pasture pro vs amine 400

%%EOF 0000061278 00000 n The use of this product causes a buildup of arsenicals in the plants, which can lead to poisoning of livestock that graze the forage or are fed the hay from treated fields. 0000008603 00000 n 0000060074 00000 n Producers should choose a product that won't harm surrounding crops if exposed to drift. Amine formulation labels frequently mention that grass pastures should have established root systems before use to reduce crop injury. 0000012181 00000 n No more than 6 ounces per acre of the active ingredient, imzapic, should be applied, regardless of the weed species you are trying to control. 0000080738 00000 n Probably the most well know product is 2,4-D. This will limit the use of these two products on sprayfields that will be overseeded. The product has seen drift up to 2000 feet. pastures. This product should not be considered an option in weed control for forages. One note here on 2,4-D. Bahiagrass in a bermudagrass field.

If seed from the pasture grass is desired, don’t apply 2,4-D when the grass is entering the boot or milk stage, otherwise seed production can be adversely affected. 0000060273 00000 n

0000005492 00000 n The "A" in MSMS stands for arsenate, which is a derivative of arsenic. 0000006149 00000 n If more than one product must be used, try to choose products that can be mixed in the same tank and applied in one pass. <<8073df31f237e94398033dae6739de35>]>> Much bigger bang for … Patora is labeled for bermudagrass pastures and hay fields and has no grazing or haying restrictions. Remedy, Crossbow, and Redeem R&;P are all labeled for hay and pasture but must be used cautiously due to drift dangers. It will also control sand spurs. 0000003380 00000 n Others have restrictions just on haying. Weedmaster provides excellent control of broadleaf weeds and is the preferred product in hay operations. 0000004067 00000 n Expedited Review. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to control weeds. 0000008749 00000 n Now that summer is upon us and some dry days have arrived, producers have started making hay. It gives excellent control of bitter sneeze weed, plantains, buttercup, and ragweed but relatively poor control of horsenettle and most woody weeds. %PDF-1.5 %���� In these cases, control of problem grasses can come from the use of spot treating with Roundup, application of Roundup with a wicking device, or Pastora. With this increase in activity, I have received quite a few calls regarding weed control in hay fields. Producers should know and adhere to any grazing or haying restrictions. However, it only injures ryegrass and is poor on horsenettle. 0000138079 00000 n Having said that, the clover I have now appears to all have yellow blossoms. Horses are most sensitive followed by cattle, sheep, and goats. So we aren't just talking about what we commonly think of as weeds. When applied at lower rates, it will not harm white clover. 0000003156 00000 n Some products, like Weedmaster, can be mixed with liquid fertilizer as the carrier. Drift will also vary with boom height, nozzle type, pressure, and wind. There are many products on the market that will do a fine job of controlling broadleaf weeds. Because labeled restrictions change constantly, consult the product label before use. 0000033419 00000 n 0000007328 00000 n 0000007990 00000 n This page was generated at 06:10 AM. 0000003269 00000 n 0000001727 00000 n Also note the surrounding crops.
Using this method, a producer could perform two functions with one pass. 0 0000033488 00000 n 0000010279 00000 n 0000011600 00000 n Superior Livestock Auction purchased by National Livestock, A look at the high, and increasing, cost of treating feedlot respiratory disease, Derrell Peel: Early Winter Storm And Cattle On Feed, Beef Industry Pioneer Bill Pratt, 77, Passes, 7 Alternatives To Antibiotic Use Identified By Researchers, QuickBooks Desktop Training for Farmers and Ranchers Available, K-State Mourns Loss of Esteemed Agricultural Economics Professor. 464 48

464 0 obj <> endobj First of all, a weed is defined as any plant growing where you don't want it. These restrictions can be anywhere from seven days to one year, so make sure you know what you are dealing with. Most will also have a withdrawal period before slaughter. However, it is NOT labeled for use in forages. In field trials, it has been excellent in controlling crabgrass, vaserygrass, and johnsongrass. Panoramic is labeled for use in bermudagrass for the control or suppression of many grass weeds. PA, where the State motto is: "If it makes sense, we don't do it! If this is not possible, try to choose a formulation that is less prone to volatilization. We are also including grass species other than the one we are cultivating, i.e. Proposed Classification I2U None I I Restricted 5.

0000008577 00000 n 0000001285 00000 n @$�N\�:B#S�O. Also note that this herbicide has a lenghty restriction on overseeding rye. 0000010945 00000 n Same here - like I said I've used Amine 400 (2,4D) and Trimec, which has 2,4D as one of the three active ingredients - multiple times this year - and it isn't touching the clover. If more than 6 ounces are used, be prepared for severe, very noticeable suppression of the bermudagrass crop. Many of these herbicides are lethal to cotton, tobacco, and soybeans. At this rate you will see minimal and acceptable levels of suppression to the bermudagrass.

Cimmaron will control bahiagrass along with certain broadleaf weeds. EPA Product Manager Kathryn V. Montague PM# Product Manager—Team 23 3. Not only does it make for better quality hay but it also eliminates competition from the weeds, which allows the grass to fully utilize available moisture and nutrients and reach maximum yield potential.
Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.6.2 Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All times are GMT-5. 0000004525 00000 n Name and Address of Applicant (Include ZIP Code) RBI/Gordon Corporation Post Off ice Box 014090 Kansas City, Missouri 64101 Check if this is a new address 6. For control during the summer growing season, the options available are Panoramic and Pastora. Moreover, it will not cause sever stunting of bermudagrass like Journey or Panoramic except when liquid nitrogen is used as the carrier. Remedy, Crossbow, and Redeem R&;P are all labeled for hay and pasture but must be used cautiously due to drift dangers. 0000109797 00000 n

trailer The Chronicle of the Horse . 0000002725 00000 n It will cause stunting of the bermudagrass, especially if used at high rates. 0000012728 00000 n Everyone recognizes the need for weed control.


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