queensland heeler puppies for sale in bakersfield ca

She used to roam around the 30 acre ranch at will, but once she lost her hearing she was put safely into our backyard.

The pup in her second litter got some tan on ears/back-it was very light. Clooney was just a year old when his sire, McConaughey passed. Some blues will have typical tan markings, some will not (blue without tan). ...and more pups after going to their new homes, Katie at 5 yrs old (Hudson {Pfeiffer line} x Tatum), (Note: "White" heelers are rare, but has happened for me), A gorgeous grown pup (chocolate colored) from. You may simply email me and be on the "interested" list (no payment required). If a solid white one is in the litter (usually known by 3-4 wks old), it will probably already belong to someone by the time we realize it is a "white" pup. It is your responsibility to investigate. ), markings (mask, patches, spots, tan), In addition, I cannot know who in front of you might not respond, or decline. It will be first come, first serve at this point. L20C10576 / KENNEL 35 / WEIGHT 38.2 poundS / AVAILABLE DATE These variables all affect how quickly I get to you in the reservation folder, and cannot be predicted (e.g., I. folder and 8 pups born...and work my way up to the 20th reservation (or more) due to gender/color/markings in litter not fitting what is reserved. 61/2 weeks ol. Don't miss what's happening in your and the "Bentley" mark (white star) will appear as well, once the ticking fills in, at about 3 weeks of age. Don’t wire money or take advance payments. ahead gets you a pup quicker, but please realize I don't control litter size, color or gender, or if they "take" when they are bred; this is left to nature. (opting to wait... for various personal reasons), when they are contacted/offered a pup. I currently have 11 heelers here on the property. for sale, Queensland Heeler pups in Oroville, Ca.
She had lots of the red markings at birth, and the white filled in with red "ticking", (pic sent to me by his owner...he will grow into those ears too), She is a stumpy tail heeler (blue with no tan so she should throw reds/blues. He literally thinks he is a kid and loves to play with, (she has no tan, but throws pups with tan bred to Clooney), She throws reds and blues...(some with and some w/o tan). you may just email me and I will put you on an "interested" (not reserved/no payment necessary) list. and the sire of Midler, who was also born with no tail. -just ask the FedEx delivery man who leans over the fence to pet him and give him his treat. 61/2 weeks ol. From there you can see photos of their pups, find detailed information on their web page and contact them by e-mail, phone and even get driving directions. November 4, 2012 Sarandon's litter-a sea of beautiful colors. You can specify your interest in one, or specify you do not want tan legs/chest and I can try to work that out but there is no guarantee...you can always back out of a pup you have chosen, and wait for the next litter, at any time before they go home. She is unrelated to any of our other dogs.
No way to know at birth which pups will be light and which will be a more typical darker blue, ...or which will end up with tan markings, or have a chocolate color or ?. These pups will then be offered to the interested list (. ) This is up to the owner of the pup, of course. **Scroll down for pictures and information on the miniatures, Shelton Blue is from the same line as Pfeiffer  (Pfeiffer's dam is his granddam), so he will continue her line. See Queensland Heeler Puppies available for sale … McConaughey...taking time from his busy breeding schedule to smell the roses... Senseney: (Deceased now but not forgotten); red female. I should thank Rick Tucker, DVM  for going above and beyond to help me that day. I allow them to breed as they come into heat, and monitor breeding, but there is no way to rush this process.


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