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The agenda allows an hour to talk about the current state of the business. the team The program board is often used during the Scrum of Scrums to track dependencies. This might add to the list of risks, require some re-planning, or simply be informative. The sprint tracker is the key tab between all the three as it will be used frequently. The Solution Train Engineer (STE) helps facilitate and resolve issues across the ARTs. If it’s your first PI Planning event, try the standard agenda, get feedback from your teams, and experiment with different formats next time. After a few months, NASA decides that this agile thing is really working well. Scrum is an agile framework that helps teams get things done. And similar to regular PI Planning events, plans go through a first-of-five vote of confidence to ensure they meet the solution’s objectives, and are reworked until the attendees average 3 fingers so more. If multiple scrum teams want to work better together (but aren’t necessarily operating within SAFe), they could adopt a version of PI Planning. Physical PI Planning Session: In the breakout, teams work individually to estimate the capacity for each Sprint in the Program Increment. . ‍♂️ Though seriously, if your team gets PI Planning right, it makes everything in the upcoming increment so much easier. They may not know what the other teams are working on, which can cause a lot of problems. The active participation of Business Owners in this event provides an important Guardrail on budgetary spend. Execution of the PI begins with all the teams conducting planning for the first iteration, using their PI plans as a starting point. There is no Seriously, there should be some kind of award for people like you who actually get to the bottom of an ultimate guide, let alone one about PI Planning . The team's PI plan, which consists of stories that were identified during PI It happens almost at the end of your PI Planning event. Organize your ideas and guide your decisions. The resources should be added into the resource tracker so that they can be selected in the planning tab. different keywords or explore templates from the Miro Community in Miroverse. In a PI planning event, teams, stakeholders, and project owners are assembled to review a program backlog and determine what direction the business will take next. SAFe is a way for these companies (that otherwise would stay stuck in their old ways) to start moving in a more agile direction. What usually happens is that key people get together from the Solution Train, along with representatives from the ARTs and relevant suppliers. We'll cover: PI Planning stands for Program Increment Planning. That way, your teams will avoid getting distracted, while still ensuring everyone can participate. Allows reuse of tasks defined in the planning for the tracking phase. Uncommitted objectives are not extra things to do in case there is time. Resource Planning Template Excel - Free Download. Innovation and Planning: Use prior to each Innovation and Planning Sprint and for each team, to create work items for typical Sprint events. Jira is the most popular project management tool for agile teams, so if you’re agile, chances are you're already using it at the team level. Send a clear, effective message to your audience with our Communications Plan template. Now let’s skip ahead and talk about something really important that happens at the end of the meeting. Product Backlog Template . ✨. They have clearly shown real financial ROI, not to mention the intangibles that occur when the team of Agile teams creates a social construct that is personally and collectively rewarding. So, at this point, we have a clear picture of what happens during and before a PI Planning event, but what about afterwards? Developers help with identifying risks and dependencies, and support the team in drafting and finalizing Team PI Objectives, before participating in the Team Confidence Vote. During PI Planning, teams create PI objectives, which are the things. Essential SAFe is more basic and does not have a Solution Train, so if you’re operating at this level, you won’t need pre-PI Planning. During this process, teams identify risks and dependencies and draft their initial team PI objectives. Principle #7. Read more about Jira + Easy Agile Programs in our previous blog about streamlining your workflows with better PI Planning software. We’re not a huge fan of complicated acronyms (maybe we’re in the wrong industry ). Stay focused and align your team according to the SMART method. They review the Draft plan and describe any changes to the planning and scope based on the Management Review & Problem Solving session. Your PI Roadmap is created before your PI Planning event, and also reviewed and updated by Product Management after the event is finished. A Product Manager’s job is to understand the customers’ needs and validate solutions, while understanding and supporting portfolio work. Indeed many ARTs have been successful in creating a hybrid situation where several teams join remotely, as shown below in Figure 1. Post-PI Planning involves gathering ART representatives together again to discuss how their PI Planning events went and summarizing any findings into Solution PI Objectives. But what about PI Planning events for distributed teams and remote team members? The Next, an executive describes the context in which the business is operating, including the competitive landscape, customers, and potential customers. Now that we’ve cleared up roadmaps, scrum, and SAFe, it’s time for another definition to help you understand the context of how PI Planning fits into the bigger picture of agile and SAFe... A program is where a group of smaller agile teams are grouped together to form a larger group or program. Distribute planning and control to those who can understand and react to the end results. Speaking of projects, these had a habit of conflicting - one team would release something and then it would break something in another team’s project. Get started with this template right now. Potential issues and risks are identified, discussed, and either owned, resolved, accepted, or mitigated. Select OK and you're prompted for a file location to store the .PBIT template file. We’ll talk more about how you can use Jira for PI Planning towards the end of this guide.


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