. Eye color, however, between the traditional pointed variety, the Mink Ragdoll and the Solid Ragdoll are a distinguishing feature. with various markings of white and color patches. photo courtesy Cheryl Adams Flophouse - all colors and patterns. **Click on each underlined You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. The CFA (Cat’s Fancier’s Association) has introduced the term “flame” to relay the very warm tones of red and orange present in this variety of Ragdoll cat. Once a kitten’s eyes have developed completely, by about 3 months of age, his eyes should be done changing color. At birth, all Ragdoll cats are of the same color. More info can be found here. point  The trademark characteristic is precisely the contrast between the ivory-like shades of white and the very light, but warm tones of brown (cream) in their fur. Enter your details below to get it. they age. pointed category, in the accepted Solid point, Tortie point, age. Blue Ragdolls may come in various patterns, such as Blue Colorpoint, Blue Tortie, Blue Lynx Colorpoint, Blue Lynx Bicolor, or Blue Lynx Mitted. The presence of the dark brown fur is mandatory for it to be considered a seal. The reality is the colour of the parents has a big effect on what the colours of the kittens will be. However, they can be used as breeders. The RFCI currently recognizes 6 colors and 5 patterns in the Ragdoll: (recognition of colors and patterns may vary between registering Associations). © 2008 - 2020 Floppycats.com All Rights Reserved. Winner's Circle: Scoring | Online Score Sheet | Winner's Archives About the Ragdoll: Description | Colors & Patterns | Pictorial | How to buy a kitten | Preparing for a kitten | Scratching Post Worldwide Breeder List: United States |International Ragdoll They love their human families–even children–and will get along with other pets fairly well. Here are all the possible colors in this breed, as per the standards of The International Cat Association (TICA): Blue The term used by cat breeders is blue, but the color seen in this type of Ragdoll cat is gray or sometimes in certain light, a taupe-like color.


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