pit people best combinations

Pixies are amazing at dealing incredibly high AoE damage, they are also very hard to hit due to their incredibly high dodge chance, and not many enemies use light weapons. It is only visible to you. When attacking, they can launch their target up to two hexes behind them.

Light Swords strike twice and ignore part of their target's chance to dodge. gorgon works well with mushroom as mushroom damages it allowing … Kinda disagree with the cupcake in the c tier they should be a because i see them mostly in every loadout and of how good they are as they heal 10 to 12 hp to a single health unit. My favorite composition is fire bomb thrower hero, mace with light shield or shuriken, electro sword with medium shield, energy mortar, spidaur to kick and carry injured and for sixth slot kobolds or electrobot (have no ice weapon anyway).

The Cyclops is an example of a fantastic unit that's limited by their mobility. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. They made it to the end of the a solo pit run almost fully intact, about three times out of five lol I'd say that's alright in my book. You get two Kobolds for each unit slot, and Kobolds do bonus damage against archer-type units. Any help and advice is strongly welcomed. Mushrooms receive extra damage from Mallets. But that's just a balanced team. Personally I prefer tanky aggression and so I use Troll Mom, Hair Troll, and Octoclops and rarely lose.

Rainbow Horses' do extra damage to Wraiths if the Wraith is caught in the horn's explosion, and because the horn itself is considered a sharp object it will do increased damage to Vampiresses, too.

Originally posted by Free_Borne119: and the devs say the story is gonna be huge!

A community created Pit People tier list catagorizing the Units of the world of Pit People. Zombies are very useful to have on your team because they're essentially two units for one slot that do a standard amount of damage and can slow an enemy they attack, and when "killed" they can respawn again after a certain number of turns. (?) you should update the list rainbow horse should be s kobolds should be b or a. ☐, Add a Description for the Rainbow Horse. Cyclops' have no weaknesses or resistances, HOWEVER, an enemy team with alot of movement debuffs (such as nets, ice mortars, or snares) can and will most likely destroy your Cyclops. Get a troll mom and 3 wraiths and your set for just about anything. gorgon works well with mushroom as mushroom damages it allowing gorgon to potentially spawn snakes and increase your dps faster and reliably. Medium Bow: An "inked" target will have their team colour changed, meaning that they can no longer be targeted by your units and can instead be targeted by enemy units. Zombies are highly resistant to their poison. They do bonus damage to bleeding units. In this guide I will be explaining the certain pros and cons of the different Units and their usefulness for your Team, and their effectiveness as a whole. I also recomend having one human with a heavy shield to act as a blocker for the rest of your group.

2 humans, one tank and one ranged, a spidaur, 1 cyclops, and a wraith. Like 3 spidaurs and 3 bow humans.

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Looking for a good combo in a pair, or whole team.

Medium Helmets provide decent defense and give the helmet attribute, making the unit take less damage from swords but more damage from mallets. If the horn becomes lodged into the ground it will explode after a few rounds, but ONLY on the horse's turn. Range = 5-8 tiles

Cupcakes cannot heal Electrobots or Zombies, and they cannot directly heal other friendly cupcakes. Hair trolls take up 2 slots in the player's team. Troll Moms have a chance to shed a single baby Troll every turn, capping at 4 Troll babies. However, the AoE of a Pixie attack can damage you if it misses the target, dealing a moderate amount of damage to your own units. Gnomes are only useful if your team has an Electrobot, making them too situational to use in The Pit considering how there are plenty of better uses of a slot, even if you do get two Gnomes for the price of one. Octoclops' attacks also have a chance to apply a confusion debuff (introduced in update 1), Octoclopses are flying units, so they can travel across hazards without taking damage. Range = 8 tiles Seriously? Kobolds also have very little health and are basically fodder, however Kobolds do have a high dodge chance.

Imao cyclops and spidaurs are trash. Gnomes are strong against enemy Electrobots, and are resistant to Electricity but are weak to Poison and Fire. Axes are dual-wielded weapons that can be thrown 2 hexes away. When at range, they fire in a burst that receives no ammo penalty for moving like Ranged units do. Trades damage for increased range and decreased weight. For example a Mascot with Zombies is bad as they don't help each other, while Gnomes with Electrobot is good as the gnomes provide heals. Range = 6 tiles Whoaaa now, hold the Space Phone! This makes it great for shooting over shields, but bad at damaging melee pursuers.

A well balanced team in my opinion would be a cyclops, a cobold, and 3 humans. Mortar - possibly OUTDATED, will be updated once specific stats are released: My fave team to use, which I have pirate themed and has worked quite well in pop as well as questing is.


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