pet raccoon legal

Our team has also been called to capture and collect stray 'pet' raccoon dogs that have escaped, or been deliberately released to the wild.

You can imagine the havoc a raccoon can wreak on an unsuspecting household. But it's still very important to take your pet for regular vet visits. Mosquitoes can spread multiple diseases. They may destroy your furniture, trash cans, drywall, moldings and even attack your other pets. Some people swear by these pets. Raccoon dogs aren't raccoons, instead, they're members of the canid (dog) family.

That said, if you can't find a wildlife rehabber in your area that will acccept a baby raccoon, and the alternative is killing the animal, or if you wish to keep a raccoon as a pet Raccoon dogs are omnivores and naturally feed on insects, rodents, amphibians, birds, fish, molluscs and carrion, as well as fruits, nuts and berries. Photo credit: Martin Smart Raccoons are not shy about biting when they want their way and this is the time when they will bite even more readily than any other.

How Long Can Rabies in Saliva Live on an Object? And captivity can greatly stress a wild animal even to the point of killing it. You can let your raccoon splash in a tub full of water in your house or in a baby splashing pool outside in the raccoon's enclosure. It is our belief that raccoons are wild animals and belong in the wild. Plus, they might attack other pets in your home, especially small animals, as they are predators in the wild. Finally, raccoons are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. Raccoons are prone to chewing on cords, climbing on shelves, and knocking down valuables. There are also strict legal restrictions on keeping, selling, rehoming and breeding raccoon dogs as they threaten our native wildlife. This infection can be fatal,” she says. Read on to find out why the risks of having a pet raccoon can often outweigh the rewards. Before even considering a pet raccoon you should be aware of your local and state/provincial laws. Socialization - Expect to pay between $300 and $700 on average.

“Everyone agrees that this is the messiest pet alive,” says Seerveld. They also require a widely varied diet of fruits, veggies, insects, protein and high-quality dog food. Overweight and obesity in raccoons will often cause them to succumb to heart failure and some if the very same problems obese humans face. They need space to roam, climb, and explore to be happy. Some people attempt to keep and raise a found orphaned baby raccoon. If you've seen a raccoon dog that's been abandoned, or are concerned about the well-being of a raccoon dog being kept as a pet, please contact our national cruelty line. As pets, they don't do well in cages or even in small bedrooms. If you discover a baby raccoon, whether on your property or in a public … Raccoons can get used Raccoons are quite adept at breaking through latches and other secured areas if their curiosity gets the best of them. Yes, there are exceptions, and some raccoons are simply more aggressive than others. This rescued pet raccoon fits right in with his dog family: When you’re deciding whether or not a raccoon is a good pet for you, ask yourself these questions: “Raccoons are big biters,” says Dr. Gentz. Many small errors, from attempting to feed it before it's warmed or re-hydrated can result in death.

Finding a veterinarian to care for the animal's health may take a little time.

In some states, while it may be legal to own a raccoon as a pet, it is not legal to import raccoons from outside the state. Long-term Commitment - If they don't have enough of their own toys to play with—or they're just curious or bored—you might find them chewing on your door frames, ripping up your bed sheets, knocking over decor items, and more. For the raccoon, round worms can lead to blindness, damage the CNS and even to death. Some are aggressive and territorial; others are friendly and curious; and still others may turn and flee at the first opportunity. With adorable little hands and inquisitive expressions, pet raccoons have become trendy. You want a pet raccoon, move to a state where they are legal, and get one from a breeder. Most adult raccoons need two meals per day in the early morning and late evening, though follow your vet's advice on this. Best thing I can suggest is to release it where it was found.


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