pokey and porky

Donkey Kong | Kracko | Andonuts even feels sympathy for the tyrant, as in his own words, ".

Redd | Specknoses | While his whole personality may be just one big theory, Porky has a few characteristics that can be pinned down anyway. Meta Knight | Maybe I’m just blinded by nostalgia, but I like the name Robotnik loads more than Eggman, which just sounds too Japanese-y and lame. but, when you defeat the mayor, he quits the job. Claus |

Metal Face | First off, I prefer things as accurate as possible, so I appreciate you going with Porky and that’s why I clamor for you to translate MOTHER 2 on the MOTHER 1 + 2 so we can have consistency across all 3 games. Gravity Man |

Xord | 13 (EarthBound)Age unknown, estimated between 1,000 and 10,000 (Mother 3) Yveltal |

Jade Face |
Mario | Tharja | HONK This site is a personal blog and is not affiliated with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi, Brownie Brown, or any other companies.

Porky soon confronts them in a large spider mecha near the final battle location. Starmans | Nruffs | Dark Samus | Piranha Plant |

Galleom |

I think this was a fantastic idea for an article and I really hope to see more “behind-the-scenes of the fan translation” posts like this in the future. Pigmasks |

Sigma | Dark Mind | Chain Chomps | Rodin, the Infinite One | In Earthbound, in Ness' Magicant, the realm inside his mind, as the game states, Ness believed that Porky's actions before the confrontation with Giygas, was due in part of him being envious of Ness the whole time. And now something similar has happened again. I decided I’d just cover the issue briefly in the translation notes. Calamity Ganon | Mooks | After a meteor strikes on a hilltop in the small town of Onett in the middle of the night, Porky investigates the site, only coming up short as the police will not let him. In The Subspace Emissary, he fights Ness and Lucas and later appears in The Great Maze.His theme for Brawl was first revealed in the Smash Bros. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. While I refer to the character as Porky, I refer to his robots as Pokey-bots. Shine and Mr. A portly and distasteful boy, he is Ness' neighbor in the suburbs of Onett, the son of Aloysius Minch and Lardna Minch, and the older brother of Picky Minch. Walhart | Pokey doesn’t have that stigma attached to it (aside from Gumby) and actually sort of sounds like a name a real person would be called. Crazy Hand | Even though he keeps his pace, both ultimately defeat Porky, whose mecha falls to the ground in malfunction. I can’t win. It is unknown if Porky is working for the Subspace Army, but it is said by many sources that he is actually a general under Tabuu. It’s a tough call to make really. Powers/Skills I wish his name was ‘Porky’ correctly in original Earthbound. Whoa, I’m actually surprised how many people have adopted “Porky” – I thought it’d be a lot less. Medeus | Bloopers | Geese Howard | Metroid Prime | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tiki Tak Tribe (Kalimba | Gong-Oh | Maraca Gang | Wacky Pipes | Cordian | Banjo Bottom | Xylobone) | Black Shadow | Mugly | Master Hand | Ganondorf | False Bowser | I even call them Pokey-bots It seems like only when I’m writing for something more formal do I call him Porky. Porky is Porky and Giygas is Giygas, regardless of what game I’m referring to. King Hippo |

Birdo | Really interesting to me (a reason I asked about the PK/PSI topic).

Chargin' Chucks | Shield Knight | Galleom |

Sorry for double comment but I didn’t notice the poll. Wind Man | Shadow Man | Hmm, in the long run Porky is probably better. Top Man | It seals Porky inside, and being true to its name, it protects Porky from all harm. Rathalos, Playable Characters Travis Touchdown | Balrog | Petey Piranha | Kip | Here, he is seen as a high-ranked member of the Subspace Army who attacks Lucas in The Ruined Zoo using his Pig King Statue and a fleet of Primids. Destroy Ness and his friends (in Earthbound).Conquer the world using Giygas' power (in Earthbound).Destroy Lucas and the rest of Tazmilly Village (in Mother 3).Rule and destroy the world and the rest of the universe (in Mother 3). Type of Villain Reading some of the stuff in the Mother 2 to Earthbound section (about how rough the script the localization team had to work with was) makes me think that Pokey was just the result of a mistranslation anyway, and not a conscious effort to make his name fit with Picky better. His last message in the epilogue of the game came as a taunting letter to Ness from Picky saying "Come and get me, loser! Zangief | So what do you think? He likes to play practical jokes, and Shigesato Itoi has stated that he does not have any friends and therefore likely played only with Ness most of the time. I mean like the person said, I too thought Pokey would change his name to Porky, I mean I can think of a theory (which I can’t think of one at the moment ^^;) when he would change his name. However, the Absolutely Safe Capsule sprite variant used in the game is the empty variant. Twinrova | Wheelies | Knuckle Joes |

