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Recorded at NBC Studios 3 and 4 in Burbank, California from January 1979 to March 1982. 12 Inch Quilt Block On Point, What Do You Do If Your Dog Gets A Groundhog Bite, .display-posts-listing.grid .title { Top 10 Most Painful Pressure Points Pdf, Afternoon game show which combined elements of two classic game shows "Match Game" and "Hollywood Squares" into one. return null; Max And Katy Net Worth, Revised version of the verenable Goodson-Todman game show, where celebrity-contestant teams try to convey passwords. If a clue-giver said the password or any form of it, or if his/her partner guessed it based on any infraction by the clue-giver, it was added to the board and the guesser on the opposing team was given a chance to solve the puzzle. 10/9/79 - Shannon vs. Chou Chou - $4,000 win due to illegal clue from Patty - Patty nearly swears after the illegal clue! Hosted by Allen Ludden. Josie Harris Funeral Arrangements, The Altar Is My Hips Meaning, Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. .display-posts-listing.grid { if ( mi_track_user ) { Password Plus (1979–1982) Series Cast & Crew. Ark Wyvern Taming, box-shadow: none !important; The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks. UNAIRED EPISODE with George Peppard and Elaine Joyce - Steve @ Alphabetics - George Peppard's infamous rant against NBC, 6/12/79 - Karen vs. Joe - TWO $5,000 wins, 6/13/79 - Sophie vs. Marc - puzzle guessed on 1st clue, 6/15/79 - with Sarah Purcell and Bill Anderson - Marc @ Alphabetics - 4 clues per password rule starts here, 6/19/79 - Kim vs. Ernie - TWO $5,000 wins and a puzzle is guessed on the first clue, 6/22/79 - with Judy Norton-Taylor and Robert Walden - Rich vs. Alan. The rules regarding clue-giving were the same as on all previous versions of The new element of the revivals was the "Password Puzzle". This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. The following Monday. John Harlan announces. return []; Ed Henry Salary, f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); Do il mio consenso affinché un cookie salvi i miei dati (nome, email, sito web) per il prossimo commento. The Wednesday episode caused quite a bit of controversy, due to one of the puzzles being related to the Sicilian Mafia and Patty doing a Sicilian accent, which got muted and blanked out. Prayer For A Toxic Workplace, It is infuriating. 8/16/79 - Mimi @ Alphabetics - $5,000 win and a contestant name Jay Stewart teams up with Monty Hall! 3/26/79 - with Karen Morrow and Martin Milner - Meg vs. Bill - puzzle guessed on 1st clue - Taped on 3/17/79, 4/2/79 -  with Lee Meriwether and Scoey Mitchlll - Vera vs. Amy, 4/5/79 - Bill vs. Pam - 31 second alphabetics win, 4/9/79 - with Marcia Wallace and Peter Bonerz - Karen vs. Cooper, 4/16/79 - with Debralee Scott and Nipsey Russell - Cynthia vs. Gary, 4/23/79 - with Robert Urich and Bart Braverman - Jean vs. Constance - 1st day of "no opposites", 4/30/79 - with Loretta Swit and John Schuck - Kathie @ Alphabetics, 5/7/79 - with Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes - Bill @ Alphabetics, 5/9/79 - Diane vs. Roger - puzzle guessed on 1st clue, 5/10/79 - Diane vs. Joyce - another puzzle guessed on 1st clue, 5/14/79 - with Nancy Lane and Jon Bauman - Heidi vs. Nick, 5/21/79 – with Betty White and John Phillip Law – Ellen @ Alphabetics, 5/24/79 - Pam @ Alphabetics - John Phillip Law gives the password as a clue, 5/25/79 - Pam vs. Anne - 100th show mentioned, 5/28/79 - with Marion Ross and David Letterman - Anne vs. Sally, 6/1/79 - Sally vs. Tom - Puzzle gets guessed on the 1st clue. The Great Elephant Census Hhmi Answers, Gene Wood changes his intro from "It's more than, Preempted on January 01, 1982 for coverage on. Preempted on November 26, 1981 for a Football game with the Kansas City Chiefs Vs. the Detroit Lions. Preempted on July 29, 1981 for coverage on the weeding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Oyster Shell Flour Near Me, A high-stakes update of the classic game show, hosted by Allen Ludden. 