prius gas mileage dropping
It is a 2004 1.8t with 109k on it. Most of my driving is short distance, stop & go, and I am seeing that sometimes the engine doesn't shut down when I am stopped. In the Phoenix area, temperatures rise in March and sometimes we will have a short period of warmer than normal temps in February. I've kept a close eye on it for the past several thousand miles to rule out differences in fuel fill-ups. The tranny repair guy told me that some oils contain unacceptable amounts of paraffin (a WAX)... told me to never use Quaker State and that he recommended Valvoline. I have one other incident where when I was traveling at a low speed, I lost all power. The gaps were a little out of range, and there was some wear, but 148k on spark plugs and the car still runs good? But with a lot of 2-3 mile trips during the week I am getting about 10mpg less than usual compared to my other 2010. What are the signs that the battery may need replacement? I've read repeatedly that the NKG PFR6Q is the OEM plug but it only has a single ground. Prius (2010-12) Fuel :: Mileage Dropping Without Any Apparent Reason. It has now 145K miles.when I bought it a year ago, it had 134K on it. 6 Posts . With the colder weather in the NE, I am experiencing lower mpg with the ES 300h. Prius (2004-09) :: Lower Mileage After Spark Plug Change? I have another 2010 I have been driving for 3 years so I am pretty used to the mileage I can expect under different conditions. I have 60k on a 2010 Prius III. I realize that my memory could be faulty, but this is driving me nuts. My 2010 prius had been giving low mpg since the last three months. Gas mileage down to near 30. Passat (B5) :: 2002 - Changed Spark Plugs But Gas Mileage Dropped To 24 MPG? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. However, during my recent 350 mile trip back from FL to North GA, I noticed that while "stable", the pressure seemed to be ever so slowly dropping to the 1/4 area of the meter. I hope to put them in in a day or 2. What else can cause loss of oil pressure? Your IP: Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. First tank was 51 MPG, than 48, 46 and now 45. each one was 75% city driving, 25% freeway. I just want to make sure I do not cause overheating. Prius (2010-12) Fuel :: Temps Have Been Dropping, MPG Dropping As Well, Tiguan :: 2010 - How To Change Spark Plugs, Toyota - Corolla :: 2002 - Tighten Spark Plugs To Same Torque Specifications As Regular Plugs, Prius C :: Connector On The Spark Plugs Has Different Color. Under-Carriage Plastic Protection Came Off; Could that Affect Gas Mileage. I bought my 07 prius in May and got very good mileage. When the car is totally warm and I measure the mileage for 15 miles or so I get normal readings of mpg. I have a 2012 Prius with 82,000 miles. That being said, shouldn't I be seeing better MPG than that? They also told me that my spark plugs were shot. back got 41mph what should i do to get back the I was 2 hours into an 8 hour round trip day trip. After changing my tires a few weeks ago I've dropped to about 40mpg regardless of where or how I drive. I checked the oil level at every stop and it was never more than 1/2 quart from full. The MPG on our Prius recently dropped from 52 to 44. How do I know I have tightened them to the right amount?How do I avoid cross threading the spark plugs? I have noticed over the past few months that my gas mileage is dropping (from about 29 to 24) on the highway and I seem to have lost some power. Car still runs great but at 13mpg it's starting to hurt a little financially. What are the symptoms for the spark plugs to be changed? I have driven the car roughly 2,500 miles since all of this stuff was done and it just seemed to continue to drop to the 41 MPG mark.What I have noticed though is that when the motor turns off it shudders and the when it restarts while the car is in park the car will roll back and forth slightly. What's up with that? Could that be caused by a bad coil? The drop occurred shortly after we took the car to a dealer for the software related recall fix. July 4, 2016, 9:55pm #1. My question is: is it necessary to disconnect the 12v battery to do this? I was looking around under the hood and noticed that the color of the connector on the spark plugs is different. Were you going really fast when you got poor fuel economy? We have had several cold days here, and my mpg seems to be going down. I stop the car for a bit and then am able to continue my trip. My driving habits have not changed. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Prius (2010-12) Fuel :: Mileage Dropping Without Any Apparent Reason Have had my 2011 Prius all of 4 weeks. Bought my car three weeks ago. Prius (2010-12) Fuel :: MPG Dropping - Replace With New Tires? Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 19, 2007. No other changes were made. I had a similar problem once with my previous car (1998 Jetta GLI) and it was due to going from a three ground spark plug to a single ground plug. The dealer said I’d run it out of gas and the 12 volt battery was no longer good. Gas mileage as stated by Suburu for the 2015 Outback (2.5 engine) is 25-33 with a combined of 28. So I bought a used 2010 Gen 3 with ~26,000 miles on it in July 2013. I think in the end though we are going to be friends...Here are some pics of the old plugs.


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