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Edit carefully, check that you have explained. What are the big ideas underpinning the texts? • Secondly, for prompts which incorporate a quote, it is helpful to understand the context of the quote. But regardless of what you choose, it is important that you add all the correct elements, as leaving any of them out may cost you vital marks. To read more on how to overcome this part of the criteria, get educated with Why Your Language Analysis Doesn’t Score As Well As It Should. • Although its structure and cinematic plot development resemble that of crime fiction, Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood is a ‘nonfiction novel’ detailing the 1959 murders of four members of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas. So "All over the world" is indicative of a global profile so this indicates that if it's good enough for the rest of the world, then surely it must be good enough for Australians like you and me. That is, a topic sentence, evidence, example and link (TEEL). "We can all sympathize with this lad", so that itself is quite easy. Try to address all these elements of the article in your essay, as it’ll ensure you’re not leaving anything out. Don’t fall into this trap. You’ll get quite weary I’m sure, but trust me, it will be followed by a sense of accomplishment to see all your hard work paid off on the exam papers! Smith’s father and two of his siblings committed suicide during his time on death row. He asks about Lewis’ girlfriend and when Lewis shares that he and Lucy have split, Doug says he meant Julie. Ishiguro gives voice to the clones; the “poor creatures” who otherwise possessed no voice or recognised humanity in this world, and no purpose apart from their utility as organ donors. Seeing Julie walk in, she threatens, ‘he’s mine!’ [pg 78] and heads off. Penn exposes the effects of materialistic society on young impressionable people. Vice Virtue Vice Virtue Essay After viewing the films regain the Titans and Seven in class it made me realize all of the things in the media swirling around vice and virtue. Yes, I happened to be one of those students who never planned anything and preferred to jump straight into the introduction, hoping all my thoughts would fall into place along the way. • In addition to this, the structure of the novel is also used to argue against capital punishment. That's it for the Ultimate Guide to Writing a Language Analysis. The different ways an author orders their arguments is also something worth analysing. You will need to read the article at least twice. Example: Blames Australian Government for the “suffering inflicted.”, ꙳Link: Restate topic sentence in relation to entire essay. "Cool techno" itself is a bit of slang, or you could say that it's colloquial language to try to appeal to readers who may be interested in the latest tech, or people who want to keep up with the trend or the latest fashion accessories, for example. Sorry, if it's out of focus. Ishiguro's continual mention of Kathy's memories of an event, of her years at Hailsham and beyond almost lulls the reader into overlooking this element of the narration - in which the reader's understanding is built upon an uncertain and incomplete foundation of facts; similar to how the clones' "sheltered" understanding of their world came to be.

Memory itself can be fickle, recording and preserving certain experiences but not others, and as time passes, "fading surprisingly quickly" before being lost in the ether of one's past.
Why have Funder and Ishiguro written what they have written? Note: Louis Nowra’s play is referred to as Così while Mozart’s opera is referred to as Così Fan Tutte in this study guide.

Doing this study all by yourself can be rather daunting, so we've got your back. These notes are written by another reader who has developed their own ideas about the text – this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to share the same ideas as there is always opportunity to disagree with another’s opinion.
Here you can summarise the significant points of a passage without needing to re-read the whole thing again. Lewis undresses, only to have Julie watch him surreptitiously. Realising the truth in Lewis’ comforting words, Roy announces that ‘I’m back!’ [pg 75] and heads off to put on his costume.

Plans will help ensure you stick to your essay topic, and have a clear outline of what your essay will cover. Family is thus, a primary motivation for both key characters within Tracks and Into the Wild to firstly partake on their journey, but more significantly to discover an uncorrupted, unbiased ‘true’ version of them that had been lost amidst ‘this world of material excess’. The VCAA provides the only official, up to date versions of VCAA publications and information about courses including the VCE.

It's going to be really quick as well. Just as writers use techniques such as exaggeration, tone and emotive language to manipulate and position readers, so too cartoonists can use many highly persuasive techniques. However, while there are many similarities, there are also considerable differences. No forms to fill in.

The Australian involvement with the Vietnam War only highlights the importance of love and friendship. Think of your text as a colouring book. We just want things straightaway. Body Paragraph 1: Both Into the Wild and Tracks endorse the guiding power of influential figures on both protagonists, as a catalyst for their growth. Alone, Lewis explains in a soliloquy that ‘there was no next year’ since the ‘theatre mysteriously burn down a week after the performance.’ He had moved out of his apartment soon after.

It is also crucial that you know what exactly should be going into the planning process. Bye!‍. Lewis deluded himself into believing that Lucy was faithful, when all signs such as Nick residing in the same home and Nick and Lucy spending time together, indicated that Lucy was in fact, blatantly disloyal. If you have trouble with your writing, ie. If you don’t like writing on paper, you can always use sticky notes and stick them to the pages. Please feel free to draw upon your own ideas and interpretations of the texts to compare and discuss!). As a result, active readers are more likely to become immersed in the story, absorb the ideas better, be more open-minded and therefore usually develop their own unique interpretation of the text. He prefers to play Wagner over Mozart, which sparks a dispute between himself and Roy. A social worker who organised the patients from the mental institution to be a part of the theatre project. It's user-friendly.


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