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10) Who played the original twins in the 1961 movie The Parent Trap? He steals a loaf of bread and later gives it to hungry children. 22.) 4.) That would be a strain on any animal, Disney movie or no. ... Can You Name the Disney Movies? Entertaining educational card game loved for bringing your favourite Disney characters to life... 500 puzzling and captivating questions that will test your kledge and memory on the world of Disney. ", "Best Senior Site ever on the Web! Is it legal? To prove your mastery of hard Disney trivia questions and answers, take the following 35 question quiz. 10-0 Correct: Pop some popcorn and revisit your childhood with a Disney movie marathon. You'll need JavaScript to take the quiz. (Bonus: Who played the twins in its 1998 remake? From Snow White to Moana, if you can’t quote a line from the movie, are you really a fan?! However, we think you can achieve a higher result if you try again. These are the Answers to the second Disney round quiz. 13) Which Disney princess's dress changes colour as she dances with her prince at the end of the movie? Ideal for quiz nights, family gatherings and special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and New Years celebrations. You really know your Disney ABC’s. 15) Who plays Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries? Quiz Answers. But for those who just want some fun movie questions to take their minds of the current climate, Disney is the place to go. 34.) So many quotes from these classic cartoons are inspirational and memorable. The answer we’re looking for here is love. 8.) The snake’s name was Kaa and Baloo was the lovable bear. Why does Mrs. Jumbo get locked up in "Dumbo"? The answer we were going for was a clock though. The Ultimate Pixar Quiz Answers With 16 films in the top 50 highest-grossing animated movies of all time, Pixar has millions of fans from children to grown adults. Disney’s first-ever animated film was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. Do you fancy yourself a Disney movie trivia questions buff? Close your eyes and let us take you back to the castle where Cinderella met her prince, to the tower room in which Aurora slept, and the classic ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast and answer a few questions for us. (A point for each answer, of which there are two.). What game are Pascal and Rapunzel playing in the beginning of "Tangled"? Disney fanatics of all ages are in for "a whole new world" of fun with this enchanting version of... Can you name two songs from The Little Mermaid? Do you have what it takes to be a Disney master? There is an answer sheet and score scale at the end so you can grade yourself. You have seen every Disney movie that there is to see and then some. Nala and Simba were reprimanded throughout their childhood by both Mufasa and Simba’s mother Sarabi. The media conglomerate has been making movies for years and has now bought up some of their biggest competitors such as Marvel and Pixar. 29.) 11.) Wonderful humor. Name This Disney Movie Quiz from Quiz Diva 100% correct answers. NAME THIS MOVIE. Copyright © 2020 QuizHelp.Top - All Rights Reserved Created with DoDa  His performance in “Aladdin” is iconic. Alright, it’s time to see how you did! It’s time to practice your Disney ABCs! Believe it or not, Mickey Mouse was not Walt Disney’s first creation. Tiger. Please remember Quiz Diva could change this Disney Movie test in the future. 1.) The Darling’s pet dog was named Nana and she lived up to her name. Disney characters have been a huge part of our lives and almost everyone all across the globe loves them. Quiz Diva Answers, can you identify these common animals quiz answers. Whatever your heart desires, we can quiz you on it! Quizzes are constantly updated. Mickey was the sorcerer’s apprentice in the movie Fantasia but he wasn’t the first pick. The sidekick’s name in Pocahontas was Meeko. Express. 30.) Complete your quiz offer – Finish The Lyrics on Quiz Diva with 100%, Quiz Diva Ultimate Halloween Quiz Answers 100% Score . Complete your quiz offer – Name This Disney Movie on QuizDiva with. READ MORE:  David Bowie children: Who are the mothers of David Bowie's children? 12) Which Disney animation follows the romance of two animals, who mistakenly eat the same piece of spaghetti at the same time? If you find any questions that are not present here or if your score was not 100% with the answers on our website, please let us know by putting your Quiz Link in the box below and press Submit. Complete your quiz offer – Ultimate Halloween Quiz on Quiz Diva with 100%, Can You Identify These Common Animals Quiz All Answers 100% Score . Did you ace our Disney movie trivia quiz? 19-11 Correct: You know your stuff but you may have skipped a Disney movie or two somewhere. Did you know that Donald Duck had a twin sister? 14.) Answer each question and check the answers at the end. Lewis was also the author of the books that this classic Disney movie was based on. Classic Disney Movie Trivia Answers. quiz diva true or false trivia quiz answers, Fall Guys Missing Piece Quiz Answers-Quiz Diva, Name This Disney Movie Quiz Answers Quiz Diva, name this disney movie quiz answers quiz diva, quiz diva answers name this disney movie quiz, Video Facts Lucky Wheel Halloween Edition Quiz Answers 2020 (20 Questions), Unscramble The Animal Quiz Answers Video Facts, 3-Min Halloween Quiz Answers Video Facts – The Halloween Brainteaser, Người biểu tình chống chính phủ Hong Kong đang cổ vũ cho ‘Trump cứng rắn’. We may earn commission from links on this page. We are always updating our Disney movie quiz, so make sure to check back often! It was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Things may have been a little interesting if he was raised by Shinzi and the other hyenas but we think Sarabi makes the better mom. While Carol and Olivia are perfectly nice names, Ursula didn’t use them for her fake name. Her name was Della duck and she looks exactly like Donald with blonde hair. Congratulations, you win at Disney movie trivia. Recite your ABC’s while thinking Disney thoughts, and then try again! 2.) Disney has produced some of the most popular films in the world, whether it is live-action or animated. Weird to think about huh? What is the first word that Bambi learns? The names of all of them were Sleepy, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, and Happy. 6.) Only 14 theaters could show it because they were the only ones equipped with a sound system that could handle it. Let’s see if we can correctly guess your favorite Disney movie based on your quote choices. 33.) 10.) 2.) You may find yourself completely caught off guard with some of the answers. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Hamilton streaming release date: When is Hamilton available on Disney? With 16 films in the top 50 highest-grossing animated movies of all time, Pixar has millions of fans from children to grown adults. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express 14) What are the three children called in The Incredibles? Mulan never did unless Shang is secretly a prince (that would be a plot twist). Take our quiz and find out how much you really know about your favorite Disney characters. A little more dark and mysterious sounding than Chester.


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