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Their full, or descriptive, names are given at adulthood and are typically short phrases that describe an aspect of their personality or an important even in their life. Sin Eater (Su): At 11th level, a purifier can consume a curse, enchantment, or emotion effect by touch as a full-round action. Heavenborn trait (+1 CL light and good spells), Note that the Aasimar favored class bonus on oracles has been nerfed with regards to Animal Companions (for Nature Mystery). These are secondary natural attacks that deal 1d4 points of slashing damage (or 1d3 if you are Small). many mentioned barbarrian... why? Its appreciated. Angelkin Scion of Humanity barbarian with the racial heritage (orc) feat. While using truespeak, your language-dependent effects can affect any creature that is not mindless. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + her Charisma modifier. Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Turn Undead, death ward, etherealness; Cost 26,390 gp. Aasimars with this racial trait can cast corruption resistance against evil once per day as a spell-like ability. The first 2 are very MAD and rely on WIS and CHA, Oracle FCB is amazing, Shaman suffers a bit from MAD too IIRC, and Fighter and Bloodrager are both low-will classes, so immunity to the person line of spells[charm, hold, dominate, etc.] -(various) aasimar wiz/clr/mystic theurge (early entry SLA, no stat drawbacks, decent FCB's depending on side chosen). (aasimar of angel kin) Prerequisites: Aasimar, animal companion, familiar, or mount class feature. -base aasimar undead-frying clerics (usually of iomedae) Aasimars Source Inner Sea Races pg. Typical aasimar features include hair that shines like metal, jewel-toned eyes, lustrous skin color, or even glowing, golden halos. Elven courtiers sometimes dismiss aasimars as unsophisticated, and criticize them for relying on natural charm to overcome faux pas. We are also getting the "Free Archetype" treatment now. Advice: Search Thread Search this Thread: Duncan7291 : May 11, 2014, 09:33 am ... Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The purifier seeks out signs of possession or mind control that manifest from unwilling (and often unwitting) servants for fiendish corruptors and their mortal minions. Aasimars favor the following magic items. Aasimar—the name was derived from the Mulhorandi word aasimon—were human-based planetouched, native outsiders that had in their blood some good, otherworldly characteristics. This racial trait replaces the Celestial language and alters the native subtype. Aasimars have access to the following spells. What would make the best voodoo priest(ess)? Relations: Aasimars are most common and most comfortable in human communities. So I am rebuilding my Bomber Leshy into a Toxicologist Half-Elf. This ability replaces aura of justice. The duration does not stack; only the longest remaining duration applies. you might not get any results at all. The wielder of an elysian shield is immune to the create spawn ability of undead, and once per day as an immediate action can negate a single energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage attack by an undead creature. Depends. You can dismiss this spell as a swift action to deal 1d8 points of damage + 1 point per paladin level to all such outsiders within 5 feet. An aasimar with this racial trait counts as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (human) for any effect related to race, including feat prerequisites and spells that affect humanoids. Pathfinder Dwarf Names. I have an archon-blooded monk/warpriest of Irori that I'd like to play, and just dropped a floating PFS GMing credit onto so I could play him in the future. Hebrew Boy Names. Clerics, oracles, and paladins are most plentiful in their ranks, though bards, sorcerers, and summoners are not uncommon among those with a fondness for arcane magic. Benefit: You gain a pair of gleaming feathered wings that grant a fly speed of 30 feet (average maneuverability) if wearing light armor or unencumbered, or 20 feet (poor maneuverability) with a medium or heavy load or medium or heavy armor. Cleric - cleric of Yamatsumi from Tianjing. She also gains a bonus equal to 1/2 her oracle level on Spellcraft checks to identify enchantment school spells and spells with the curse or emotion descriptor (see page 251 of for spells in the and that have the curse or emotion descriptor). Bard - Musetouched begs for Bard :) While not always benevolent, aasimars are more inclined toward acts of kindness rather than evil, and they gravitate toward faiths or organizations associated with celestials. While rolling up the individual bits can be entertaining, I wanted to give the option of a quick solution if you just need that background right now. The halo constantly radiates a 20-foot-radius aura from its wearer. You move your enemies within a beam of righteous energy. 6. Incense: This aromatic resin, imbued with fragrant oils, is often formed into sticks, cones, or balls and burned in ceremonies or during meditation. Spell-Like Ability: Aasimars can use daylight once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to the aasimar's class level). Recommended Mysteries: ancestor, battle, heavens, lore. Physical Description: Aasimars look mostly human except for some minor physical trait that reveals their unusual heritage. Use the FCB to enhance Inspire courage and in later levels use Siwft actions to bounce back and forth between Inspire Courage (+8 attack/+8 damage) and Inspire Heroics (+8 AC/+8 saves) as needed. Some of their alternate racial options like emberkin favor arcane magic more (wizard/sorcerer: with a good deity). Prerequisites: Channel Force, Improved Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 6d6. aasimar can make amazing monk with wings... a few Q's to the people here: Some also follow the paths of art, music, and lore, finding truth and wisdom in beauty and learning. Whether the check succeeds or fails, the possessor is sickened for 2d4 rounds. -angel-blooded dawnflower dervish bards Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, feather fall, overland flight; Cost 6,670 gp. Aasimar barbarians are rare, but when born into such tribes they often rise to leadership and encourage their clans to embrace celestial totems. Fantasy Name Generator. Combine with Wood Bond, the Shilelagh spell in low levels, and Wood Weapon in High levels and you don't need to spend money on weapons either. Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against effects with the evil descriptor and on Constitution checks to stabilize when you are reduced to negative hit points (but not dead). Each additional time the summoner selects this benefit, the DR/evil increases by +1/2 (maximum DR 10/evil). Deathless Spirit: Particularly strong-willed aasimars possess celestial spirits capable of resisting the powers of death. 5. 1) rage & ferocity, channel smite (negetive) for mega added bonuses for each round - never ending and spells... This generator does not create full names. In this case the discretion is given... no. While corrupt aasimars may be loners or may establish secret societies to conceal their involvement in crime, righteous aasimars are often found congregating in numbers as part of good-aligned organizations, especially (though not always) churches and religious orders. Native Outsider: Aasimars are outsiders with the native subtype. If an aasimar uses this ability on herself, the duration increases to 1 hour per level. Aasimar Varisian Pilgram. Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Racial +2 dex, +2 wis. See Invis SLA. i love the angel wings feat for... all classes really. Waves of Peace (Su): At 11th level, a tranquil guardian may expend 2 uses of her Touch of Serenity to affect each opponent within 5 feet of her with that effect. Ambrosia: Upon consumption, this heavenly elixir, brewed from holy water and blessed herbs, grants a +2 sacred bonus on saving throws against negative energy, energy drain, and death effects for 1 hour, including saves to remove negative levels. By level 12 you can have a level 16 equivalent companion instead of an 18, that's not too terrible! The favored class bonus for aasimar oracles is really, really good. (angelkin) And it came up in a recent character creation discussion. You may ask questions and receive answers, though this spell does not make creatures more friendly or cooperative than normal, and non-sentient creatures may give limited responses. How to encourage players to tackle a puzzle. The Fallen Aasimar's Strength bonus and their Necrotic Shroud ability work fine for the Barbarian, but the Aasimar's other subraces and the core racial traits do very little for the Barbarian. I started off thinking that I wanted to play a Valkyrie who got wrapped up somehow in the Pathfinder Society, and has to deal with foreign concepts like moral ambiguity of that neutral organization. Since early May, I have created the following Tieflings/Aasimars (most of them are at least level 2): 1. When choosing names that start with a letter or letters, keep the prefixes short. Well, I see that as a PFS houserule, that completely destroys my future build. A Shoanti's birth name is only used during childhood, or by close family. As an offshoot of humanity, they adopt the societal norms around them, though most find themselves drawn to those elements of society that work for the redress of injustice and the assuagement of suffering. Brazen: You gain fire resistance 5 and a +2 bonus on saves against fire effects. Base it off min/maxing, backstory, roll play or whatever criteria you like. Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, order's wrath, creator must be an aasimar or an archon; Cost 42,000 gp. Your eruptions of divine power move your enemies. Tiefling Witch The save DC for this spell is Charisma-based. (I'm waffling quite a bit between bloodrager and paladin/sorcerer for my eventual Hermean dragon disciple build). While not always benevolent, aasimars are more inclined toward acts of kindness rather than evil, and they gravitate toward faiths or organizations associated with celestials. This racial trait replaces skilled. Each round on its turn, the target may attempt a new Will save to end the effect. The background generator is intended to remove the creative pressure that can sometimes frustrate players as they try to flesh out the murky details of their characters’ backgrounds. Serene Strike (Su): At 3rd level, when a tranquil guardian confirms a critical hit, she may convert all damage from her attack to nonlethal damage, and when she does, she can activate Touch of Serenity through her weapon or unarmed strike. In addition, any creature struck by her Touch of Serenity, even if it saves, must make an additional Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 her tranquil guardian level + her Charisma modifier) the next time it tries to attack. Summoner: Add DR 1/evil to the summoner's eidolon. Benefit: Your animal companion, familiar, or mount gains the celestial template and becomes a magical beast, though you may still treat it as an animal when using Handle Animal, wild empathy, or any other spells or class abilities that specifically affect animals. It is unclear why the touch of the celestial is felt so much more strongly in humanity than other races, though it may be that humanity's inherent adaptability and affinity for change is responsible for the evolution of aasimars as a distinct race. For the most part, however, aasimars favor deities of honor, valor, protection, healing, and refuge, or simple and prosaic faiths of home, community, and family. Aasimar dawnflower dervish Adventurers: Aasimars frequently become adventurers, as they often do not quite feel at home in human society and feel the pull of some greater destiny. Bonus Spells: veil of heaven (2nd), confess (4th), cast out (6th), denounce (8th), dispel evil (10th), banishment (12th), holy word (14th), mind blank (16th), freedom (18th).


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