pelikan nib interchangeability chart
It is good practice to always flush a pen (cool water) before changing ink colors and especially before changing brands of ink. Never slow to see a good opportunity, Sheaffer got into the act in about 1934. That’s got to be much worse on EF nibs (also on soft or flex nibs). Service:, Monday – Friday I’m assuming that the failure and service/return rate is higher on those, since a lot of dissatisfaction can be traced to user error, and EF nibs require more precision of the user. It simply makes the tipping a bit more rounded and blobby so that it is more forgiving of the angle that you chose to write with. A year later, Parker simplified the nib unit, recreating it as a push-in assembly that no longer required a rotating collar in the pen, and applying it to the dramatic new Parker 75. ), I wonder if one reason fountain pens can be so endlessly fascinating is how much more the human element comes into play? Misaligned tines can cause hard starts and scratchy writing. While you may have no intention of ever selling the pen now, should you choose to do so in the future, you will more than likely get more out of it in resale as collectors such as myself put a premium on those extras. Earn 1 "ink drop" for each $10 you spend. If your receipt date is outside of 4 weeks or if the nib arrives damaged, you will be charged for the new nib (by Chartpak, Inc.). Well thank you, too! If you only have one day to go though, pick Saturday or Sunday. : +49 (0)511 6969-0, Fax: +49 (0)511 6969-212, Chartpak, Inc. Many people talk about removing the piston assembly and this is rarely necessary and almost never for a casual user. How should fountain pens be stored when not in use? This article is a slightly edited version of one that appeared in the December 2011 issue of PEN WORLD Magazine. So if you purchased a new Pelikan Souveran 605 black/blue medium nib fountain pen from Pen Chalet, but find that the nib is too small or too large for your particular tastes, you are welcome to exchange it for a new Pelikan nib in one of the other available sizes. I normally do not lament about things then and now but this kind of B is adding something to handwriting that a modern B or BB from many brands including Pelikan does not, as you can see above. Essentially though, anything that would require removal of the piston assembly is likely best done by a repair professional. Certain permanent or bullet-proof inks can also cause problems with staining. Yeah, there are sample variations even within the same size by the same manufacturer, even with stainless steel nibs that aren’t individually ground. Next, package it securely. Please use the Contact Form for all other requests. What is the difference between flexibility and smoothness? Don’t know that there is anything definite out there on the topic. What kind of a filling systems do most fountain pens use? Fountain pens are sensitive things. I was just thinking it, when I saw your comment that their steel nibs are different. What are some things I should do once I have bought my pen? Walk through the show in its entirety before negotiating any prices. I’ve recently bought an M400 with a fine nib. But the two obvious systems, one with threads at the back of the nib collar (Wahl) and the other with threads at the front (Esterbrook), were both patented. Entire contents of this Web site (except as noted) Copy­right ©, [  Reference Info Index | Glossopedia  ]. *As determined by Francis Goossens (fountainbel) based on measuring piston bore/stroke. Pingback: Totul despre Pelikan | STILOURI ȘI PENIŢE. They can be trickier to use due to a relatively small sweet spot. Interchangeable nibs offer some distinct advantages over nibs that are stuck into pens and, for all practical purposes, must remain there. The services of just a few nib meisters can be found HERE. My understanding is 1000 nibs don't fit 800s. In a modern pen, this is simply accomplished by grasping the feed and nib between the thumb and forefinger and gently turning counter-clockwise. Untipped like Esterbrook’s Duracrome series, Sheaffer’s six steel Rite-O-Way nib units were likewise priced at 25¢ each; but there were also three 75¢ gold nib units available for Addipoint pens. Remember to flush the pen with water after the ammonia to prevent problems in the future. But "very fine" in the sense of "excellent." Any ideas? It’s not really very fine at all (in line width terms – it writes brilliantly), but I’ve found I can tune it a bit by choice of ink. What Are The Best Italian Fountain Pens? Please see this link for a How-To article. I can’t find any writing examples online anywhere… Thanks for educating me if you know! More than a mere sales gimmick, though, was the significant reduction of dealers’ inventory requirements. Initially offered in 12 styles for 25¢ each, Esterbrook’s untipped Duracrome 1000- and 2000-series steel nibs proliferated in variety, and at least part of the reason for their easy availability was that, being untipped, they would wear rapidly; and Esterbrook, unlike its third-tier competitors, chose not to manufacture a disposable pen. Instead of floating across the page, a Sailor nib feels more like writing with a pencil — it’s a different kind of smoothness. Many of these terms can also be found in the, How-To: Safely Remove & Replace a Pelikan Nib « The Pelikan's Perch, Totul despre Pelikan | STILOURI ȘI PENIŢE, Nib Customization: A Guide to Common Nib Grinds « The Pelikan's Perch, Pelikan 101: An Infographic & Understanding The Basics « The Pelikan's Perch, 4001 And Günther Wagner’s Lost But Not Forgotten Pelikan Inks, A Treatise on the Modern Tortoise: 1980 – 2014, Before It Was Cool To Be Clear: The Origin Of Pelikan’s Demonstrators, Classic Pens’ Collision With Pelikan: A Look At The CP6 Goethe Pens, Cultural Nostalgia: The Italian Connection To The M151. The point selection continued to expand until, at one point, Esterbrook was offering 33 different point styles. Pingback: Nib Customization: A Guide to Common Nib Grinds « The Pelikan's Perch, Pingback: Pelikan 101: An Infographic & Understanding The Basics « The Pelikan's Perch. It’s A Spanner! Vintage or modern, collector or writer, thanks to the ingenuity of almost a century ago, your pen can change its nib to suit your current needs, your mood, or even the day of the week — if you have the right pen! Try to unscrew the nib and fill the barrel with water and let it sit for a bit. The naked eye is usually not able to visualize subtle misalignments and should not be relied upon. I’ve learnt that in most cases, it’s just a guide and that trying to compare (say) the medium nib from one manufacturer with another is pretty much a waste of time. Industry’s response to this need has been to provide commodity nib units comprising a nib, a plastic feed, and a plastic collar or sleeve that screws into a gripping section bored and threaded to fit it, much like the original Wahl Personal-Point nib units. The process is similar to what I described above for the modern nibs but when it comes to vintage nibs, damage can easily occur if you’re not careful. While today’s nibs get the job done, yesterday’s nibs did it with more flourish and joy. Very useful info for future reference. Do you have a DEF nib on an old Ibis and think to yourself what does that D stand for? Anyone who enjoys fountain pens is well served by investing in a relatively inexpensive loupe. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Best Fountain Pens For Under Two Hundred Dollars, Six Factors to Consider When Choosing a Luxury Pen. I’m not particularly surprised by this. All Souverän series pens are piston fillers. What Is The Difference Between Rollerball, Gel, and Ballpoint Refills? All pens ending in ‘0’ denote a standard model with gold trim and ‘5’ indicates a standard model with rhodium trim. Do I have to watch out for counterfeit Pelikan pens? Do Pelikan’s model numbers tell you anything about the pen? I plan to get a Pelikan in the future and I was wondering which nib size I should go for! Lamy does the same thing.


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