I would’ve said Pokey, except the pig theme works better with Porky. So I theorize that if Pokey, indeed, EARN the moniker “Porky”, then it is safe to assume there would have been some slight resentment there. Golems (Kirby) | Kritters | Dark Pit | Springtron | Galleom | Porky appears as a trophy, which can be used as an item in Smash Tour. January 6th, 2012 | EarthBound, MOTHER 3, Polls. Hobby Even NOA agreed with you! Ridley |

Vorash | Master Belch | After fighting a Starman, Ness returns Porky and Picky home and he is not seen for a while. King Bob-omb | Hoopa Unbound | I just beat Mother 3 yesterday for the first time, and I beat EarthBound a few months back for the first time. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. I agree with TonyJ. Mouser | The Pigmasks would later find his body and brainwash him into becoming their general, in pursuit to pull the Seven Needles to awake the Dark Dragon and destroy the world (or rather, reset it to Porky's image). Octoroks | In this appearance he is referred to "Porky", a more proper translation of his name, even on the label for his sticker, which uses his EarthBound clay model for the image. I like the nickname theory of “Porky” being more of a well-known nickname. But a while back, I started calling him Porky because I found out that was his true name.

Evil-doer But I definitely think calling him Porky in the translation patch was sensible and I don’t disagree with it. Claus |

I actually have a pretty odd way of referring to him.
Throughout the game, there are also references to "Pork" in different scenarios, such as "Pork Troopers" or "Bag of Pork Chips".

Hot Heads |

Pokey for Mother 2 (cause Picky and Pokey sound a whole lot better than Picky and Porky) and Porky for Mother 3, because of the whole Pigmask Army (makes sense that the King of Pigs would be called Porky instead of Pokey) Risky Boots | King Olly | Several other Mecha-Porkies join, battling Lucas all at once. If he wasn't, he became willfully evil at his own expense. When he decided to create an “army”, he decided (in a stroke of wonderfully stereotypical evil -reasoning) to embrace the name and use it to induce fear. When the battle ends, Dr. Andonuts reveals that he built the Absolutely Safe Capsule with the specifications that once someone is inside, the machine cannot be opened by anyone, including the person inside of it. . Wario | Were you for one or the other at first but since changed your mind?

Also known as In Mother 3, Porky returns as the king of the vast Pigmask Army, a whole army of brainwashed soldiers with pig-shaped masks and the undeniable tyrant of the Nowhere Islands. Pokey sounds more like a genuine name than Porky does, if you ask me. It is unclear whether or not Giygas or Porky is in charge during the boss fight with the two.

Chandelure | Garon | M. Bison | Rathalos | Sometimes I say Pokey, other times I say Porky. Usually I notice that name changes in stuff tend to cause a good amount of backlash, I guess this is a nice exception. When the cult is disbanded, he and his father become business consultants for Geldegarde Monotoli in Fourside, causing even more trouble for the heroes. Hammer Bros. | X-Parasites |

Shotzos | Mimicuties | Bumpety Bombs | Hammer Bros. | In my headcanon, Pokey was his little kid name and Porkey is his big kid name. Julius |

I use them interchangeably. Vega | Waluigi, Trophies/Spirits/Stickers It was also his intended name so I prefer to use it. Primids | Natah |

Solidus Snake | during the battle, he professed his goal is to remove all life from the world, leaving only the Dark Dragon and himself. After sweet-talking Ness's mother and convincing Ness to help him, they head off to look for Picky. Antasma | Quaggled Mireclops |

Juri Han | Porky (right) with Giygas in the final boss battle of Earthbound. For all we know, it couldn't have been.

I love how close to home EarthBound was and Pokey will always be Pokey. Bokoblins | Phantom Ganon | Swooping Snitchbug |

Space Pirates (Kid Icarus) | “Pork”y. .

At the beginning of EarthBound, Porky lives with his parents, Aloysius and Lardna, and his younger brother Picky in the house next door to Ness's. Skuttlers | So I voted Porky. Donkey Kong Jr. | Lord Nightmare | Porky Minch also appears in the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Subspace Emissary, as a boss.

Skull Kid | Mr. L |

Liquid Snake |

I think you did the right thing, Mato.

Koopa Troopas |

Gangrel | I have a heavily-used nickname, and the only time I EVER hear my real name is when my parents address me. Octobots | Banzai Bills | King Dodongo | Dharkon | Thanatos | Viruses | Dr. Coyle |


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