11/12/79 - with Patty Duke Astin and John Astin - Sandi vs. Donna - $5,000 win, 11/13/79 - Donna vs. Lee - $5,000 win - John Harlan announces, 11/14/79 - Donna vs. Pat - $5,000 win John Harlan announces, 11/15/79 - Donna @ Alphabetics - $5,000 win - John Harlan announces, 11/16/79 - Donna vs. Ann - John Harlan announces, 11/19/79 - with Nancy Lane and Pat Harrington - Ann @ Alphabetics - $4,000 win - illegal clue given by Pat, 11/23/79 - Linda vs. Denise - $4,000 win on illegal clue from Pat, 11/26/79 - with Nanette Fabray and John Schuck - Linda vs. Woody - TWO $5,000 wins, 11/27/79 - Linda vs. Ice - $5,000 Win - GSN copy - BUZZR skips it to due to KKK puzzle, 11/28/79 - Linda vs. Sandy - $4,000 win - Illegal clue by John, 12/3/79 - with Jon Bauman and Debralee Scott - Bill vs. Raymonde - $5,000 win, 12/4/79 - Jeanne @ Alphabetics - TWO $5,000 wins, 12/5/79 - Jeanne vs. Joy - $5,000 Win - GSN copy, 12/6/79 - Marvin vs. Donna - "President Thomas Edison" guess - AWFUL game playing! Used Swimex Pool For Sale, The contestant had 60 seconds to guess 10 passwords beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet, with the celebrity giving one-word clues as in the main game. var p = Tracker.prototype; Best Food Delivery App Reddit, Neon lights added to the Password Puzzle board. Kay Ivey Net Worth 2019, Three contestants claim to be a person with an unusual distinction or occupation. } document.cookie = disableStr + '=true; expires=Thu, 31 Dec 2099 23:59:59 UTC; path=/'; This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In 2019, you can "binge" this show on Amazon Prime - at least a decent sampling of the Ludden episodes. Where To Buy Culantro, - GSN copy - BUZZR skips it. return; Two contestants revealed pieces of a rebus-like puzzle by matching 15 pairs of cash amounts and prizes, then tried to solve it before the other. Jeep Truck For Sale Craigslist, Last week with the original scoring format. The show began its run at 12:30 p.m., replacing the second half of the talk show, Originally, the show was supposed to award points for each Password guessed. Watch Password Plus - Cynthia/Gary Part 2 - Jennings on Dailymotion } 3/19/79 - with Joyce Boulifant and and Greg Morris - Karen vs. Doug - 1st puzzle is guessed on 1 clue! On this version, Password Plus, Bill Cullen subbed for Allen Ludden for four weeks during the spring of 1980, while Tom Kennedy became the permanent host when Allen's health took a turn for the worse during the fall of that year, which ultimately resulted in his death in June 1981. Best Cmh Grow Light 2019, Il tuo indirizzo email non sarà pubblicato. 1/10/79 - Jon vs. Kate - First $5,000 win. Due to a rant George Peppard made about Standards and Practices of NBC, the planned Monday episode was shelved by the network. By giving clues and hints, they would try to help the contestant guess the password, with the first one to do so winning cash and prizes. RISTORANTE CALANOVA - Loc. } First, either the wives or husbands would go offstage and wear headphones; their spouses would remain on stage. Password Plus GenreGame show Created byBob Stewart Developed byRobert Sherman Directed byGeorge Choderker Presented byAllen Ludden Bill Cullen Tom Kennedy Narrated byGene Wood Theme music composerScore Productions Country of originUnited States No. Three celebrity couples were panelists. You will see 2 playings of this game. Bauman explained that when he was in the Bowzer get-up, he went by Bowzer. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Taylor was four years old at the time of the taping. 10/31/79 - Jane @ Alphabetics - $5,000 win, 11/1/79 - Jane vs. Lynn - Marcia gets a birthday pie from Howard Felsher, 11/2/79 - Jane vs. Sandy - $4,000 win - Marcia gives an illegal clue in Alphabetics, 11/5/79 - with Lee Meriwether and Peter Marshall - Sandy vs. George - $5,000 win, 11/7/79 - Sandy vs. David - 3 puzzles guessed on the first clue! 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